To Orwell Today,

As i understand it Orwell after his experiences was in favour of social democracy and against totalitarianism.

But surely standing on the left of politics would eventually lead him to communism, what 1984 is all about? Aren't most of the left communist/socialist thinkers? aren't they the politicians a social democrat would vote for? aren't social democrat politicians collectivist in some way (if ur left, ur collectivist). Aren't they in fact voting for the system that claims to be for the ppl, when it isn't?

I don't understand that bit. Social democrats must be collectivist, and collectivism is the blue print/model of tyranny, it's how they justify their tyrannical existance.

And what is THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF OLIGARCHICAL COLLECTIVISM? is this an evil book or a good book?

And what political path can we choose if right leads to facsism (tyranny) and left leads to communism (tyranny). isn't the political spectrum a rigged game?? We have no choice?? what am i supposed to choose out of these ideologies!! it's a rigged game the politicians have created for themselves, that's what it seems to me. and what can we do about it??

I would be very grateful if u could find the time to answer and address these questions. i'd be delighted to hear ur views, and I think your website is fantastic! I'm just trying to understand all this.

Many thanks,

Greetings Lee,

I've put the answers to your questions in a commentary entitled LEFT, RIGHT AND SOCIALSIM.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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