The premier of the province in which I live celebrated the anniversary of his first year in office by smilingly holding up a glass containing a human toe topped off with whiskey which he thereupon drank. In other words, where you and I would use an ice-cube, this guy used a human toe. And he's proud of that.

This event occurred in the midst of the economic life of the the province being figuratively aborted. Land, assets and resources are being sold lock, stock and barrel to nameless private corporations run by guys who like slave-labour.

An example of how low we've stooped up here in the Great White North is that recently the BC Children's & Women's Hospital cancelled the contract of a cleaning business because the wife of the owner was on-the-record as being AGAINST the killing of unborn children and the doctors and nurses who are FOR the killing of unborn children didn't feel safe with employees of the woman's husband working in the building.

So I guess it shouldn't be surprising that the premier of such a province looked happy drinking severed-toe whiskey. It's the first time I've ever seen him smile. Usually he's a personality flatliner. ~ Jackie Jura

Premiers down Sourtoe Cocktail in historic Yukon saloon. Canoe News, Jun 7, 2002
DAWSON CITY, Yukon (CP) -- There are strange things done in the land of the midnight sun, but none may be stranger than drinking a Sourtoe Cocktail. Manitoba Premier Gary Doer and B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell each received Sourtoe Cocktail certificates after successfully letting a pickled, frost-bitten human toe touch their lips while downing a shot of Yukon Jack whiskey. "It was a little rare," Doer said moments after draining the toe-filled whiskey glass in a single gulp. Campbell grimaced as Capt. Dick Van Nostrand placed the toe into a glass. "That's a real toe, there," he said quietly. Patrons in the Sourdough Saloon surrounded the two premiers as they prepared to down their drinks. Doer said it was fitting Campbell was served the Sourtoe Cocktail on the first anniversary of his B.C. Liberal Party officially forming government. More than 10,000 people have received official Sourtoe Cocktail certificates. The tradition started in the early 1970s and the first toe was believed to have come from a frost-bitten gold miner's foot. There have been several toes since the original, but the tradition lives on. The two premiers are in historic Dawson City, site of the 1896 Klondike Gold Rush, for the annual western premiers Conference. The four western premiers and three territorial leaders spent much of the day discussing trade issues and the Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. On Tuesday night, Campbell and the other leaders spent much of the evening in Diamond Tooth Gerties, a gambling and Can Can dance hall. Campbell got up on stage at one point and joined the Can Can dancers. When Diamond Tooth Gertie asked him who he was, Campbell replied with a straight face: "Gary Doer of Manitoba."


BC Premier hasn't seen taser video yet (just watched part of it). CBC, Nov 15, 2007
Premier Gordon Campbell says a video recording released Wednesday shows there is room for improvement in the way police use Tasers. "I've seen part of the tape," Campbell said Thursday. "I haven't had a chance to see the whole tape. Obviously it's very disturbing to me and to others who have seen it, and obviously we can learn from it and do much better." Campbell was one of several politicians commenting Thursday on a video recording of Robert Dziekanski dying at Vancouver International Airport after being stunned by RCMP with at least two hits from a Taser during the early morning hours on Oct. 14. B.C. Solicitor General John Les said Tasers are not as lethal as a service revolver, and they have been used consistently over the past years with just two fatalities associated with them in B.C. since 2005. Six people have died in police Taser-related incidents in B.C. since 2003...It is up to the Criminal Justice Branch, headed by B.C. Attorney General Wally Oppal, to appoint a special prosecutor. Special prosecutors are non-government lawyers who are appointed to oversee cases that may place Crown prosecutors in a conflict of interest. Oppal, who is meeting with other provincial justice ministers in Winnipeg, said Thursday he wants to hear the police side of the story before making any decisions. He said that like anyone else, he was shocked by the video of Robert Dziekanski's death Oct. 14 at the Vancouver airport, but he is not considering a moratorium on Taser use. Other provincial justice ministers said they're not rushing to judge the use of Tasers, despite the number of people who have died after being zapped by the guns. At least eighteen people have died in Taser-related incidents across Canada since 2003. Manitoba Justice Minister Dave Chomiak said there is no conclusive evidence that proves Tasers cause death....

Safety Minister wishes Canadians would get upset over drunk driving. CFRA Ottawa, Nov 18, 2007
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day refuses to comment over the use of a Taser on a man who died at the Vancouver Airport last month. But Day says he wishes Canadians were as outraged over impaired driving deaths as they are over the death of a Polish immigrant shot with a Taser by the RCMP. Day told a crowd in BC this weekend that the death of Robert Dziekanski was tragic and it was right that the nation was aghast because he died needlessly. But he points out drunk driving accidents also claims countless lives and no one seems shocked.


Jackie Jura
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