Incorporating explicit oral-sex footage from the 1972 original,
has drawn an NC-17 rating.

The countries of the world that are now suffering under the iron heel of United Nations humanitarian aid organizations which FEED ON MISERY probably think life is a piece of cake over here in North America because we haven't been physically warred against. But actually, we're suffering our own form of war because our society is being destroyed from WITHIN. One of the weapons being used against us is non-stop sexual depravity which hits us from all directions - billboards, magazines, books, camera phones, internet, movies and television.

Last week [February 2005] on television and in newspapers the entertainment critics were enthusiastically talking about a soon-to-be released movie entitled INSIDE DEEP THROAT which is about the making of the movie DEEP THROAT which was a 70s movie showing penises being shoved down a woman's throat. It will open in mainstream movie theatres all over North America next month. This is just part of what we're up against.

Even cartoons ooze with sex, and every show lately pounds with homosexuality. Recently a movie named KINSEY got rave reviews for telling the story of zoologist-cum-sex researcher Alfred Kinsey who brought homosexuality and other deviations mainstream. He himself was a sexual pervert who considered pedophilia normal.

The following story is an example of some of the homosexual weaponry directed at the millions of North American children (and adults) who have been targeted by THE SIMPSONS television show. Homer, the main character, has - for all the years the program's been running - represented the average white man, his wife the average mother, and his kids the average family (on an exaggerated scale). Now, in the latest episode, by modelling homosexuality as normal behaviour, THE SIMPSONS have done a complete about face on their captured audience. Using Homer and Marge (the parents) to push sexual deviation is no doubt where it was always heading. ~ Jackie Jura

HOMER'S HOMO MATRI-MONEY (becomes ordained minister so he can marry homosexual couples). National Post, Feb 22, 2005

KINSEY & HOMOSEXUAL REVOLUTION (exposes fraud behind Kinsey Report), by Judith Reisman, Ph.D

Sex theme park to open in London (life-sized silicone-made models) & CBC radio hostess in sex-filled role (tax-funded broadcaster approves). BBC/TorontoStar, May 24, 2006

Canada invites gay tourists to come (gov't spending $300,000 to attract homosexuals, bisexuals & transgendered). National Post, Apr 23, 2005. Go to HOMOSEXUAL HOLIDAYS IN CANADA

Profile: Alfred Kinsey: (he opened our eyes to sex). Sunday Times, Mar 6, 2005
...Almost half a century after Kinsey’s death in 1956 — possibly brought on by sexual exhaustion — a film of his life starring Liam Neeson has rekindled the battle he ignited for the soul, or at least the libido, of modern America...In reality he was a bisexual libertine who thought the only abnormality was abstinence and whose biographer believes that he twisted his methodology to justify — and gratify — his own sexuality...Homosexuality had previously been equated with communism and Congress’s committee on un-American activities was unamused to hear what activities most Americans actually did get up to. Even today the biopic has evoked outrage from sharp-toothed dinosaurs of the new right such as Concerned Women of America which compares Kinsey to Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor, or Morality in Media, which says that Kinsey’s legacy is Aids, abortion, child abuse and internet pornography...The Institute for Sex Research, as it was originally called, was set up in 1947, just before publication of the first explosive report. But as James H Jones revealed in his 1997 biography, Kinsey was getting more out of his work than most people...

Long before he began his official research Kinsey had enjoyed going on expeditions with groups of young men at which they sat naked around the campfire and he encouraged them to discuss their sex lives. He encouraged his team to have sexual relations with each other, insisted that they share their partners and built up a bisexual wife-swapping community in which sex acts were frequently filmed. Thanks to an introduction from a friend he gained access to Chicago’s secretive homosexual community ostensibly for research purposes but, according to Jones, "in truth Kinsey was socialising. He liked what he saw"...The sexual escapades going on in the attic of Kinsey’s house in Bloomington, Indiana, were by now getting out of control, including self-circumcision with a razor blade and bizarre genital stimulation with a toothbrush.

Most controversial, then and now, was Kinsey’s attitude to children...He exchanged correspondence with a man who was eventually convicted of a paedophile murder...He refused to compromise his sources to help J Edgar Hoover, the FBI director, conduct a witch-hunt against gays in the State Department, a supreme irony given that Hoover himself was later revealed to be a cross-dressing homosexual...

The phenomenon of DEEP THROAT (new documentary looks at impact of 1972 porn film). CNN, Feb 15, 2005
Produced by Brian Grazer, whose films include "Apollo 13" and "A Beautiful Mind," ...Incorporating explicit oral-sex footage from the 1972 original, INSIDE DEEP THROAT has drawn an NC-17 rating. Showing the notorious sex act was necessary for the documentary.

Here's the KINSEY retort (KINSEY has already received a brace of Golden Globe & Academy Award nominations). Scotsman, Feb 12, 2005
Alfred Kinsey was "the godfather of the homosexual activist movement, the campaign to mainstream pornography, and even the campaign to strike down abortion laws"...Kinsey transformed America in five decades from the LEAVE IT TO BEAVER innocence of the 1950s to today’s wanton, ‘anything-goes’ sexual anarchy"... "The Kinsey movie is, of course, a pack of lies about the architect of the sexual revolution. Kinsey was a monster, no question of it, and we know this movie will not speak about that."


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