The Old and New Testaments, the Judeo-Christian bible, lay out a plan for World Domination by the "Chosen" People, a name the Jewish people give themselves. Christians believe that God spoke to the Jews and their Hebrew bible is therefore the Word of God. They believe that by siding with the Israeli people - descendents of its writers - they will be rewarded by God. That in part is why so-called Christian nations are helping Jewish Israel achieve their biblical "promised" land of present-day Palestine*. The war in Iraq is on the way toward that goal.

The following article (and the ones to follow) overview the thinking (or UNthinking) behind adherents of the Old and New testaments.

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Jackie Jura, 2002

Apocalyptic beliefs fuel Christian support for Israel
USA fundamentalists are Jewish state's staunchest backers
by Jan Cienski, National Post
Thursday, August 15, 2002

WASHINGTON - At a time when Israel is increasingly beleaguered and bloodied, its strongest political and financial backing is coming from evangelical Christians, many of whom believe the Jewish state has to be supported so Jesus Christ can return.

The level of support is startling and is growing rapidly.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, a Chicago-based group headed by Canadian-born Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and funded mainly by evangelical churches, has raised US$60-million for Israel in the past seven years.

Last month, U.S. evangelical congregations raised US$2-million to help about 400 U.S. and Canadian Jews emigrate to Israel.

Last weekend, Christian television stations across the United States held a five-hour telethon to raise money for the victims of suicide bombers in Israel.

And on Oct. 20, Rabbi Eckstein's group hopes to gather 100,000 churches and a million Christians for a day of prayer and solidarity with Israel.

Christian supporters of Israel argue there are a host of reasons to back the Jewish state besides helping speed along the apocalypse, such as God's promise to Abraham in Genesis that those who bless Israel will themselves be blessed.

"This is where both our faiths were born, where Moses and Jesus walked," said Ralph Reed, an influential Republican lobbyist and strategist, former director of the Christian Coalition and co-chairman with Rabbi Eckstein of the Stand for Israel campaign. "There are also shared democratic values ... and Israel has historically been our most reliable ally in that part of the world. A lot of American Christians feel an almost patriotic duty to defend Israel."

But the core reason for the overwhelming support for Israel among conservative Christians is the Biblical prophecy of the end-times, a view that has received a boost with the hugely successful novelization of the apocalypse in the 10-volume Left Behind series.

"When it comes to Israel, by and large there is an admiration and a love of Israel and a certain love of the Jewish people," said Marc Gopin, a professor of international diplomacy at Boston's Tufts University and author of Holy War, Holy Peace: How Religion Can Bring Peace to the Middle East. "But a fairly large portion have a specific end-game in mind."

Unlike mainstream Christians, who tend to read much of the Bible as allegory, conservative Christians see it as the literal word of God, and that word spells out impending doom for this world. A recent poll by Time magazine found that 59% of Americans believe the events described in the Book of Revelations will come true.

According to a school of Biblical interpretation called dispensationalism that dates back to the 19th century, the sequence of events leading to the end of the world begins when the Jews are restored to their homeland, something that happened when the state of Israel was created.

That scenario then predicts Jews will become hated and despised by the whole world and Israel will make an alliance with a powerful figure who turns out to be the Biblical Antichrist. He will lead his armies against a force of 200 million soldiers under the "kings of the east" at Armageddon, near Jerusalem, leading to the return of Jesus and the establishment of God's kingdom on Earth.

Some Jews will be destroyed and the remaining Jews will accept Jesus as their Messiah.

The enthusiastic support of Christian conservatives has had a significant impact on U.S. policy toward Israel. Based on the Bible, they believe God gave all the land of Israel to the Jews, leaving little room for a land-for-peace deal with the Palestinians.

Palestinians should aspire to "a prosperous life in Israel," said Tom DeLay, a born-again Christian and one of the most powerful Republicans in the House of Representatives, during a recent television interview.

Although evangelical Christians were his firmest supporters during the 2000 election, there is no evidence that George W. Bush, the U.S. President, shares their millennial views. But he is arguably the most fervent Christian president in history and was strongly influenced by a 1998 trip to Israel while he was governor of Texas. He has also been a strong backer of Mr. Sharon's hard line toward Palestinian terrorism.

While Mr. Reed, who occasionally advises the President, doubts Mr. Bush is awaiting the coming of the Lord in Jerusalem, he made it clear that "American Christians are one of the most critical allies that the state of Israel has in the whole world.

"You can make a strong case that the religious conservative constituency can have the most significant impact on American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. They want to make sure that any peace process respects Israel's sovereignty and security."

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November 2023
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& 12.Ministry of Peace (War)
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CowsTaxFartBurp First they came for the cars, then the cows, Wall Street Journal, Dec 4, 2023
Climate has become religion for the global left. Yet unlike most organized religions that are genuinely committed to helping our fellow man, today's climate movement figuratively burns heretics at the stake and demands communal sacrifices that serve no purpose but to immiserate humanity. Consider the calls at the United Nations's COP28 climate confab this month in Dubai to reduce meat consumption. Banishing fossil fuels and gasoline-powered cars isn't enough to achieve the climate lobby's net-zero promised land. Now people must give up their rib-eye steaks and pepperoni pizza. This crusade to stamp out meat is gaining force. A U.N. report last year held that about 7 gigatons of CO2 reductions -- about as much emissions generated from global natural-gas combustion --would have to come from people eating less meat. Livestock production accounts for about 11% to 17% of global greenhouse-gas emissions and about 32% of the world's methane, which is 28 times as potent as carbon dioxide. Pound for pound of protein, beef production generates nearly 18 times as much greenhouse gas -- and pork, four times as much as tofu. Blame cow burps and manure. Methane is the natural byproduct of cow digestion. Each cow emits as much carbon in a year as a gasoline-powered car. Unlike cars, however, cows can't be engineered to become more "fuel efficient"... But make no mistake: The climate religion's ultimate goal isn't to reduce carbon emissions or stop global warming. It is to force people to give up material joys and live as ascetics. Today's climate clergy are like the wanton, well-dressed friar in Geoffrey Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales", ostensibly begging for the poor while living sumptuously. They want to have their meat and eat it too.

Definition of Human Sacrifice: Deliberate or reckless harm to human prosperity, education, welfare, health or life, for the benefit of Cultists, Profiteers or Rulers, by Viv Forbes, October 1, 2023

Israel vows non-cooperation with UN. PressTVIsrael, Apr 15, 2009
Israel says it will not cooperate with the United Nation Human Rights Council's investigation into war crimes committed during the Gaza war. An Israeli government official said Wednesday that Tel Aviv is "very unlikely" to collaborate with an internationally-urged probe into Israel's war crimes during its three-week offensive in the Gaza Strip, although the probe is headed by a Jewish judge. Tel Aviv believes that the fact-finding mission aims at tarnishing the regime's image. The announcement follows Israeli ambassador to the UN in Geneva Aharon Leshno's remarks who had earlier said that Tel Aviv does not recognize the UN mission and accused it of being "biased." Hamas -- the democratically elected ruler of Gaza -- has announced readiness for cooperating with the UN mission despite opposing appointment of Richard Goldstone as the head of the mission. Israel is suspected of committing various war crimes during its military campaign in Gaza, including the use of unconventional ammunition, such as depleted uranium white phosphorus shells, in densely populated civilian areas. While Tel Aviv initially denied using the controversial ammunitions, mounting evidence forced Israeli officials to admit to having employed the shells. It is also accused of shelling three clearly GPS-designated UN schools and opening fire on hospitals, ambulances, medical personnel and civilian homes. Israeli troops, who fought in the Gaza war, have also confessed to wanton killing of Palestinian civilians and behaving immorally during the Operation Cast Lead which left over 1,400 Palestinians --mostly civilians-- dead. Goldstone, the former UN chief prosecutor for war crimes in Yugoslavia and Rwanda, will be accompanied by British human rights professor Christine Chinkin, Pakistani lawyer Hina Jilani and retired Irish Army colonel Desmond Travers.

Israel declares Gaza an 'enemy entity' (cutting electricity, water, fuel to starve Palestinians into submission) & USA endorses Israel Palestine position (says Gaza is enemy of USA too). VOA/Telegraph, Sep 20, 2007

Book: Churchill's Promised Land (helped Israel get Palestine 'heart full of sympathy for Zionism'). Jewish Light, Sep 20, 2007 & Book: Churchill And The Jews ('was too fond of Jews'). Jewish Journal, Aug 31,2007

Beruit's lifeline destroyed by airstrikes (Kurd farmers near Syria bombed too) & 'Israel doing God's work' say Christians (USA evangels seek battle with Islam). Telegraph, Aug 5, 2006


A concise history of Lebanon (victorious Allies redrew political map of Arab world in a mannner which suited themselves best) & Israel using cluster bombs on Lebanon (kill long after being fired) & Civilians under fire in Lebanon ("normal war is between soldiers"). BBC, Jul 25, 2006

666 sucks, sucks, sucks (a goat's horn-in-the-eye for Christians). SydneyHerald, June 6, 2006

REVELATION: CHAPTER 13, VERSE 18 ("the number of the beast is six hundred threescore and six")


Where prophecy and policy converge. Star-Telegram, Jan 22, 2006
...The Jewish/Christian bible says that God established Israel's future boundaries millennia ago and that anyone who meddles with these boundaries risks the wrath of the Almighty. Millions of Americans are convinced that the Bible foretells regime change in Iraq; that the United Nations is a forerunner of a satanic world order; and, indeed, that key themes in the USA foreign policy are directly linked to an unfolding sequence of end-time events. According to the most popular prophetic system -- premillennial dispensationalism, formulated by the 19th-century British churchman John Darby -- a series of last-day signs will signal the approaching end. These include wars, natural disasters, rampant wickedness, the rise of a world political and economic order, and the return of the Jews to the land promised by God to Abraham. In Darby's system, the present "dispensation" will end with the Rapture, when true believers will join Christ in the air. Next comes the Tribulation, when a satanic figure, the Antichrist, will arise in Europe and impose a global tyranny under the dread sign "666," mentioned in Revelation. After seven years, Christ and the saints will return to vanquish the Antichrist and his armies at Har-Megiddo (the biblical "Armageddon"), an ancient battle site near Haifa. From a restored temple in Jerusalem, Christ then will inaugurate a thousand-year reign of peace and justice -- the Millennium...

Bush said God said to him: ("George go & fight these terrorists in Iraq & Afghanistan"). Guardian, Oct 6, 2005

FOUNDING FATHERS NOT CHRISTIAN (Thomas Jefferson said Book of Revelation "the ravings of a maniac")



RFID chips to track hurricane dead (also used in prisons & jails). News.Com, Sep 26, 2005


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HUMAN SACRIFICE IN BIBLE (If you follow the links on this site you will learn about all the nasty things in the Bible that are usually not talked about by priests and preachers)

Human sacrifice as entertainment (churches taking kids to crucifixion; beating that lasts 45 minutes; cat-o'-nine-tails ripping flesh; hands nailed & arm pulled from socket; body lanced & blood showers down). USA Today, Feb 17, 2004

5,000 pastors cheer Mel Gibson's movie. Washington Times, Jan 22, 2004 & 'Passion' and Intrique. WallStreetJournal, Jan 22, 2004 (high priests of Jews & Christians agree "It is as it was" and hope everyone buys ticket for THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST where Mel Gibson lifts the festering scab and shows a human sacrifice of someone they say is God)


Pope wants a New World Order (based on the United Nations to solve conflicts & ensure peace). Reuters, Jan 1, 2004. Go to 5.Pyramidal New World Order & 2.Big Brother & 10.Rulers


Famed Iraq museum plundered (10,000 yrs of civilization gone). Wash Post, Apr 12, 2003


USA moves MOAB bombs (ready for next mission?). Space War, Apr 10, 2003 & Baghdad: the day after (arson, looting, savagery...). Independent, Apr 10, 2003

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Why Christians support Israel (Bible written in Hebrew)., Apr 1, 2003

Christians plan aid for Iraq (food in one hand, bible in another). Guardian, Apr 1, 2003


NKorea preparing war on USA (says UN envoy Maurice Strong). Yahoo!AP, Mar 22, 2003. Go to Who is Maurice Strong?


Test of massive bomb in Florida (world's most powerful non-nuke). Herald Trib, Mar 10, 2003

"Armageddon" tops best-seller list (millions of Americans hyped for war by bible-thumping evangelists). WashPost, Feb 2, 2003. Go to 10.The Rulers & 25.Prolefeed

Mel Gibson plays human sacrifice (with real blood & real screams?). London Times, Sep 13, 2002. Go to 10.Rulers

The next Jewish pope (received like royalty by elites). Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 6, 2001. Go to 10.The Rulers and 7.Systems of Thought


TEN PLAGUES OF ISRAELI GOD (Blood, Frogs, Lice, Flies, Pestilence, Boils. Hail, Locusts, Darkness, Killing of the firstborn)

Millions of crickets wreak havoc (wiping out crops in 5 USA states). Scotsman, Jun 30, 2003



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