To Orwell Today,

Your review of the anti-Rusesabagina book makes no sense. I give you credit for providing the connecting links to the National Post articles but doubt whether you read them. If you had you would have realized that those criticizing him are all somehow attached to the Rwandan government. Obviously, they are biased against him for criticizing their President. It seems very doubtful that Rwanda has much of (if any) a free press. Frankly, all the articles against him reek of propaganda. Surely you see the irony of a site calling itself orwelltoday that promotes propagandistic news. No?

-Mark Schiff

Greetings Mark,

If it weren't for your name I'd think you were a Rwandan genocide-denier the way you don't cite any facts and just shout out with namecalling at anyone who defends Kagame or his government.

Why don't you accuse Rusesabagina of being biased against those who criticize the ex-Rwandan government? You're the one engaging in classic Orwellian doublethink behaviour (and goodthink and crimestop too I may add).

Rusesabagina is an admitted friend of the Hutu masterminds and perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide and possibly a front-man for their campaign to return to Rwanda and "finish the work" left behind in 1994. They hate President Kagame because he and his RPF army came to the rescue of those in Rwanda suffering what is considered one of the worst depravities ever inflicted on mankind.

There is no suppression of the press in letting the world know what went on in Rwanda in 1994. Go read writings by Romeo Dallaire, the Canadian UN General there during the genocide, and Shaharyar Khan, the UN Secretary General's Special Representative to Rwanda, both unbiased toward Kagame. See RWANDA GENOCIDE HORROR and RWANDA SHALLOW GRAVES REVIEW, for starters.

Do some reading on the subject of the Rwandan genocide so as to expand your knowledge beyond the movie HOTEL RWANDA which is likely all it's based on so far, in which case you are sorely lacking in factual details.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - Here's a quote from General Laurent Nkunda - who is fighting followers of Rusesabagina's friends in the Congo - the ones who masterminded the Rwanadan genocide. It expresses my same sentiments, albeit I am not Tutsi (or Rwandan or Congolese):

"When I say that the FDLR génocidaires cannot be allowed to stay in Congo armed, people say: 'OK, he is talking about Rwandan politics because he is a Tutsi, a Rwandan, a friend of President Kagame.' But if to denounce the genocide is to be Rwandan then I prefer to be called so. The genocide is the very worst thing I have seen in my life and I cannot fear to condemn it, even if it means I am mistaken for a Rwandan."

Interview with Paul Rusesabagina in the Hague. YouTube, April 26, 2008
...Q: Those you claim to have rescued in Rwanda call you a liar with a hidden political agenda... A:...Of course, the Rwandan government, which is also guilty, is using the Mille Collines' surviviors, especially a few of them who are still in the country, who are hostages, in a smear campaign against all my actions...Q:...Are you afraid for your life? A: ...Definitely, President Kagame himself has harrassed me in his own words....He went as far as calling me a Hollywood-made-heroes in front of my wife...

Jackie Jura
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