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Hi Jackie,

In the UK today, as in most of the western world, we are only told via the newsreels what they wish us to know. Often most of this is put across in such a way to keep us ignorant, just as Orwell predicted.

Our society is heavily monitored and survelliance cameras etc are commonly accepted. Even our police do not attend the usual crimes. They ride in cars with full sirens on constantly to give the impression there is crime everywhere. However, it is obvious to the tuned eye that they are using this to get through traffic, plus to give such an impression in the mind of the general public.

A great deal of common problems are dealt with by local govt officials reference to anti-social behavior orders plus voluntary special constables etc and community wardens. Police have powers to approach people if they THINK they may be planning something criminal. With the new anti-terrorist acts they have new powers to make arrests or enter households etc and this is happening frequently across the uk. The choppers that spy on households are gathering info on any alterations to property in and outside to plan a new tax or band level for community tax. This has recently been disclosed on the media.

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Ray Wills

Greetings Ray,

Yes, and the only reference to "Big Brother" that most Brits relate to is the reality television show which makes a joke out of people living under total house surveillance - their every activity monitored - like fish in an aquarium.

You in the United Kingdom are ahead of us in North America with your surveillance and other technology (as I've noticed in my travels there) but we catch up a couple years later. Our news over here is almost all cop stories - asking the public for help in solving the latest crime - with grainy surveillance tape scenarios. And at our airports now they're promoting the strip-search scanners which render people naked.

Orwell knew the nature of the beast which is perpetrating this police-state surveillance nightmare upon mankind and warned us about it in his writings, most famously "Animal Farm" and "1984".

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Jackie Jura

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To Orwell Today,

Following on about the British police....

Ray Wills

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