Holocaust In Our High Schools
by Elizabeth Nickson
National Post, Friday, November 22, 2002

...I am mildly pro-choice, which makes me a whole lot less pro-choice than anyone else I know. I suspect that abortion is a mortal sin, in the convenient nail-on-the-head succinctness of most theology, describing an act that will resonate in malefic ways throughout a woman's entire life and that of her family and that of her culture. But who wants to return to back-street butchery? No one with a heart. However, I see no way that the coming fight will not be fought bitterly, and cause further divisions in a culture already bitterly divided and as usual it will ignore the most obvious catastrophe.

For evidence of that division, one need only look at the recent triumph of Erika Harold, 22, the new whip-smart, multiracial, Miss America, who announced after her crowning that she was a virgin and will use her year-long reign to encourage American teenagers to swear off sex until they're married. First thing that happened, pageant officials ordered her not to talk publicly about sexual abstinence. Then the cultural left fell about foaming at the mouth, calling her statement "a terrible shock," and people like pro-choice and safe-sex advocate Susan Wilson of Rutgers said, "I think the judges should take away her crown for lying."

That's how truly kooky it is. Because people like Susan Wilson have to be aware -- and if not aware, are negligent in their duty and therefore must be removed from any advocacy position -- of what the safe-sex, pro-abortion and pro-healthy-sexuality societal stance has effected among teenagers. The Medical Institute for Health, the most respected medical NGO in the States, calls sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers, quite simply, an epidemic. Here are some stats to mull over this weekend:

1. Twenty-five per cent of teens who are sexually active live with an STD today. Between 12 and 19, half become sexually active.

2. Many will be carrying two or three STDs

3. Almost 50% of American black teens have genital herpes.

4. Herpes has skyrocketed 500% in the past 20 years. One in five North Americans carries herpes.

5. One in 10 teenage girls has chlamydia (an STD that can cause sterility) and half of all new chlamydia cases are diagnosed in girls 15- to 19-years old.

6. There are 80 to 100 different strains of human papilloma virus; HPV causes 99.7% of all cervical cancers and can be contracted through condoms. The highest incidence of the disease is in young women, under 25. A British study found the virus infects 46% of teenaged girls after their first intercourse. Because, and this is critical, the cells in a young woman's vagina have not developed enough to prevent viral infection, teenagers pick up and carry diseases far more readily than adult women.

7. In 1960, there were two STDs: gonorrhea and syphilis. Now the actual number of true STDs is 50, and may be as high as 80 or 100.

8. Completed suicide among teenagers has skyrocketed 200% in the past 30 years. For every teenager who completes a suicide, 50 to 100 attempt it. One in eight teenagers is clinically depressed. This kind of depression cropped up first in the '70s, on college campuses, where physicians first began seeing the results of the sexual revolution.

9. Oral sex? Very popular among teenagers. Very. Six out of 10 think oral sex is not sex, thank you Bill Clinton. One-fourth of all "virgins" have oral sex. Oral sex parties? Rainbow parties, where girls pass out different lipstick colours then go round the room giving boys "rainbows"? Very common among children 12-15. Look at the New England Journal of Medicine (2001) for a discussion about "Human Papillomavirus Infection as a Risk Factor for Sqamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck."

10. HIV, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV, chancroid, intestinal parasites and hepatitis A are spread through oral sex.

I could go on reciting statistics like this for pages. They are widely available in medical journals in every country and, by the way, teenage STDs cut across all class and income lines. Yet for some reason, anyone who wades into this issue is called a nutbar, and a black Harvard Law student who wins a beauty pageant and states she is a virgin is immediately discredited. We are nagged constantly about seatbelts and smoking and fat and cholesterol, and pollution and greed, but STDs in teenagers are never mentioned in the popular press in Canada.

Meanwhile Kyoto, the economy, Iraq pale in comparison to the holocaust happening in the high school down the street. But if we did anything about that, well, I guess the sickening pedophilia of the Victoria's Secret fashion show would have to be cancelled and that would be a real tragedy.

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