The pornography industry has jumped on the wireless market to drive growth.
12 million consumers globally will regularly use wireless devices to access porn
generating US$1-billion annually in sales.


Pornography may be too much for telephone companies to resist.
They could enter into relationships with porn content providers
that would let them share in the action.

Porn goes wireless: profits seen
Hand-held computers:
'You could be anywhere and you could do it anytime'
by Mark Evans, National Post, Oct 26, 2004

The pornography industry, which has been credited with speeding the development of technological adances from the video cassette recorder to the Internet, is expected to have a $1-billion impact on another emerging field: hand-held computers. But while industry observers anticipate a sharp rise in the use of the BlackBerry e-mail device and other competing products to access "adult content" via the Internet, the key question remains: why?

Margaret Jarvis, medical director with the Marworth Treatment Centre in Waverly, Penn., says the proliferation of porn on the Internet - it is estimated to be a US$2.5-billion industry in the United States alone - is partly due to the illusion of anonymity the Web provides its users. And she suggests wireless technology takes that concept a step further. "You could be anywhere and you could do it any time," Ms. Jarvis said. "You are no longer tied to the home office or business office or whatever".

According to The Yankee Group, a high-tech consulting firm based in Boston, the wireless-porn market's growth will be propelled by such products as screen savers, short videos and personalized communication services such as text-messaging and chat rooms. Analyist Adam Zawel said he expects the U.S. market will be worth US$90-million within four years. By 2008, he also expects there will be 500,000 people in the United States and 12 million consumers globally who will regularly use wireless devices to access pornography, generating US$1-billion annually in sales.

It comes as little surprise that the pornography industry has jumped on the wireless market to drive growth. Since the early 1980s, it has been at the vanguard of such new technology as the VCR, electronic commerce, CDs and DVDs. But David Ellis, president of Omnia Communications Inc., said it would be inaccurate to blame technology for increasing pornography consumption. "This is not a story about technology; it is a story about human nature," he said. "It is important not to position new communications technology as having a disproportionate influence over demand for things like pornography and gambling. It may facilitate their procurement but people will get it some other way."

Mr. Zawel notes the telephone companies have been reluctant to make their wireless products the consumer's method of choice for accessing adult content, due to concerns about child pornography and public backlash. "Most carriers are paralyzed by the threat/opportunity and are ignoring it completely," Mr. Zawel wrote in a new report. Still, the surging popularity of wireless pornography may be too much for the carriers to resist as they look for new wasy to boost sales. They have so far enjoyed modest success with screen savers and ring tones, but have yet to find a market as lucrative as pornography.

One of the most popular wireless pornography sites is, which has attracted two million uses and gets 75 million "hits" a week from people exploring its Web site. Ms. Jarvis says people who access such adult services can be divided into three groups. About 10% of people are exploring and, to some degree, educating themselves. Another 10% are people who are curious but risk getting addicted, while the remaiing 80% have sexual disorders or sexual compulsions. Ms. Jarvis said many people gravitate to pornography because they are simply bored in the bedroom and looking for something more exciting. "One of the things that is difficult about the Web is it is so easy to get into these very novel, sexual experiences," she said. "A lot of people who weren't in the throes of compulstion when the were messing with [pornography] find themselves consumed with things they may never have imagined."

Mr. Zawel said wireless carriers that have resisted the temptation of pornography have three choices in the short-term: they can cut off all traffic to pornographic Web sites, which would be expensive and an administrative nightmare; they can maintain the current approach and do nothing, and reap the benefits of higher traffic on their networks from such content as video clips; or they could enter into relationships with pornography content providers that would let them share in the action. He expects carriers will become more pornography-friendly when they can come up with ways to verify a consumer's age and define what constitutes adult content.

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