Dear "Jackie",

I'm a training consultant who has been working with international companies for most of my life, and a few truths have recently started to condense out of all the illusion in which I've been immersed. You know them probably better than I, so if I just say that the truth isn't "out there" at all, it's inside your own being, wherever that is.

However, the conundrum still remains as to why we exist as separate from God or whatever name you want to give to the one who organised this whole thing. I mean, I know we're NOT separate, and most of us THINK we are....and hence this illusion that we (or the Illuminati) are in control of what happens in this version of reality.

I'm still struggling to come to terms with it all (an ambitious task, I think you'll agree) but the reason why I wrote is this:

I was in another version of reality the other day, a "dream" actually, where I had just won a lot of money on a lottery, and all I had to do was tell the organisers what number was on my ticket. The number 27b came up. This dream kind of stuck around my head, especially the number. I thought I'd have a look around to see if that number had any significance, and guess what, your site came up with George Orwell's address at Canonbury Square. I'd never heard of it before (at least, not consciously), although I have read 1984 and Animal Farm.

But then, the second thing struck me, your logo, showing the eye in the pyramid taken from the US Great Seal, and I believe that image was taken directly from the US 1 dollar bill, and coloured. (Is it really a reptile eye, or just the constraints of the original etching medium?) All kinds of connections there, as I have been reading in recent weeks one of David Icke's books, Tales from the Time Loop. David is probably not to everyone's taste, he's very in your face and passionate about it all, and some of his stuff is way out there, especially the stuff about the reptiles. But, if it is an illusion, then why not.

So, it seems to be all coming together. I have heard of more coincidences happening, and more frequently. For me, the dilemna seems to be, which companies should I target, to try to get the culture turned around. Some of them are run by reptiles, some by people who might have a hope, the other alternative for me is to aim my efforts at individuals. A fascinating time.

But to beat the macro conspiracy, I think we have to go inside. We can't beat this thing by doing stuff out in the world, that reinforces the illusion and binds us even more tightly to it. By doing our stuff on the inside (concentrating on our own inner development), as David Icke suggests, we will drain this thing of its source of energy and it will surely fall apart. I think what we are seeing now is its frantic attempts to avoid the inevitable, which will soon become its death-throes.

Keep up the good work,

Greetings Richard,

Thanks for telling me about your 27B "co-incidence" although I refer to those little magic moments as "god-incidents" or in this particular case as "a message from Orwell" using you as the median. See 27B CANONBURY SQUARE PHOTOS (Orwell's London apartment from 1944 to 1948).

I like what you said about the truth being "inside" and not "out there" because I was more or less arriving at the same conclusion. In the final analysis each of us has their own relationship with the life-force living inside us. When that force leaves our body we go with it to the next life, just like a baby being born into a new world outside the womb.

I'm impressed that you recognized that the Orwell Today logo was scanned right off the American one dollar bill. See ORIGIN OF ORWELL TODAY LOGO...

Yes, I've read some of David Icke's books - "The Truth Shall Set You Free" and "The Biggest Secret" - and learned a great deal about the Illuminati and their symbols that I previously did not know - including as you say, the reptilian aspects and some others that are a little far out there.

In the three years [this was written in 2004-jj] since Orwell Today made its debut on the world-wide-web I have come to understand more about the symbolism behind the Pyramid and the All-Seeing Eye depicted on the One-Dollar-Bill and I have concluded that it is reptilian. The skin gives it away and so does its behaviour, ie cold-blooded, slithering, snake-like.

I agree as well with your conclusion that the Illuminati (Big Brother) is powerless under the lifeforce that rules the world and its day of reckoning will come.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

27B CANONBURY SQUARE PHOTOS (Orwell's London apartment from 1944 to 1948)


Jackie Jura
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