To Orwell Today,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have just seen the site and found many comments adout Motihari is not very correct today. People of Motihari will feel proud if the birth place of the greatest writer of 20th century of U.K be a heritage site of international importance.

Today perhaps only one family of a school teacher is there. No roof in other side rooms, boundary wall had fallen and in front playground is in worst dirty condition.

At Motihari, now-a-days you will get few good but simple hotels [few rooms with a.c; but not very sure]

Connectivity, New Delhi - daily super fast train
Kolkota - daily train
Mumbai- two days in a week

You do some thing to save this historic building. Present C.M of Bihar, Mr Nitish Kumar is a very good man. Perhaps he will understand the importance to improve Motihari as place of tourist hub.

Motihari salutes Mahatma Gandhi & Sir Jorge Orwell.

I am from Motihari and just at a distance of 400 meter from Orwell's house. I am working in TataSteel at Jamshedpur.

-Ram Mohan

Greetings Ram,

Thank you so very much for giving me the news on Motihari and "Sir" George Orwell's house. He never was actually given the rank of "Sir" but if anyone ever deserved it, it is "Sir" George, although he probably wouldn't accept it, being a man whose heart was totally with the so-called "common" people.

It is amazing that you live only 400 meters from Orwell's birth house and that you have discovered the "Orwell Today" website, which brings the great man's spirit a little closer to me and all the readers.

All the best to you and Motihari and its future as a tourist hub based on a Shrine to Orwell, one of the greatest writers England ever produced, and a beacon to the world.

All the best,
Jackie Jura (a Madam), 2004

Jackie Jura
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