To Orwell Today,


Hope you are having a great day. I recently read 1984 and was struck by the myriad similarities between the collectivist totalitarian society depicted in Orwell's classic and today's reality.

Perhaps I failed to study your site long enough and overlooked the obvious. I did not find a corollary between the telescreens of 1984 and the internet of 1984. The Thought Police (read intelligence agencies focused on citizen incarceration) are all over the internet. I would estimate that up to 10% of chat board posting is done by various agents.

Our computers are a telescreen that we pay for. Big Brother could hardly be more pleased.

John H Adams

Greetings John,

Actually, I do have an essay (since 2004) on the website about how Orwell not only imagined television but also computer monitors spying on us (before either were invented by time of his death in 1950) and gave them the name "telescreen".

I discovered Orwell's version of telescreens connected to the internet only after reading his draft copy of "1984" because it didn't make it into the final book. See ORWELL DESCRIBED INTERNET

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - To see who's helping Big Brother fulfill his goal see: BILL GATES BEHIND TELESCREEN

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Reader Dr Joe says, "Orwell did not foresee the spread of information though such things as the Internet"

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Jackie Jura
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