To Orwell Today,
re: 1984 RADIO OMISSIONS - 4

Hi Jackie,

Once again James is to be congratulated for a further assessment of BB/C interpretation of ORWELL'S Legacy 1984.

They not only have omitted references to past, love, emotions, fear and surveillance but have turned it into PROLE-READ. Just like the old PATHE newsreels of the war years and 1950s which fed patriotism and self praise of the ruling elite to the common people.

James makes valid references/comparisons with life in BLAIR'S UK today. The fact that children are encouraged to indulge in sex, play is institutionalised via controlled school buildings and not permitted unsupervised as on common land. Our streets are no longer safe, especially at night with town centres inhabited by drunken louts. Common acts of courtesy are treated with suspicion in a social climate of fear. Helicopters disturb our sleep, police cars use emergency lights and sirens just to let us know they're patrolling. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee debate at WHITE HALL and the PROLES still believe all the news tabloids, tv newsreels, discuss the soaps, reality tv and of course life with david and posh beckhams. All babies are to receive yet another immunisation programme. I guess i best join the queue of volunteers for FREE chip implants whilst they're still on special offer or clock in at local mental hospital as a voluntary patient before i'm committed and sectioned, suffering from allusions of "truth" and "understanding" and paranoia.

Funny old world.

Raymond Wills

Greetings Raymond,

Meanwhile, the REAL loonies are running the show. In "1984" Orwell said "the prevailing mental condition of the High was controlled insanity." I bet they'll omit THAT from their reading as well.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - You can read Orwell's quote in its entirety in theme 22.Doublethink

Jackie Jura
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