Tito Rutaremara


To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

When you get to Rwanda ask to meet an old man who goes by the name of TITO RUTAREMARA. This man will tell you about the whole story of the revolution. After you have met him I would like to hope that your bones will be OK as he likes to make people laugh. TITO, the man you see in the picture above, is a living legend in the rwandan history. Tito knew FRED, they shared the same dream that was to repatriate us who had been HOMELESS for over 35 years. There was a time I was called Rwandan and I could not put my feet in the soil of Rwanda just because it was determinated I was a Tutsis. Things have changed since and thanks to people like TITO and H.E. Kagame:

With determination and a good cause, we will always prevail.

When Kabila Sr said that he was taking the war back to kigali, H.E. Kagame responded to him, "Impossible. If you want a war it will be fought in the CONGO soil at the expences of congolese peoples". There was seven nations fighting Rwanda at the time. At the end of the day H.E. Kagame called the day OFF. Yes, KAGAME was winning big time. He had taken Pweto in Katanga province where I hail from, ready to take the whole Congo again as he had done with MOBUTU before.  H.E. decided that it was over. Kabila Sr who had challenged him was gone, killed by his own bodyguard. And his son had fled the battlefield in Pweto to Zambia. Kabila's son, his name is Joseph, he is actually the president of DRC.

-Sharangabo Rufagari

Greetings again Sharangabo,

Yes, I have heard of Tito Rutaremara - another legendary name in Rwandan history - the hero of Rwigema who was the hero of Kagame. Thanks for sending the excellent photo.

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