To Orwell Today,
re: Burger King Cock Rock

hey, i'm watching the NFL playoffs right now and the coq roq ad JUST came on and i'm a guy, a single guy, anything goes, i've got some raunchy songs myself, been to strip clubs, etc BUT even I was shocked to see this ad, especially during a family sporting event.

first of all, i would be surprised even if it were applebees or chilis or even hooters, more adult restaurants, but BURGER KING? a family restaurant? when i think of BK i think of fastfood, prizes, kids, for single moms and families on the go, etc

anyway, i was so shocked i searched it online and saw your article among others. u mentioned they pulled it but i JUST saw it.

the look of the band is scary, dark, death metal, even as a joke, hardly mainstream, family friendly.

the name of the band, coq roq? sounds like a porn site or porn video company or some screenname for someone who wants to mess around on a singles site.

and the song bob your head? oral sex

look at the way a girl leans over from the audience and he gives her a chicken fry straight to her mouth...unbelievable

how did this even get through, past the people who make these decisions? i mean the ad agency itself, BK execs themselves, the tv network, the nfl, the fcc, etc...what are they thinking? do they just not see it because they're so desensitized, or do they see it and smirk and try to get away with it and make a stir?

- Chris

Greetings Chris,

Thanks for exposing the pornographic Burger King commercial you saw on yesterday's (Sunday, January 22nd, 2006) football game. Most people probably just sat there and took it - without a comment even to their children who might have been there watching with them.

And yes, you're right, these ads couldn't have gotten on the air without being approved of all the way along the line.

Orwell explained that Big Brother - the global organization behind the governments - owned all the film studios, newspapers, magazines, book publishers, television stations etc - and used all these media to destroy the societies in which they lived by, among other things, corrupting the minds of children and destroying the love instinct between men and women by dirtying and distorting sex.

Pornography is just one weapon of these "destroyers of society" but it is a major weapon.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - If you live in Canada you've probably noticed how the tv and newspapers have been full of almost non-stop promotion of a movie about a woman who made snuff movies of teenage girls - one of them her sister - after assissting her husband in sadistically raping them for days. This coincides with major promotion of a Cowboy movie about two homosexual guys. This is all par for the course these days and expect to see lots more of it. Now they're throwing pornography in everyone's face through cell-phones and iPods "targeted" mainly at children and youth.

Karla movie portrays banal monsters (serial rapist Bernardo abducted and killed two schoolgirls and earlier he and wife Karla killed her sister Tammy by drugging her so that Bernardo could rape her while she was unconscious. Tammy choked to death on her vomit)., Jan 23, 2006

Gay cowboys no big deal in USA (they are really shepherds, tending their flock on a Wyoming ranch). Scotsman, Jan 21, 2006

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Jackie Jura
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