To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

I loved coming across the new lyrics "imagine there's no yoko" but disagree with your opinion on Paul.

Please read this interview with Jack Douglas:

Beatles 'were to come together again', Times, Dec 8, 2005
Jack Douglas, the producer who was working with John Lennon until minutes before his death, says Lennon was making secret plans to record an album with the other former Beatles when he was killed. Douglas said, "He and Paul planned to play on a Ringo album, George had not come aboard yet."

Please note that yoko has really screwed over Paul big time as she helped Michael Jackson bid for the beatles publishing rights and was also responsible for tipping off the Japanese authorities regarding Linda's stash that landed Paul in jail for 10 days when they arrived in Japan back in early 1980.

I enjoy the rest of your website but the stuff on Paul being in cahoots with Yoko is completely offbase.

Paul wrote that he helped John back to Yoko to save face with Yoko and make a few points. In reality, Yoko blocked his calls to John and cancelled his appoinments he made to see John. Paul made it out that he helped Yoko more than he really did.


Greetings Katie,

Thanks for letting me know you like IMAGINE THERE'S NO YOKO. I understand that she spoke at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Italy last week and that Peter Gabriel sang "Imagine" which contains the line "Imagine there's no country" which must have made the athletes wonder what they were there for.

Yoko may have been involved in Paul's Japan marijuana bust but it turned out to be more of a publicity stunt than anything else. It sure didn't hurt Paul's life like the small amount of hash planted in John's apartment in 1968 ruined his.

I still believe - since reading the McCartney biography MANY YEARS FROM NOW by Barry Miles - that Paul was in cahoots with Yoko against John. Further proof is found on page 272:

"..When Yoko Ono first arrived in Britain, before she met John, she turned up at Paul's house asking for manuscripts to give to John Cage for his fiftieth birthday. Cage collected musical scores..."

There is no denying that Paul was instrumental in delivering John to his friend John Dunbar's Indica art gallery on November 9th, 1966 for the "Yes" meeting with Yoko that was the beginning of the end of John and the Beatles as the world now well knows. Paul can be blamed for that.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - Regarding the Michael Jackson stuff I'm not fluent on all the business wheeling and dealing that Paul and Yoko were separately involved in over rights to the Beatles' music other than that John, when not in his right mind, signed power-of-attorney over to Yoko and shortly before his death he signed his last will & testament leaving everything to her

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Jackie Jura
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