Rwanda Plane Crash

To Orwell Today,

I enjoyed reading more in your website, especially on Rwandan issues over genocide.

It is true that Kagame bringing down the life of Habyarimana by rocketing the presidential falcon, should not be the cause of the bloodshed nightmare, but at least you saw and witnessed that the massacre of the president was a fatal trigger which turned the whole history of the world ups and downs. And believe that the Burundian experience also taught us something after the killing of the first elected president Melchior Ndadaye.

I heartedly condemn what happened in Rwanda and will always stand against it, and if Kagame was the cause of the plane-crash, he had reaped and will always regret the trigger that he pulled to snatch souls of innocent women and children. Before the plane-crash Rwanda was at slight peace and if Kagame shot the plane, then he is the trigger.

I wish you refer yourself to the dictionary and understand what a trigger stands for. Plus I wish you go into books and understand better what Burundi-Rwanda pre-history is to understand the culture of these nations. Unfortunately the research will not provide you the true cultural hypocrisy that reserve these two countries.

If really Kagame shot the plane, he knew the consequences to follow, and if he knew the consequences to follow, he should have guaranteed protection to his people. If not then the Kagame mind to shoot the plane was the mother to Rwandan genocide and he will need to respond to the millions of lives which were snatched by his idiotic act. It is idiotic because it caused lives of poor people he claimed to save from the Hutu dominant government. He was a politician who knew the nature and function of his history, especially the Hutu-Tutsi relations since colonial government; he knew the silent fear that these two tribes grew up sharing toward one an other. Therefore, he should think of the picture to follow, if he really did shoot the plane then he is the cause of more than one million poor people who perished in the space of one hundred days.

It hurts a lot that we have become victims of western profiteers who get fed from our bloodshed. I regret and feel sorry for my poor and immature African politicians who still do not know responsibilities toward African people. Until then will Africa come together and live in harmony? Until then will Africa be free from the West killing machine?

I wish members of your website also read about Burundi History to deeply understand why Genocide was a must-be after the killing of the president. I wish Burundian and Rwandese politicians to come up and show the truth to the poor nations. I hope it is time that Kagame and his Burundian counterpart review their history and avoid what happened in Burundi and Rwanda - this is an early warning.

If you say that Genocide was prepared, was the shooting of the plane a remedy to stop genocide or a trigger to genocide? I wish this was a Rwanda or Burundi based website - you would then understand my position.

We thank God that he stopped the genocide by overthrowing the then Rwandan goverment, but does his realm guarantee durable peace? Tutsis were flushed out by Hutus after Independence as you mentioned in your article but fought back after many years in exile and are patrons of Rwandan power today. The same scenario you mentioned, today, reversed itself in the hand of Hutus. The question I pose is: Won't they also fight back after years? They now label themselves as people fighting for the liberation of Rwanda. Is really peace prominent in the face of the future of Rwanda? Of course not. The solution to Rwandan and Burundian issues is related to the truth and reconciliation. Let's expose the truth and save our future generations from the mistakes of our forefathers and mothers; the truth that come from deep in their hearts.

I was also present, working as a life saver in Burundi, Rwanda and DR-Congo and am descendant of both tribes, and this situation handicaps my life actually studying Political Economics and Sciences.

-Vianney Munezero

Greetings Vianney,

You don't mention which articles about the shooting down of the plane containing the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi you're talking about - but most likely you mean KILLING HABYARIMANA NOT GENOCIDE and FRANCE SHOT RWANDA DOWN and FRANCE CASE RE RWANDA SINKING

From my extensive reading on the subject of the Rwandan genocide I conclude that Kagame had NOTHING to do with shooting down the plane but that it was shot down by agents of the masterminds of the genocide as a "trigger" (ie a "spark" - like touching a flame to dynamite) to cause Hutus to hate (combined with the hate-radio drummed into their ears and the machetes placed in their hands) and go on the rampage in revenge against the "targeted" Tutsis who were blamed.

It's an accepted historical fact, these 14 years later, that the massacres were a well-planned and well-prepared mission by one ethnic group against another ethnic group (thus the term "genocide" as opposed to just plain old killing for killing sake). It was genocide of the Tutsi by the Hutu (the president being Hutu but dispensible - his death advancing the cause of inflaming genocide). See RWANDA ARMED FOR GENOCIDE which explains the stock-piling of weaponry by the poverty-stricken country under Habyarimani where he used the money donated by World Bank, IMF etc on building up his army and buying machetes from China to arm the citizenry.

Regarding Burundi, I actually have read one book about that country (aside from history books about Africa in general that contain chapters on Burundi) and that book is FROM BLOODSHED TO HOPE IN BURUNDI: OUR EMBASSY YEARS DURING GENOCIDE, by Ambassador Robert Krueger and Kathleen Tobin Krueger:

Burundi Krueger

I wasn't very impressed with the book - considering it very biased against the government in Rwanda and Kagame and his RPF in particular - giving them no credit for stopping the genocide and actually accusing them of massacres themselves - without providing any proof and in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Personally, when I was in Rwanda, I met Rwandans who had kind words about Burundi - having lived there as refugees for many years after being forced from Rwanda due to anti-Tutsi pogroms there starting back in the 1950s. The countries are so similar in their ethnic make-up (having at one time been one) that it is only powers-that-be playing politics that divides them.

I notice that you seem to have a hateful attitude toward the Western World - blaming us for all that's wrong with your country and yet at the same time you seem to be studying in our universities and reaping the benefits of our culture. You're blaming us for bloodshed there and calling us a "killing machine" but what killing are we doing there? The only thing we have to do with Africa these days is paying the money that supports the UN troops there - and none of those are from Western nations - most are from the continents of Africa and India and Asia - most from regimes that are run by leaders as corrupt as Habyarimana was and yet are sent there as "peacekeepers". For that we are guilty, ie of supporting the corrupt United Nations and their so-called "peacekeeping" troops which are really warmaking.

My website does not concentrate on any one country or continent but covers issues all over the world specifically relating to those raised by George Orwell in his book "1984" and that is why it is not exclusive to just Rwanda and Burundi. Perhaps, if you think such a website should exist, you could create one yourself once you get your degree in Political Science and Economics. In the meantime, take what you can from "Orwell Today" but don't expect it to be the be-all and end-all of your main interest.

Jackie Jura

PS - Here's another article on the subject (I'd forgotten about): BELGIANS & HABYARIMANA DEATHS

Rwanda gov't complains as Burundi expels over 800 Rwandans, by Eugene Kwibuka, New Times, Feb 19, 2009
Rusizi - The government has requested Burundi to suspend hasty expulsions of Rwandans who have been living in Burundi as the number of evictees nears 800. Burundi last week launched a crackdown on illegal immigrants and Rwanda had been ‘unexpectedly’ receiving hundreds of its citizens. The Executive Secretary of the National Council for Refugees, Innocent Ngango, revealed that as of yesterday, at least 776 Rwandans had already arrived in the country. “The expulsions occurred unexpectedly…some of the people driven out had established themselves in Burundi and had assets there while others were illegal immigrants,” he said. Those expelled include Rwandans who left their country in 1950s, 1970s and during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis. According to government officials, the country has requested Burundi to halt the expulsions of Rwandan until the two countries discuss their issue. “Issues to do with refugees are normally discussed in joint commissions of the two countries…we have written to Burundi and requested them to suspend the operations until a decision is taken by a joint commission,” said Joseph Kabakeza in charge of bilateral and multilateral cooperation with Rwanda’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MINAFFET). Most of the returnees arrived in Rwanda via Ruhwa border post in Rusizi District of the Western Province. Both immigration officials at the border and the returnees said that the displaced were forcibly repatriated by Burundian military officials who handed them over to Rwandan officials at the border. “We have been chased from Burundi by their military personnel without even prior notice and they never allowed us to pack our properties. We call upon the government of Rwanda to help us recover our property,” said Christopher Habamenshi, one of the evictees. Most of them have been living in areas of Rugombo, Mugina and Mabaya communes of the North-Western Burundian Province of Cibitoke, near Rusizi District. Others were from the Burundian capital, Bujumbura. Kabakeza hopes there could be a solution to their worries after talks are held with Burundian officials. He said that one of the possible solutions will be giving them travel documents to Burundi so that they can claim their properties back. “We will devise means to sort out those problems,” he said in an interview yesterday. Burundian media have reported that whereas some Rwandans were willing to come back home, a bigger number wanted to stay in Burundi.


Rwanda blamed for USA plane crash (Alison des Forges criticized Kagame). SanFranBay, Feb 17, 2009

Rwanda genocide expert dies in crash (ice build-up on plane's wings). BBC, Feb 12, 2009

Habyarimana Plane Crash Probe Report Out This Month, by Eugene Kwibuka, NewTimes, Feb 10, 2009
Kigali — The long awaited findings of former president Juvénal Habyarimana's plane crash report will be made public before the end of this month, The New Times has learnt. Officials in the National Commission which was set up to establish the possible cause of the plane crash confirmed the development yesterday. The Falcon 50 jet, which had on board 12 people, including the former president of Burundi, Cyprien Ntaryamira, was shot down over Kigali on April 6, 1994. The commission chaired by former Chief Justice Jean Mutsinzi is now working within a time-frame that is less than twenty days before it releases the findings. The commission had earlier requested for more time last December to accomplish the task. "Everything is on course. We shall complete our work by the end of this month like we had said earlier," the Commission's Vice President, Dr. Jean Damascène Bizimana said in a telephone interview yesterday. "The report requires a lot of scrutiny. We have to examine everything and that is why we asked for the extension," explained Bizimana, a legal expert who was also part of the seven-man commission that was charged with adducing evidence on the role played by France during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis. The government set up the commission, which is also composed of seven people, in 2007 to investigate the cause of the plane crash. Bizimana said that their term of office is always renewable whenever commissioners find it necessary given the progress of their work.

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