To Orwell Today,

My daughter and her husband were ready to ship my grandson off to Tranquility Bay School on 9/11/06. His stepfather went "on line" and found this school. He flew down and visited the school and upon his return told my daughter it was a great place for her son. On 9/8/06 I asked the name of the school and went on line myself. The first warning sign was the school's web site. After a couple of clicks I was sickened by what I discovered. I was frantic. I threatened to call the child protection agency and report my daughter and son in law at once. They have serious drug issues, party with call girls, fight and have had the police at their homes numerous times. They have been reported to the Child Protection Services by the school my grandson attended. He was at Military School for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, but was put out at Christmas time. Once home the situation spiralled downward. He stole pot from his stepfather and sold it to his school mates. He cannot attend the district school for one year. He has been on medication for ADHD from the time he was five. His stepfather blames his drug use on my grandson even though he was using cocaine with my daughter when he first met her and her son was four years old. My daughter wants to go into rehab once her son is away at school, and her husband said he will stop when his stepson is out of the house. I think you have a picture of the situation.

After my numerous phone calls, my daughter finally opened her eyes when she went to the web sites and saw first hand what a hell hole Tranquility Bay was. Now my son in law is angry because he purchased air line tickets and hotel accomodations. Money is not a problem for him and that is a big part of why they are so messed up with drugs. I saved my grandson from Tranquility Bay and he will be living with his paternal grandfather.

What about the other children who are held at Tranquility Bay and the other schools of torture? What can I do to help these throw away children? I am so thankful for the concerned people who took the time to look into this god awful situation. I will be willing to do what ever I can to help stop the abuse. Our country is appalled with abuse at the military prisons with underwear put on suspected terrorists heads, yet turn a blind eye to rampant child abuse. God help the children.


Greetings Carolann,

Getting informed and spreading the word about these schools is probably the most helpful thing a person can do to stop the abuse.

Notice how hard the powers-that-be came down on your grandson for marijuana while on the other hand forcing pharmaceutical drugs on him under the excuse he's ADHD? This is a racket that's been going on for the past ten years or so. These ADHD drugs have been nicknamed "Kiddie Coke" because they're in the same category as cocaine - schedule II drugs.

The teachers cooperate with the doctors who cooperate with the pharmaceutical corporations in handing drugs out like candy to any of their students - mainly boys - who exhibit signs of individuality or non-conformity in thought or deed. It's like Vonnegut's HARRISON BERGERON and Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD.

The "Three Rs" no longer mean "Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmetic" they mean "Ritalin, Ritalin, Ritalin" because children aren't being taught to read (phonics was thrown out and replaced with memorizing whole words) or arithmetic (calculators replaced times-tables) and when they become frustrated from their lack of understanding they are accused of having "attention deficit hyper-activity disorder" and prescribed Ritalin - and other mind and body-damaging drugs.

And as if pushing drugs on school kids wasn't cruel enough, the government in Canada hands out "crack kits" for using cocaine and "free needles" for injecting heroin. Meanwhile, they're banning cigarette-smoking from public and private places. To buy a pack of cigarettes a person who LOOKS under 25 has to present photo-ID to the store-clerk, and stores that don't ask are fined. See DRUG WAR & PEACE.

What never ceases to amaze me is how parents, and society as a whole, passively allow this government drug-pushing and do nothing to stop it, even though it's taxpayers' dollars and taxpayers' children - and infants and adults - paying the price.

All the best with helping your grandson,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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