POW KoraCamp


The forced labor camp
where the Americans were spoken to by the businessman
is near Kaechon City (approx. 336,000 pop).
The geographic coordinates are
39degrees 41minutes 55seconds N,
125degrees 54minutes 22seconds E.

To Orwell Today,


I have emailed you previously concerning American POWs still being held in North Korea.

Recently I spoke with a businessman who was doing business with the North Koreans at a forced labor camp which produces shoes and leather goods. While he was at that labor camp in 2007 he discovered and spoke with several American POWs which are still held there and was told there were 60 more in another barracks.

In 2007 I was living near the North border inside Northern China (near Shenyang). I have made four trips to Northern China since 2002 and have spoken with many people there in three different areas. Most of them have traveled to North Korea to visit family and told me of Americans working in fields and on road projects near the town of Anju which is not far from Kaechon City.

The forced labor camp where the Americans were spoken to by the businessman is near Kaechon City (approx. 336,000 pop). I am attaching a picture of the labor camp to this email. The geographic coordinates are as follows; 39degrees 41minutes 55seconds N, 125degrees 54minutes 22seconds E.

I have requested a meeting with the North Korean representatives via correspondence and friends soon. I formerly worked for a US intel agency in the far east and I am a former state police investigator. I believe the "cover up" and "false" stories to these men's families have gone on long enough. If you wish I will keep you updated. If I am successful in getting some or all of these men released there will be alot of explaining to do by our government!

Take Care,
Chen Ping

Greetings Chen,

I recall our previous email exchange as discussed in LIVE POWS USA ABANDONED.

Thanks for the update and satellite map of where in North Korea some American POWs are being held.

I've been wondering about their fate lately, especially since USA-ex-president Carter's recent trip to North Korea to successfully negotiate release of an American prisoner there, one who'd willingly entered from China.

Jimmy Carter's mission to North Korea, You Tube, Fox News, Aug 25, 2010 (...The former president's plane touched down at Pyongyang's airport and then Jimmy Carter himself emerged to stand with some of the Communist country's senior officials...)

Carter in North Korea to free US prisoner, Reuters, Aug 25, 2010 (... Carter, 85, traveled to the North to secure the release of Aijalon Mahli Gomes, sentenced to eight years hard labor earlier this year for illegally entering the isolated state. Gomes, 30, tried to commit suicide out of despair, the North's state media said last month. The U.S. State Department said Carter's visit was a "private trip" for a humanitarian mission and provided no further details. "I'm not aware of any contact he had with the State Department prior to the trip," State Department spokesman Mark Toner said. "It's a private humanitarian trip; obviously it's a mission to secure the release of Mr. Gomes, but we don't want to jeopardize the prospect for Mr. Gomes to be returned home by discussing any of the details," he said. Carter's trip follows a similar journey last year by Bill Clinton to bring home two journalists [Laura Ling and Euna Lee] jailed for illegally entering the North. That visit was followed by dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington after North Korea's second nuclear test in May 2009 provoked in international outcry....)

Carter and Clinton take pride in their close relationship with Communist China, which is the main ally and backer of Communist North Korea. As presidents, Carter and Clinton aided and abetted China to achieve the position of power and control it holds over America and the world today. One example is Carter's 1978 treaty to give the Panama Canal to Panama and Clinton's fulfillment of that treaty in 1999, even knowing it would be leased to Communist China. See USA GAVE CHINA PANAMA CANAL

Why don't Carter and Clinton (and every other USA president since the assassination of JFK) ever bring up the topic of American POWs during their deal-making trips back and forth to Red China and North Korea?

It doesn't bode well for our Korean and Vietnam War POWs (imprisoned in China, North Korea and Russia) that current and past presidents continue to deny their existence and cavort with their captors. Time is running out.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I recently received an email from Bob Dumas, brother of POW Roger Dumas, saying you're telling the truth about the businessman who interviewed Korean POWs - including his brother. See KOREA POW PHOTO BEEN SEEN



To Orwell Today,


Thank you very much for the posting, it looks good! I will let you know if the North Koreans agree to meet with me as I requested.... I believe the reason the government "runs scared" on this topic is it has progressed with untruths and deception for so long they cannot afford to change their attitude in fear of a huge reprisal from the American people over this. It would be the end of their political careers for many.

Take care,
Chen Ping

Jackie Jura
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