Zundel faces immediate arrest on arrival in Germany,
where he is wanted for publishing his views that
the slaughter of six million Jews
and others in Nazi death camps
was an elaborate hoax.


Jewish groups in Canada couldn't wait to see him gone.

Holocaust denier Zundel deported
Supporters, foes unhappy at legal treatment
by Colin Perkel, Canada East, Feb 28, 2005

Toronto (CP) - Friends and foes alike complained Monday about the use of Canada's powerful national-security laws to detain and deport infamous Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel. While Zundel's supporters bitterly criticized the legal proceedings as a sham, even those who despise his views said the legal process was dangerous to freedoms Canadians cherish. "Zundel is a nasty character and Canadians understandably would like to get rid of him," said Alan Borovoy of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. "But I don't think it's fair to pay a price that is so potentially damaging to civil liberties." Zundel, 65, who has no criminal record in Canada, was scheduled to be put on a plane to Mannheim, Germany on Tuesday, ending his more than four decades in Canada as a landed resident.

After hearing evidence from Canada's spy agency, much of it kept secret even from Zundel and his lawyers, a Federal Court judge sided with the government last week that the German citizen threatened national security. Justice Pierre Blais, a former head of the spy agency, concluded Zundel was an influential figure among international new-Nazi and white supremacist groups that have resorted to violence to further their political aims. "Zundel's activities are not only a threat to Canada's national security but also a threat to the international community of nations," Blais said.

In a web-based response, Zundel's U.S.-based wife Ingrid Zundel attacked the justice system. "Canadians might want to ask themselves if they really want a country and care to finance a system where inconvenient dissidents can be imprisoned for years without ever knowing why, just like in Stalin's days." she said.

The use of national security certificates, toughened after the 9/11 attacks in the U.S., have come under increasing domestic criticism. "I'm certainly not a fan of (Zundel's) racist views," said Matthew Behrens of Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada, which has lobbied for the release of six Muslim men detained in Canada as suspected terrorists. "Regardless of who they are, I don't think anyone should be subject to a security certificate where they're not allowed to see the case against them."

At the Toronto West Detention Centre, where Zundel was detained the last two years in solitary confinement without charge, guards were busy clearing out his cell Monday. Citing security concerns, Immigration authorities refused to tell even close associates which flight he would be on. "Security has become the catch-all reason for denying people access to information." said supporter Paul Fromm. "His lawyer is not even allowed to see him off. What are they really saying - that his lawyer will become demented and start murdering people right, left and centre in the airport? It's absurd."

Zundel faces immediate arrest on arrival in Germany, where he is wanted for publishing his views that the slaughter of six million Jews and others in Nazi death camps was an elaborate hoax. While Jewish groups in Canada couldn't wait to see him gone, white supremacist websites buzzed with anger. "Zundel's trial has truly been a kangaroo court, and the time for extreme measures has come," wrote one poster. "I don't necessarily mean violence, but on this occasion and during this period of time, our movement truly needs to bring our demonstrations and activism to the next level." Zundel and his hard-hatted followers were once a familiar site in mid-town Toronto, where he lived in a heavily fortified residence known as the bunker. During an attempt to become an American citizen, he was arrested in Tennessee for overstaying his visa and returned to Canada in February 2003.


Austria arrests British Holocaust denier (said Auschwitz gas chambers a hoax; Jews died from typhus not gas) & David Irving an acclaimed historian (accused of anti-semitism for saying Jews are enemies of free speech). CBC/BBC, Nov 23, 2005

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Canada declared in 2000 that Mr Zündel's overtly racist website was in breach of the country's constitution, so he fled to the United States. He was sent back to Canada in 2003 for being in breach of US immigration law. Last week a Canadian court ruled his activities a threat to the "international community of nations" and agreed to his extradition.

CBC website bans use of words 'Jew, Jewish, Israel, Palestine'. National Post, Mar 9, 2004
Internet users who post messages on a CBC web site have launched complaints that the Crown corporation routinely removes the words "Jew," "Jewish" and Israel" from network chat rooms devoted to online discussion of news events. Meanwhile, vulgar expletives frequently appear on the same CBC discussion Web site. So do the words "Nazi" and "rabid Zionist". Even the incendiary phrase "red-neck greedy selfish Alberto-centric money grubbing pig" passes muster with CBC censors, who use special software to seek and destroy postings containing words they have deemed "inappropriate". People wishing to discuss Israel and issues that relate to the Jewish culture must disguise their messages.... The word "Palestinian" is also auto-filtered from the CBC's message boards, but the words "Arab" and "Muslim" are not. "Christian" is not filtered. Neither are the words "Buddhist" and "Hindu".... The word "frog" is frequently used on CBC message boards to describe French-Canadians. The word "dyke" is regularly used on the CBC forum to dismiss certain prominent Canadian women, among them a senior CBC television personality. The racial slur "Chinaman" has also been successfullly posted.... Anti-Americanism is common. Masturbation comes up now and then. The full range of curse words appear. Almost anything goes.... No one will explain why the CBC tends to filter words related to Israel and Judaism. A person can use the boards to discredit another person, and say the vilest things, "and yet I can't post the name of one specific country, and one specific religion? I pay for this service with my tax dollars, and I don't like the way it's being run. I'm incensed." says Mr Wilson.
[Note: The President and CEO of CBC/Radio-Canada is Jewish, Robert Rabinovitch, and was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Canadian Jewish Congress (Quebec), until his appointment to CBC in 1999]

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