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To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the response to my email about the flooding in the UK. Yes you're perfectly correct about the high rainfall. I wasn't disputing that, just that there are many underlaying reasons for the extent of the flooding.

I don't know if you are aware that the water and sewerage in the UK up until recent times was the responsibility of the local authorites, ie councils. However the government in their wisdom decided for financial gain to sell off these to the highest bidders so that we have the situation where there are numerous private corporations responsible for water and sewerage in each area of the country. There has in recent years been great increases in water and sewerage charges to the general public which caused major outcrys and protests as in summer there have been water shortages and droughts, hosepipe bans etc as the reservoirs were very low.

The BBC have aired various programmes on Panorama about this and the main concern was the lack of or poor upkeep and maintenance of the system. Seems there was more water leaking from pipes than being used by the public. I understand that the companies have obligations but a number of them were in the process of being sued. Because of this I am of the opinion that the system of drainage is not working and if it was there wouldn't be the same extent of flooding nationally.

It's interesting that the media continue to state that this is the worst flooding in UK history, some say for hundreds of years. However, records only go back to 1914 SO WHOSE TELLING PORKIES.

Ray Wills

PS - Here's a link to the BBC article aired on Panorama:

Whose water is it anyway? (We ask if the privatisation of the water industry has worked or if it should be renationalised). Panorama, BBC, Jul 2007

Greetings Ray,

Yes, the extent of flooding is increased when infrastructure isn't up to standard, but the government and its masters - private corporations - aren't going to fix things - although they'll pretend to and charge higher rates in the name of that purpose.

The extreme rain (interspersed with extreme drought) wreaks havoc on soil (saturates on one hand and makes less absorbant on the other) and this too causes massive flooding. This is part of WEATHER CONTROL.

Privatization of water, ie governments selling their nation's resources 'down the river' to corporations headed by members of The Brotherhood, is going on all over the world. Ultimately the powers-that-be plan to charge us for every drop we drink and limit us to a certain number of gallons a day - no matter where in the world we live. They'll control the tap, turning it on and off at whim.


All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I took the above photo of a water reservoir as our plane approached London's Heathrow airport last July 2006. It was one of many I'd seen scattered over the lovely English countryside.

Bottled water is tap water ($-billions corporate swindle). CNN, Jul 29, 2007
Pepsi-Cola announced Friday that the labels of its Aquafina brand bottled water will be changed to make it clear the product is tap water. Americans spent about $2.17 billion on Aquafina last year, according to Beverage Digest, an independent company that tracks the global beverage industry. The U.S. bottled water business in 2006 totaled roughly $15 billion, it said. Coca-Cola does not have plans to change the labeling on its Dasani brand bottled water, a company spokesman told CNN, despite the fact the water also comes from a public water supply. Dasani's U.S. sales totaled approximately $1.89 billion in 2006, according to Beverage Digest calculations. Nestle also has announced it will be changing the bottles of its All Nestle Pure Life Purified Drinking Water to "identify the source of the water, whether it's from a municipal supply or ground-water well source."

More rain & higher bills coming. Guardian, Jul 28, 2007
Flood-hit regions in central and southern England are braced for yet more severe weather, with forecasters warning of heavy rain over the next 24 hours. Persistent downpours are expected across south Wales and into England. The Met Office released the early warning as the Environment Agency (EA) said water bills would have to rise to pay for flood-proofing towns and cities. Baroness Young, the head of the EA, told the Daily Telegraph millions of pounds must be spent on improving drainage and protecting infrastructure, such as electricity substations and water plants. She said: "Bills are going to have to go up, both because of draught and floods. "You either pay upstream to prevent, or you pay downstream to mop up but you've got to pay. Climate change is coming home to roost."

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