To Orwell Today,
re: Home foreclosures up in USA

Doesn't anyone find it a bit disturbing that the misfortune of some is looked upon as an "opportunity" for others?

The foreclosure rate in the US has gone up 45% since January of 2006. In some states it's as high as 80%! Recent articles relating this information tell us that this is an "opportunity" for those who couldn't afford a home before, never mind the fact that people lost their home!

This is just a sample of the business mentality which is as cold and heartless as lump of coal from a deep mine! Wonder how many immigrants, legal and illegal, will take advantage of this "opportunity", not thinking of those who's lives, and credit, and future has been severely impacted due to a foreclosure on their home? What kind of people in the banking industry would loan money to someone who is "stretched" financially, knowing that the risk of them not being able to pay, especially if their adjustable interest rates go up, or their mortgage is sold to another mortgage company, is high? I would say that these types of people are unscupulous corporate profiteers who care nothing for the plight of those who have lost their homes, through no fault of the homeowners in many cases! Such is the nature of the beast that is devouring a growing portion of the middle class population of America.

You don't suppose that this is being done on purpose do you? Nah. I'm sure that all those loaning money out there are fine, upstanding, righteous citizens who would never do anything to capitalize on the misfortune of some, right?

- Lance Blanck

Greetings Lance,

Banks and other usurers have a universal habit of lending money at low interest rates - which rightly encourages people to "get into the housing market" - and then later raising the interest rates so that those same borrowers can no longer make their mortgage payments and they lose their house and everything they've put into it.

But banks don't just force individual citizens into foreclosure, they also force entire nations into bankruptcy. Governments of individual nations borrow money from International Bankers, ie IMF and World Bank, to pay for the running of their nations and also for the ruining of other nations - ie borrowing money for weapons to make weapons-makers rich and then using these weapons on innocent nations, never against the guilty ones. See 11.Ministry of Plenty and 9.Keeping Masses Down and 6.Super-States.

Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy were two Presidents who were wise to the evil ways of these entities and attempted to get the United States out of their clutches but, tragically, they were both assassinated before they succeeded. See LINCOLN, KENNEDY & MONEY.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Home foreclosures up in USA (if you're flush there's opportunities). MSNBC, Jun 3, 2006
According to, a Florida-based data service that tracks delinquent mortgage holders, at the end of April there were 87,582 American homes in some phase of foreclosure...Rising interest rates - up more than a percentage point on most mortgages since a year ago - and a slowdown in booming prices are probably to blame...

Jackie Jura
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