To Orwell Today,

Hello, Ms. Jura,

I'm a playwright based in Edmonton, and a great admirer of Mr. Blair. In my distant past, I came across an article written by him during the war in which he suggested that cheap machine guns ("sten" guns) be air-dropped across Nazi-occupied Europe, as a way of arming anti-Nazi fighters (his rationale was that the Nazis already had better arms, and that the resistance movement would be much stronger if armed).

I have been looking for this article, as Orwell is a character in my new play, the second installment of "Spiral Dive," and I'd like to have him say exactly what he said in that article. I'm quite sure that it was either part of his BBC broadcasts or of his columns in the Tribune. Do you know offhand?

-Ken Brown

Greetings Ken,

So sorry but I don't recall having read that Orwell quote in my reading of his TRIBUNE or BBC articles (or even his WAR DIARIES) but of course, that doesn't mean it isn't there, just that it didn't jump out at me. I did a quick search looking for it in his COLLECTED ESSAYS, JOURNALISM AND LETTERS, which contain his Tribune, BBC & War Diary writings, but no luck so far.

I do know that Orwell wanted guns given to civilians in Britain during the war - so they could defend themselves and country if the war came home to England, and also to wage revolution afterwards, if necessary. See ORWELL WAS ARMED. That quote is:

"That rifle hanging on the wall
of the working-class flat or labourer's cottage
is the symbol of democracy.
It is our job to see that it stays there."

All the best with your production,
Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

Thanks, Ms. Jura.

-Ken Brown

Hi again Ken,

I looked up your "Spiral Dive" play and see it's about Spitfires in the Battle of Britain. My father was a Spitfire pilot in England during WWII (and also a prairie boy, near Edmonton), so all the more reason I'd like to see the next installment of "Spiral Dive". I scanned the SPITFIRE photo below from the Time-Life book THE BATTLE OF BRITAIN:


I assume you've seen Orwell's writings ALONG CAME THE DOODLEBUG and ZOOM-ZOOM DOODLEBUG BOOM.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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