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In 1959 Robert Kennedy said, in his book THE ENEMY WITHIN, that if organized crime was allowed to survive it would destroy the nation. He and his brother, Senator John Kennedy, were among the group that first attempted to destroy the underworld's presence in the United States. By that time, the period of the 1950s, the Italian and Jewish Mafia wielded great power and were advancing unopposed into government and private organizations.

Reading THE ENEMY WITHIN was quite the eye-opener. I was born in 1950 so obviously was too young to know anything about what was going on. Then in 1963 JFK was assassinated and Bobby five years later in 1968. During that time the television show THE UNTOUCHABLES formed the way many people thought about organized crime. I recall that the feeling wasn't one of wrath and hate, but more a cat and mouse game for sport.

Since that time there has been a steady stream of glamorized don and goon movies, sitcoms and dramas. One of the mega-mega hits of all time was THE GODFATHER and its subsequent follow-ups. Big-time movie stars like Al Pacino draw in generation after generation of young people to witness RAGING BULLS and CASINO flicks, with their attendant themes of prostitution, drugs and brutal torture and murder.

I must admit I haven't watched many of these movies but I've read their plot-lines and observed their success at the box-office and in video rentals. The latest offerings, like GANGS OF NEW YORK and the mega-hit series THE SOPRANOS glorify gangsterdom by portraying the criminal characters as regular family folk.

This summer, on a cross-Canada road trip, I stopped in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and took the tour of Al Capone's underground headquarters there. Unbeknownst to the people living on the streets above, this evil tool of the underworld was running his bootlegging business from right under their feet. A few years ago the existence of this secret base was made known to us, the ignorant masses.

Now tour guides dress up in character costume and lead tourists down into the tunnels and the hidden rooms below. It's quite the fancy set-up and the main booze-running section is connected directly to the train station. There was even a high-tech phone-tapping room where goons listened in on conversations of their choosing.

Tourists and tour-guides alike have a really fun time laughing about the antics of the mob and their lackeys. The police and politicians of the time turned a blind eye, as they do now, for all we know. I personally didn't find it that amusing, being aware as I am of the Mafia's true nature and how they destroy and corrupt wherever they thrive. ~ Jackie Jura

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THE ENEMY WITHIN (excerpt from Robert Kennedy's book)

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