Here is my review of the movie CONSPIRACY THEORY starring Mel Gibson:

The opening scene of Conspiracy Theory presents a smorgasboard of theories that are prevalent among non-mainstream researchers - and about which the powers-that-be don't want the masses to start thinking about - but which they themselves love sharing with their fellow conspirators. It's like talking in code. For the discerning viewer there are large nuggets of truth amongst the obvious "wacko" stuff, but to the general masses these actual truths are discounted as being ridiculous because the characters who are uttering them have been discreditied, and the movie in which they are acting out is considered science fiction or comedy.

Mel Gibson, playing Jerry Fletcher, is a New York taxi driver who we subsequently learn has been tortured by the CIA as a sleeper agent to be used some day as an assassin. In his normal personality he is an independent thinker and researcher who has enlightened himself as to the goings-on of the powers-that-be and he attempts at every opportunity to pass this information on to the unsuspecting masses. As the scene opens we see Jerry picking up a series of passengers and spouting his theories. The scene ends when traffic is stopped for road construction and the intermittent light of a welder's torch sends Jerry into a flash-back recalling bits and pieces of his brainwashing sessions.

Dialogue excerpt from Conspiracy Theory:

Jerry to passenger: "...On July 8, 1979 all the fathers of the Nobel Prize winners were rounded up by United Nations military units, all right...and actually forced at gunpoint to give semen samples in little plastic jars, which are now stored below Rockefeller Center underneath the ice-skating rink.

Jerry to another passenger: "You know what they put in the water don't you? Flouride, yeah, flouride - on the pretext that it strengthens your teeth. That's ridiculous. You know what this stuff does to you? It actually weakens your will, takes away the capacity for free and creative thought, and makes you a slave to the state".

Jerry to another passenger: "Dont you ever wonder about all these militia groups - survivalist type kooks from the right wing side? They say that they're defending the country from the U.N. troops. These guys are yelling so loud - my theory is - and this is a conspiracy pal - that they ARE the U.N. troops and that they are in place. The infrastructure is ready - it's a fait accompli - and when it's all over we'll all be toast."

and to another: "Oswald said he's just a patsy which means he didn't really do it, right?" ... websites, newsletters, self-published manifestos - they are all conspiratologists..."

and to another: "I mean, George Bush KNEW what he was saying when he said "New World Order". Remember those fatal words NEW WORLD ORDER? Well he was a 33rd degree Mason you know, and as ex-director of the CIA ..."

to two nuns: "I'm sure your hearts are in the right place but somebody's got to lift the scab, the festering scab that is the Vatican."

to a passenger with a dog: "... a chip for identification so they can track down an animal anywhere he's at. You'll insert it under the dog's skin and it's kind of like an identification thing. I mean it's only a small logical step 'til they start putting it in us and our children and then before we know it, MY GOD! They'll probably come up with the pretext ..."

to lady with new $100 bill: "... You got any more of those? Get rid of it as soon as you can lady. Look at it up to the light. See the metal strip in it? That's a tracking device. You got any more of those at home, get rid of them because they'll follow you. They know where every one of those hundreds is gone ..."

and to another: "Black helicopters. You heard about them? Black helicopters - they're everywhere. They're on whisper mode so you can't hear them until they're already gone, you know?"
[end quoting]

The movie goes on according to plot and the next scene I've chosen to excerpt is what I refer to as "an Orwellian O'Brien moment" where an elite (or insider) let's an outsider in on their secret:

This is the dialogue between Jerry's love interest, Alice, who is played by Julia Roberts and Jerry's psychiatrist, Dr Jonas, of Star Trek fame. Alice is a lawyer working for the Justice Department and Jerry has been visiting her office trying to get her to believe him about corruption in the government. She has connections with this psychiatrist through her deceased father, and she decides to go to him to learn if what Jerry has said is true. The producers of Conspiracy Theory use this scene to reveal the nitty-gritty behind the MK-ULTRA program that was exposed in Montreal in the '70s as a CIA mind control experiment practiced on mentally ill patients seeking help from a world-renowned psychiatrist named Cameron. Books and movies have been produced about this travesty, and a good one to to see is THE SLEEP ROOM, a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation production that shows live news coverage and parliamentary hearings on the matter. [It is available in some video outlets and airs regularily on public television.]

Through the following dialogue from Conspiracy Theory, the powers-that-be blatantly reveal that Ronald Reagan was an intended victim of a mind-controlled assassin. [and, just as an aside, it is conjectured that a mind-controlled assassin succeeded in murdering John Lennon. Mark Chapman carried in his possession a copy of the book Catcher In the Rye, just as Mel Gibson's character has several copies, none of which he's ever read - JJ].

Alice: "...What the hell is going on here?"

Dr Jonas: "I'm very impressed Alice. How is Jerry this morning?"

A. "I think the more important question is who ARE you?"

Dr J: "Those are much bigger questions than you think. Please sit down. For reasons that will soon be regrettably clear, I'm going to tell you a secret. Then you can judge what and who I am. Years ago I worked for the Central Intelligence Agency on the MK-Ultra Program*. Are you familiar with it?"

A. "It was mind control - 'Manchurian Candidate' kind of stuff."

Dr J: "That's a vulgar generalization, but yes - you take an ordinary man and turn him into an assassin. That was our goal. Now, MK-Ultra was terminated in 1973 but not the research that I continued. Shall I go on?"

A. "The truth will set you free." [a joke for those who get it: That's the slogan in front of CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. It's also a well-known saying from the Bible - JJ]

Dr. J: "It involved hallucinogenic research, electro-shock to induce vegetative states, terminal experiments in sensory deprivation -"

A. "Terminal?"

Dr J: "- means resulting in death. Alice, I'm now trying to pay my penance."

A. "These things that you're talking about - you did them to Jerry."

Dr J: "MK-Ultra was science, sanctioned by the government. But of course it all ended the moment John Hinkley shot Ronald Reagan - heh, heh - no, that wasn't us. But the technology had been stolen - Pandora's Box opened. My subjects were taken from me, used in the private sector, and Jerry was one of them."

A. "One of your subjects."

Dr J: "It is imperative that I discover who stole the technology and Alice, I will do what is necessary to stimulate Jerry into telling me what he knows. Jerry is very dangerous. Jerry has killed. ..."

~ end quoting Conspiracy Theory movie excerpts ~

The above excerpts are just a taste of the food-for-thought consumable from this movie, but it's enough for people to start putting two and two together and not coming up with five. In other words, through Conspiracy Theory, the powers-that-be (who afterall, control all movies) brag about their nefarious deeds by disguising them in the trappings of desreputable characters in so-called ficticious scripts.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

LSD project at CIA uncovered (administered LSD & electric shock to unwitting human subjects). Washington Post, Jun 22, 2005 & LSD A CIA PROJECT. National Post, Jun 22, 2005

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