To Orwell Today,

Here is my conspiracy theory.

Sometimes the thoughts that go through people's mind is weird but like most of us believe, the world is not what it seems.

What I am about to tell/say is cruel but think about what I wrote after you have read it and make up your own minds. You might think I am wrong or right and some of u might think I am cruel but this is just a thought.

We can’t really believe anymore what we see on TV. Some of us in the world might think that everything is controlled by some powerful people in the world. And I am one of them. For example – the money in the world. Countries currencies is/or might be controlled.

People that have watched ‘THE MATRIX‘ think about it and some believe that everything is built or controlled by computers. This could be true because the computer in the world has been helping mankind since BILL GATES built the dam things. Robots that make industry life so much easier for mankind. HITCH HIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY shows in the end of the movie that there is people that built the earth and had a backup for when the shit hits the fan. Most of it might just be shit ‘HOLLYWOOD’ like some might say. Other people think that ALIENS has built our world and that’s where people really come from.

Maybe that might be true or what if it was true???? Think about this – (forget about GOD for a second) - what if everything in the world is in one big plan. That everything happens for a reason. Well if it was true and that everything is controlled and that powerful people says what happens next and that everything happens in line of a plan – that everything must happen on specific dates and that people give the orders.

Well now for the cruel part – if everything is controlled and that people give the orders. Take the tsunami and the hurricanes that happened. If people gave the order for it. I mean to make a tsunami is not really that hard. Build a fuck off big atomic bomb and drop it in the ocean a tsunami wave can be made (man made). It is not that far off track or is it??

Take hurricanes, if it is true like in HITCH HIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY that people was in control of earth and Mother Nature they could have given orders for the hurricanes. Medical aid was rushed to the tsunami accident but when the shit hit the fan in America they knew it was going to happen and what was done about it? Only on a later date something happened. And then everyone thinks that AMERICA is such a mighty and powerful country. What ever! They let their people die and starve for two whole weeks.

So many people gave money for the medical aid and just today I saw on TV that celebrities gave so much and so much! And just look at how much publicity they got out of it!!!! And the question is asked – do they do it out of the goodness of their hearts or do they do it to bypass TAX!!!

On January 22, 2006 – 04h00am reality TV showed a program called ‘un told secrets’. NASA state that there is no TRUTH behind AREA 51- guess again.!!! Satellite photos were taken that proofs that AREA 51 do exist! Now the question I put to your minds is:

How much stuff does NASA and AMERICA really hide from the American public and the rest of the WORLD??? I still say the TRUTH IS OUT THERE NO MATTER WHAT!

Make up your own minds behind what I have told you now.

And I will leave you with this question… and the most important word in the world:

BUT what if…..

Kind Regards,
Michael van Tonder

P.S let me know what u think plz and put it on your website if u think it is worth it

Greetings Michael,

Thank you for your observations and thought provoking questions. Yes, what if...?

In "1984" Orwell said "teams of experts are indefatigably at work focusing the sun's rays through lenses suspended thousands of kilometres away in space, or producing artificial earthquakes by tapping the heat at the earth's centre". See 14.Scientific Experimentation

This past Christmas (2005) I received a present of some old 1962, 1963 and 1964 issues of LIFE magazine. In the October 2nd, 1964 edition there's a big story on NASA's plan to land a man on the moon in 1969. It describes how NASA plans to turn Astronauts into Cyborgs (cybernetic organisms) to overcome the problem of space radiation from the Van Allen Belts and Sun Flares.

I've divided excerpts from the article into two parts: ASTRO RADIATION NOT and NASA MAKING CYBORG MAN

That was forty years ago. And now, just this past week or so, there's a story in the news about Cyborgs:

Implants turn humans into cyborgs (RFID chips already commonly used in livestock & merchandise tracking). VancouverSun, Jan 7, 2006. Go to HUMANS SCANNED LIKE GROCERIES

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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