Joe Public, especially the metropolitan area Joes,
go to bed at night counting frolicking wolves, not sheep.
The problem is that Joe Public must understand that
the critical danger point is rapidly approaching.


When wolves wipe out prey species they turn to small towns,
rural residences, farms, ranches, camps, and summer cottages.
Starving wolves don't care what they eat.
They're not fussy and, they most definitely
will eat humans.

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Here is one of the articles I wrote:

What does wolf recovery really mean for us as a nation?
by Bruce Hemming
(a wilderness survival instructor and film maker)

...So where did this myth come from that wolves pose no threat to humans? In the book titled "Wolves in Russia" written by Will Graves, on page 176, the tendency to diminish the threat was supported by the results of research work on wolf-human interactions in America by D. Mech, D. Pimloff and R. Peterson. Apparently the men unanimously decided that in North America wolves never show aggression toward humans and do not pose a threat at all. They reported only one wolf attack on a human and according to Pimloff the animal was probably rabid.

Also, according to Dr. Valerious Geist, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Science, the University of Calgary, there was an instance where it was thought that wolves had killed a Canadian trapper. The newspaper printed the story. When he turned up alive and well, the notion that wolves will kill humans was pooh-poohed and historical records of wolves killing people was dismissed as merely hearsay. Dr. Valerious Geist was merely explaining why the historical record was dismissed by the 3 scientists.

However, after countless hours of reading through reams of newspaper accounts and with already over one hundred reports of people being eaten alive by wolves, it's pretty hard to dismiss all those accounts as merely hearsay.

By 1930 wolves were pretty much eliminated across the lower 48 states, although in some areas they were still prevalent until as much as two decades later. In fact, over the years people have reported seeing wolves in the more isolated wilderness areas, so it's more than likely a myth, too, that bona-fide Timber Wolves were totally eradicated below the Canadian border.

Wolves have never been in danger of extinction. Even though they were driven from woods near people's homes, there were still thousands of wolves in Canada and Alaska and there have always been wolf packs in Minnesota. What's kept them at bay?

It was around the 1930s that aerial hunting started and wolves, no matter where they lived, were taught to fear man. Archived accounts of people being killed by wolves are not prevalent after the early 1930s. However, among others, I found an account of a 5-year old boy killed by wolves in Quebec in 1963. The boy's case read like 22-year old Kenton Carnegie's case. Kenton, readers may recall, was a college student who was stalked and partially eaten by a pack of wolves in November 2005 while he was engaged in a university work-study program in a remote area of Canada.

Unfortunately, once wolves were "out of sight, out of mind" among Americans, they began to be deified by authors and moviemakers. In fact, "Never Cry Wolf", a book written by Canadian author Farley Mowat and first published in 1963, has been credited for dramatically changing the public's perception of wolves to a more positive one.

Regardless of the fact that wolf biologist L. David Mech denounced the author as being "no scientist", which he truly wasn't, and found fault with the way wolves were depicted in the book, Hollywood made a movie out of it in 1983, further glorifying wolves as something they're not.

When the advent of the 1972 Endangered Species Act, wolves were listed as an endangered species throughout much of the lower 48 states. In a sense, the Act was manipulated in that wolves most definitely are not in any danger of becoming extinct. Government resource agencies knew this, but they knuckled into environmentalist’s demands anyway so as to accommodate various UN treaties regarding environmental issues.

A drive has been underway since then to "educate" the masses, particularly school children, as to wolves being a necessary part of "healthy ecosystems". What nonsense. If anything, wolves carry disease and engage in what's known as "sport killing", which leads to the decline of their prey species, most notably elk, deer, moose, beaver, rabbit, but also calves, cows, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and whatever else is killable. The "sport killing" is a bit hard for people to deal with seeing as how wolves will sometimes kill just to kill and then move off without consuming their victims. They just leave them there bleeding to death and suffering in agony.

Something else that's getting hard for victims of the wolf reintroduction and recovery program to deal with are bureaucrats and so-called wolf "experts" who won't admit they're wrong or capable of making a mistake. To do so would mean their fountain of federal dollars would dry up for their research grants and program funding. No, they just perpetuate the myth.

Worse, state governments are bribed into promoting the myth. It's just a matter of dangling the money carrot and demanding that any negative findings about wolves get swept under the rug or else the money will disappear just like magic. Of course, most states are grubbing for money, thanks to the federal government's poor policies, so the state "powers that be" become real shortsighted when it comes to distinguishing between dollar signs and truth.

You can't get any truth out of university researchers either. When it comes to applying for a university research study grant, who do you think will be awarded any money? If you think it's someone who wants to research the negative value of wolves, think again. Even those few researchers who come up with their own research funding find it hard to get their study results published where the general public might see it. So, again, we have more perpetuation of the myth that wolves are absolutely wonderful and will do no harm, and Joe Public, especially the metropolitan area Joes, go to bed at night counting frolicking wolves, not sheep.

The problem is that Joe Public must understand that the critical danger point is rapidly approaching. Wolves wipe out prey species and they are. When they do, they turn to small towns, rural residences, farms, ranches, camps, and summer cottages. Starving wolves don't care what they eat. They're not fussy and, they most definitely will eat humans.

Wolf behavior science and myths are based on a small wolf population that was hunted. The wolves feared man and didn’t bother the scientist studying them. This has led to the false belief that people are safe around wolves. But, dear reader, you must remember this was based on hunted wolves, a low wolf population, and plentiful game.

Wolves live for about 10 years. It takes three generations, or roughly 25-30 years before wolves’ attitude toward humans change. We are at the critical point in history where wolves don't fear man in several states, prey species population are running low, and their next step will be taking over human areas, as they’re now doing in several states.

What do I base this claim on? I base it on the following out take from Antoine Blua’s 3-15-05 article titled "Central Asia: Cohabitation of Wolves, Humans Proves Difficult”. Antoine wrote: "On the arid steppes of western Uzbekistan, some 20 villagers have been reported injured by wolves in five months. Two of them - in the Muinak district - died in early February as a result of their wounds... At night, the wolves own the village. First, they ate all the dogs. Now they have begun to eat sheep, cows [and other animals]. In the past two months, they have eaten 150 of them. Wolves dig through mud walls, break into sheds, and attack [animals]," Qozibekov said."

The Federal Government has decided that American citizens no longer have the right to protect themselves against vicious, bloodthirsty, killer wolves. We have lost our way as a nation when wolves have more rights and protection than the children and adults they’re terrorizing.

There is only one thing to do; stand tall and protect the rights of the children to grow up free of the wolves killing their beloved pets and chasing the little ones into their houses. Stand up and say, “No more wolf protection at the expense of our nation's children”. Allow people the God given right to protect their property, their livestock, their pets, and the mental health of their children by killing the misbehaving wolves.

That's a simple solution and it doesn't necessarily mean wiping wolves out of the picture altogether. Wolf populations and game populations can be managed so we’ll have wolves forever. However, stealing people's rights and placing any man eating predators above American children is nothing less then reducing Americans to the Medieval times of feudal peasants who had no rights.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Bruce Hemming

Greetings Bruce,

Thanks for linking to "Orwell Today" and for letting me know of the existence of your PRO SAVE THE HUMAN website. I'll be reading it in greater detail soon and perhaps even ordering your film UNDUE BURDEN: THE REAL COST OF LIVING WITH WOLVES. It's an issue that I've been "crying wolf" about for years.

Up here in Canada (north of the lower 48 states) attacks on livestock, pets and humans by wolves, coyotes, cougars and grizzly bears are happening more and more frequently now. And in almost every instance, the human is blamed for having ventured into the predator's territory - which increasingly is just on the outskirts of town - if not actually IN town.

You mentioned that wolves are being deified by authors and movie makers and I've noticed this too. Actually, just today - after receiving your email - I godcidently saw one on a TV commercial. See WOLF IN JEEP CLOTHING.

Also in the news today are a couple of very disturbing stories that should get people howling about wolves:

It's a completely different predator. Billings Montana Gazette, Mar 18, 2008. See WOLVES HARDWIRED TO KILL

Iraqis take up arms against gray wolves. Los Angeles Times, Mar 18, 2008. See IRAQ ATTACK BY WOLVES

All the best,
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Dear Jackie,

Wow! I can not thank you enough; wonderful posting of my article and your comments; great job.


PS - I will put a review copy of my documentary UNDUE BURDEN in the mail for you.

Greetings Bruce,

Thanks so much for sending a copy of UNDUE BURDEN. It got here about a week after you sent it and I've had one quick watch of it so far (and will be watching it again in more detail). See my review at WOLF'S UNDUE BURDEN BEARERS

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