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"All that is necessary, for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing."
~ Edmund Burke

April 7th, 2004 is the 10th anniversary of the day Rwanda's Hutus started genocide against the Tutsis. It lasted 100 days until Paul Kagame's rebel Rwandan army stopped it. By that time one million Tutsis were dead and millions of rampaging Hutus had escaped into neighbouring countries.

A couple of weeks ago [March 2004] I re-read the book, WE WISH TO INFORM YOU THAT TOMORROW WE WILL BE KILLED WITH OUR FAMILIES, by Philip Gourevitch. I'd bought the book in 1998 after hearing the American author being interviewed on CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). Gourevitch had been to Rwanda several times in the four years since the genocide and had interviewed Paul Kagame and many other witnesses and players - both Hutu and Tutsi. He explained who was behind the Hutus and how those responsible for the genocide were rewarded by the United Nations and given safe haven in bordering refugee camps and in countries like France, Canada and the United States, to name a few. It was France who armed the Hutu killers and then helped their leaders flee as Paul Kagame's army closed in.

I remember where I was when I first heard about the genocide in Rwanda. I was sitting in the car watching my son's soccer game and listening to the radio describe how our Canadian soldiers stationed there weren't allowed to stop Hutus from hacking Tutsis to death with machetes and other weapons.

Over these subsequent years I've been following the case of Canadian General Romeo Dallaire as he goes through personal hell for doing nothing to stop the killing in Rwanda. His decision to follow UN's orders has had devastating effects on his psyche and that of many of his men.

Kofi Annan - himself a black man from Africa - was in charge of the United Nations department responsible for security in Rwanda and he refused to let UN troops fight the killers. He actually ordered the troops who were there to leave the country and to take all foreigners and aid workers with them. And yet after his total failure to prevent and stop the genocide in Rwanda, Kofi Annan got promoted to the highest position in the United Nations, ie Secretary General.

Recent articles, books and television documentaries tend to downplay the heroic role Paul Kagame played in stopping the genocide and restoring decency to Rwanda. Last month France accused him of assassinating the Hutu president, Habyarimana, and thus starting the genocide himself. Typical Big Brother doublethink where good is bad and innocent is guilty. The reality of the situation is that it was the Hutu Power (the brains behind the Hutus) who arranged the assassination of their own leader as an excuse to take revenge on the Tutsis for a crime they didn't commit.

After the genocide Paul Kagame was elected President of Rwanda and last year he was re-elected by 96% of the people - both Hutu and Tutsi. He is loved and admired throughout the country for bringing peace, stability and prosperity to Rwanda. He is considered "incorruptible" by those who've observed his actions and policies before, during and after the genocide. Part of the reason I re-read WE WISH TO INFORM YOU THAT TOMORROW WE WILL BE KILLED WITH OUR FAMILIES was to confirm what I had originally learned about Kagame and Rwanda.

What struck me on the second reading of the book was:

1) how the United Nations knew the Tutsi genocide was being planned and actually aided and abetted the Hutu Power and

2) how heroic and good Paul Kagame and his army the Rwandese Patriotic Front were and

3) how 2,000,000 Hutus ran from Kagame into refugee camps in Zaire, Burundi and Tanzania and

4) how for several years after the genocide the United Nations humanitarian aid agencies protected, fed, clothed and re-armed the Hutu army and the Hutu Power leaders instead of sending them back to Rwanda for justice and

5) how Paul Kagame thinks the people and organizations who masterminded and enabled the genocide are more guilty than the ones who wielded the weapons, and how wrong it is that they are rewarded by the world instead of punished.

Last week, over the BBC website, I listened in Real Audio to an interview with President Paul Kagame that took place on Feb 8, 2004. It was fascinating listening to him speak - not only because I love the accent - but mainly because he is a living example of a courageous and honest leader and these days that is very rare. We don't have such a person anywhere in the western world.

The last leader who was anything like President Kagame was President Kennedy who himself admired Congo's President Lumumba. Both of them were assassinated. I'm actually amazed that President Kagame is still alive and I pray that no harm comes to him. The world cannot afford to lose another good man.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, 2004



*Note to readers: I am upset and confused about RWANDA'S GOOD MAN KAGAME after the abduction, imprisonment without trial and subsequent disappearance of Congo's rebel leader General Laurent Nkunda by President Kagame in January 2009. ~jj

April marks 28 years since gory scenes in Rwanda
Email/AfricaNews, April 7, 1994-2022

Reader Liam is studying history & military strategies of Rwanda & needs the source for map of RFP maneuvers in 1994, November 2020

Rwanda's Augustin Ndindiliyimana cleared of genocide, BBC, Feb 11, 2014
A Rwandan ex-paramilitary police chief found guilty of genocide by a UN-backed war crimes tribunal has been acquitted on appeal. Gen Augustin Ndindiliyimana was already free as his sentence was the 11 years he had spent in custody awaiting trial. He was one of the most senior figures to be sentenced by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). He was put on trial with ex-army chief Gen Augustin Bizimungu, who was given 30 years and is also appealing. Two other officers were convicted with the generals and their appeal verdicts were also announced on Tuesday. Major Francois-Xavier Nzuwonemeye, the former commander of a reconnaissance battalion, and his second in command, Capt Innocent Sagahutu, were accused of ordering the murder of Prime Minister Agathe Uwilingiyimana and were serving 20-year sentences for crimes against humanity. On Tuesday, Maj Nzuwonemeye was acquitted and Sagahutu has his jail term reduced to 15 years. Gen Ndindiliyimana and Gen Bizimungu were two of the three most senior military figures tried by the court based in the Tanzanian town of Arusha. The judgement said it noted that Gen Ndindiliyimana, who was arrested in Belgium in 2000, had "limited command over the gendarmerie after 6 April 1994… and his opposition to the massacres in Rwanda". The BBC's Balthazar Nduwayezu in Arusha says Gen Ndindiliyimana has been living in an ICTR safe house in the Tanzanian town since his release nearly three years ago, after he was sentenced. He is unable to return to Rwanda and no other country will accept him, he says. Rwanda's genocide started was sparked by the death of former President Juvenal Habyarimana who was killed when his plane was shot down close to the capital, Kigali, on 6 April 1994. Within hours of the attack, certain members of the government organised ethnic Hutu militias across the country to systematically kill Tutsis and moderate Hutus, resulting in more than three months of violence in which some 800,000 people died. When the four officers were convicted in May 2011, Bizimungu was found to have been in complete control over the men he commanded in 1994.

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East Africa grapples with Gaddafi investment legacy,, Apr 27, 2012
In 1998 Gaddafi shifted his attention away from unequivocal support of Arab nationalist causes and shifted his gaze towards Africa, telling journalists, “I had been crying slogans of Arab Unity and brandishing the standard of Arab nationalism for 40 years, but it was not realized. That means that I was talking in the desert. I have no more time to lose talking with Arabs... I am returning back to realism... I now talk about Pan-Africanism and African Unity. The Arab world is finished... Africa is a paradise...and it is full of natural resources like water, uranium, cobalt, iron, manganese.” Through the Libyan Africa Investment Portfolio, a subsidiary of the Libyan Investment Authority sovereign investment fund established in 2006, Gaddafi poured money into black Africa, including investing $375 million in Uganda alone. After the uprising against Gaddafi’s regime began in February 2011, East African countries froze Libyan assets, in accordance with a United Nations resolution....Last August, two month’s before Gaddafi’s capture and death, the governments of Uganda and Rwanda unilaterally decided to terminate the pipeline’s Rwanda-Uganda portion of the contract....

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Rwanda president Kagame stays in 12,000 pounds-a-night hotel room, Telegraph, Sep 24, 2011
Paul Kagame, whose country receives more than 80 million pounds a year in aid from Britain, is said to have been based in the Mandarin Oriental's presidential suite while attending the UN General Assembly. A receptionist at the hotel said yesterday that the standard nightly rate for the suite, including taxes and charges, totalled $20,664.50. The average Rwandan would need to work for 18 years just to be able to afford one night in the "luxurious two-bedroom suite", which boasts "panoramic views of Central Park and the city skyline".... People who have to survive on 40 cents a day will be disgusted." The president typically travels with dozens of bodyguards and aides, who would also have been housed in hotel rooms with access to the UN headquarters. Most of New York's classiest hotel suites were packed with world leaders this week. Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, is thought to have been housed in a 1,800 pound-a-night room at the UN Millennium hotel. But Mr Kagame's reported room rate was extraordinarily high even for the busiest week of the year in Manhattan. David Cameron stayed at the Barclay Intercontinental in a room with an adjoining office. Aides said the price was "certainly not in the territory" of Mr Kagame's, but declined to give a figure. Britain is Rwanda's biggest direct aid donor. Labour Party figures last month called for aid to be withdrawn amid reports that exiles in Britain had received death threats. The Rwandan High Commissioner in London dismissed the allegations as "bogus".

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Rwanda & Uganda benefited from Gaddafi's support, Uganda Monitor, Aug 23, 2011
...One of the little-known facts of Great Lakes history is that Gaddafi also funded the RPF rebels (Kagame's Rwandese Patriotic Front) after they invaded Rwanda in 1990. He provided them arms that were flown into Uganda, then handed to the RPF by the Museveni regime....

Kagame, the game is over, diplomat says, African Dictator, Apr 24, 2011
...Paul Kagame is now one of the richest living African heads of state. He owns two bombardier executive jets and several houses in foreign countries including a three-story building in North London that is being rented to the Rwandan embassy ....Rwanda is one of the most aided countries on earth following the genocide that occurred there 17 years ago, but the man who once upon time was seen as brand new and a champion of the Rwandan people is using foreign aid and taxpayers money for personal use.... British MPs from All Party Parliamentary Group for the Great Lakes are considering a general call for a proper inquiry into the use of UK aid to Rwanda. Britain is its single largest donor, committed to a disbursement of at least £83 million per year in Rwanda until 2015....

Dark days for Libyan-owned businesses in Uganda/Kenya/Rwanda (oil/food/telecom/bank/health/construction/hotels cut off), Vision, Mar 27, 2011

Libya to expand investments in Rwanda, Rwanda Investment Agency
KIGALI 2005 - The investment arm of the Libyan government, Libya African Investments Portfolio (LAP), is keen on investing large sums of money in other sectors of the Rwandan economy. The Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Development Board, John Gara, revealed that the Libyans have hopes of exploring opportunities in mining, agriculture, real estate and tourism. LAP has already invested in telecommunications and hospitality with the acquisition of controlling stakes in Rwandatel SA and Laico Umubano Hotel respectively. "The amount of their investments may increase because they are still identifying more opportunities in the country,” Gara said. The LAP delegation arrived in country on Monday to monitor and evaluate the performance of their existing investments and identify other possible ventures. Khaled A. Kagigi, The Vice Chairman and CEO of LAP who headed the delegation, revealed that the investment group is set to construct 400 housing units in Kagarama, Kicukiro District. “Construction will begin soon and it will be joint work between Rwandatel and LAP Constructions which is the construction arm under the Libyan Portfolio.” Kagigi also explained that the Portfolio decided to invest in the housing sector because it is one of the “promising sectors in Rwanda’s economy.” During their three day visit, the delegation also met with Prime Minister Bernard Makuza and the ministers of Finance and Foreign Affairs, and the managements of Rwandatel and Laico Umubano Hotel.

Kagame supports bombing Libya by Tabu Butagira, Uganda Monitor, Mar 24, 2011
In an interview with our reporter in London on Monday, shortly after he delivered a keynote address at The Times CEO Summit Africa, Mr Kagame said Rwanda supports the no-fly zone that the UN Security Council imposed on Libya last week. President Kagame added: “That is how the UN Security Council, including African countries that sit on it, decided.”... Mr Kagame’s views, in relation to a question from this newspaper, even when unrelated, sharply contrasts with that of Ugandan President Museveni, who has chosen to criticise UN and blanket security over Libya. Mr Museveni, who preferred Africans tackled the Gaddafi situation, was one of four Presidents from the continent, charged by African Union to do fact-finding in Tripoli and explore ways of negotiated end to the unrest. Col. Gaddafi had reportedly agreed to meet the AU High Level Ad-hoc Committee, which was on Saturday turned away from the Libyan airspace now firmly under control of the international community. Mr Museveni wrote a missive to media outlets on Sunday, saying military action against Gaddafi’s regime lacked “impeachable logic”, showed the West’s “double standards” and could trigger an arms race. “I am quite sure that many countries that are able will scale up their military research and in a few decades we may have a more armed world. This weapons science is not magic,” he wrote. The disparate views of Mr Museveni and Mr Kagame show how sensitive and divisive tackling Gaddafi’s reported transgressions against his citizens would be for his African peers.

Africa Goodbye Map Libya Flyzone FLYING IN LIBYA NO-FLY ZONE

"Nkunda's case not easy", says Rwanda, by Kezio-Musoke David, Nation Kenya, Jan 20, 2011
Tharcisse Karugarama, Rwanda’s Minister of Justice has said the case involving the arrest and detaining of former Congolese warlord Laurent Nkunda has dragged because of its political, legal and diplomatic complexities. Mr Nkunda has been under house arrest since January 22, 2009 after entering Rwanda from neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, where his CNDP rebel force had repeatedly routed the government forces. After two wars between the Great Lakes neighbours and years trading accusations of backing the other’s rebels, Rwanda and Congo mended relations in a deal that analysts said hinged on Nkunda’s arrest and Rwandan help ending the rebellion. President Paul Kagame, during his first press conference, addressed on Tuesday, since winning the August 2010 presidential elections said that while the former warlord’s arrest was to solve the problems in neighbouring DRC, it has since created another problem for Rwanda with a number of complexities. “Holding Nkunda is a problem we (Rwanda) shouldn’t have had in the first place. It is an issue which is complex itself. Nkunda was arrested in order to solve one problem. After solving that problem another problem has been created. However I would wish for a speedy trial in order to solve this problem,” Mr Kagame said. “One thing that should be clear is that even though it is complex, the case itself can’t cause a diplomatic nightmare between us and the DRC. The fact that our ministry of justice and the one of Congo are working together on this issue it means it can’t cause any problem, he added.

Mr Nkunda [not in person] has appeared in a number of Rwandan civil courts and his case has since then been referred to the military court. However he is yet to be charged. Rwanda has also in the past acknowledged receipt of the extradition request by the DRC Nkunda’s “war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed in DRC. Karugarama, Rwanda’s Minister of Justice said on Wednesday in a separate interview that the fact that Nkunda is a Congolese general arrested on Rwanda soil with a big rebel force, operating from another nation is enough to create legal, diplomatic and political complications. "We risk finding ourselves in a situation where legally there is a ‘conflict of laws’ if we don’t handle this situation well. Nkunda is not ordinary man. He is a general of an outfit operating in Congo while he is being held in another country. That alone has legal implications,” Karugarama said. “Rwanda and DRC which are two separate states, have separate laws. At the same time we are bound by international laws that regulate fugitives and people like Nkunda. We are currently engaged with DRC and others and in reasonable time this issue will be sorted out,” he added said.

Both Rwanda and DRC have in the past adopted one important position on Nkunda’s case. The first is that Nkunda is Congolese and has to be dealt with by the DRC judiciary for the crimes allegedly committed in the DRC but since he is on Rwandan territory then it was necessary to also apply Rwandan law. Karugarama and his DRC counterpart have also in the past recommended an instituted team of experts from both countries that should convene to work on legalities that would consider the legal obstacles with regard to the transfer of Nkunda. The legal obstacles include the possible impact of the amnesty law on DRC’s extradition request, the legal impediments embedded in the Rwandan law regarding extradition and the death penalty, as well as implications of the national, regional and international law on the extradition request.

Rwanda hearing of Tutsi ex-rebel Nkunda case postponed, AFP, Jan 10, 2011
KIGALI — A Rwandan military court on Monday postponed the hearing of a plea to free a Congolese Tutsi ex-rebel chief, detained in Rwanda for the past two years, his lawyer said. "The clerk's office decided to postpone the hearing sine die because the judge (General Steven Karyango) has been suspended," Aime Bokanga, a lawyer for Laurent Nkunda, told AFP. "We're waiting for a new judge to be appointed. Under Rwandan law he needs to be a general because the person we have brought proceedings against is a general," the lawyer said. This latest postponement is the fourth since the case was sent to the military courts. Nkunda's lawyers say General James Kabarebe, former Rwandan army chief of staff who was appointed defence minister in April, is responsible for the "arrest and illegal detention" of their client. In March Rwanda's supreme court ruled that given Kabarebe's military status, it was not competent to hear the plea. Nkunda was arrested in Gisenyi on Rwanda's border with the Democratic Republic of Congo on January 22, 2009, when he was head of the rebel National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) movement, according to people close to him. In October 2008, Nkunda's men routed the DR Congolese army in Nord-Kivu province and threatened to take the strategic provincial capital, Goma, near the border with Rwanda. But after a shift in alliances, the Congolese and Rwandan armies in January 2009 launched an unprecedented joint operation targeting Rwandan Hutu rebels in eastern DR Congo, which also resulted in Nkunda's arrest.

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Rwanda court postpones Nkunda hearing (Canadian defence lawyer didn't show up). AFP, Jun 11, 2010
KIGALI — A Rwandan military court in Kigali on Friday postponed the hearing of a plea to release Laurent Nkunda, a former rebel leader in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of his lawyers said. Aime Bokanga said that the postponement of the case which had been set to take place on Friday was due to the absence of main defence lawyer, Stephan Bourgon of Canada. "He informed the tribunal that he was detained by another case in The Hague. The audience was therefore postponed until September 24," Bokanga said. Nkunda has been held since January 2009. A hearing due to take place on May 11 was called off for the lack of an interpreter, since the court decided that the debate would take place in Kinyarwanda, which Bourgon does not understand. Nkunda's lawyers say General James Kabarebe -- former Rwandan army chief of staff who was appointed defence minister in April -- is responsible for the "arrest and illegal detention" of their client. In March Rwanda's supreme court ruled that given Kabarebe's military status, it was not competent to hear the plea. Nkunda was arrested in Gisenyi on Rwanda's border with the DR Congo on January 22, 2009, when he was head of the rebel National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) movement, according to people close to him. In October 2008, Nkunda's men routed the DR Congolese army in Nord-Kivu province and threatened to take the strategic provincial capital, Goma, near the border with Rwanda. But after a shift in alliances, the Congolese and Rwandan armies in January 2009 launched an unprecedented joint operation targeting Rwandan Hutu rebels in eastern DR Congo, which also resulted in Nkunda's arrest. Nkundu had previously also targeted the Rwandan Hutu rebels in his attacks, proclaiming that he was determined to defend the minority population of Tutsis in eastern DR Congo.

NKUNDA DUE HIS DAY IN COURT (scheduled for Rwanda June 11, 2010)


American lawyer arrested in Rwanda (genocide denier defends genocidaires) & Erlinder attends Rwanda court hearing (denied bail; must stay in jail). CityNews/YouTube, Jun 10, 2010

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Rwanda military court postpones Nkunda release hearing, NewsAfrica, May 11, 2010
A military court in Rwanda Tuesday postponed the hearing of a plea seeking the release of Laurent Nkunda, a former rebel chief in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of his lawyers said. "The court pushed the date back to June 11 to leave time to find an interpreter to facilitate the hearing," Aime Bokanga told AFP. Nkunda's other defence counsel, the Canadian lawyer Stephan Bourgon, does not understand the local Kinyarwanda language that the military court has chosen for the proceedings, Bokanga explained. Nkunda has been held since January 2009. His lawyers say General James Kabarebe, the former Rwandan army chief of staff who was appointed defence minister last month, is responsible for the "arrest and illegal detention" of their client. In late March Rwanda's supreme court ruled that given Kabarebe's military status it was not competent to hear the plea. Nkunda was arrested in Gisenyi on January 22, 2009, when he was head of the rebel National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) movement, according to people close to him. In October 2008, Nkunda's men routed the DR Congolese army in Nord-Kivu province and threatened to take the strategic provincial capital, Goma, near the border with Rwanda. But after a shift in alliances, the Congolese and Rwandan armies in January 2009 launched an unprecedented joint operation targeting Rwandan Hutu rebels in eastern DR Congo which also resulted in Nkunda's arrest.

No hearing for Nkunda, News24, Mar 26, 2010
Kigali - Rwanda's supreme court ruled on Friday it is not competent to hear a plea seeking the release of Laurent Nkunda, a former rebel chief in the Democratic Republic of Congo, held since January 2009. "The court ruled it is not competent and sent the case back to a military tribunal," Aime Bokanga, one of Nkunda's lawyers told AFP. The court's argument is based on the military status of General James Kabarebe, Rwanda's chief of defence staff, designated as the person responsible for Nkunda's detention. Neither Kabarebe nor Nkunda was present in court Friday. "For us it's a disappointment. The supreme court could have taken cognisance of this case," Bokanga said. "It didn't take into account the human aspects of the case. Our client has been held without trial for more than a year. But we hope that the military courts will rule on the case since it has been sent back to them by the highest court in the land." Nkunda's lawyers in December complained to the supreme court that their client's continued detention, first in Gisenyi, a town in northwestern Rwanda on the border with DR Congo, and then in Kigali, was "illegal". Nkunda was arrested in Gisenyi on January 22 2009, when he was head of the rebel National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP) movement, according to people close to him. In October 2008, Nkunda's men routed the DR Congolese army in Nord-Kivu province and threatened to take the strategic provincial capital, Goma, near the border with Rwanda. But after a shift in alliances, the Congolese and Rwandan armies in January 2009 launched an unprecedented joint operation targeting Rwandan Hutu rebels in eastern DR Congo which also resulted in Nkunda's arrest.

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Rwanda asks Congo lift indictment on Nkunda (he essential part of formula returning peace). EastAfrican, Jan 17, 2010

Nkunda lawyer asks access to as yet unseen client (letters to Kagame & ministers unanswered) & Rwanda again postpones Nkunda's hearing (didn't appear in court, remains in detention) & Rwanda Court to hear Nkunda case Wednesday (show Commonwealth its human rights credentials) & Nkunda petition to ask why he was arrested (Army Chief Staff Kabarebe to be on witness stand) & Nkunda family awaits Rwanda Supreme Court (held illegally one year; not seen in public since). AFP/Invest/SaveRw/VOA, Jan 12-14, 2010

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Genocide Map Rwanda's notorious "Mr Z" let out of prison (UN overturns his conviction for genocide). AP, Nov 16, 2009 & UN frees ex-pres Habyarimana brother-in-law (Rwanda very unhappy but can't reverse). AP/BBC, Nov 16, 2009

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Nkunda loyalists in Congo army warn war (humanitarian situation in Kivu catastrophic) & Congo president Kabila on spot over mass misery (thousands civilians killed/raped/homes burned; Congo & UN armies refuse to fight killers) & Nkunda secret book unveiled (manifesto allegedly written before arrest). Kenya Daily, Oct 26, 2009

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Speke Pages Stanley Bk REMINISCING DISCOVERY NILE & CONGO (Reader Steve says Fred Gisa Rwigyema is his hero)

Uganda demands USA bounty for Rwandan ($5M for handing over to UN-run tribunal) & Rwanda queen-killing suspect held (fled to Congo after committing genocide). BBC, Oct 6, 2009

Nkunda lawyers still not heard from Kagame (to discuss solution to this deadlock)., Oct 4, 2009

NKUNDA SEEKING KAGAME MEETING (reader Sharangabo sends press release from Nkunda's lawyers)

Church Emmanuel Head RWANDA MEMORIAL EMMANUEL WONDERING (reader Glen asks name of church & wonders if Emmanuel knows he's a celebrity)

Rwanda told: Tap the killer gas (55 billion litres methane worth $14.3 billion). East Africa, Aug 30, 2009. Go to LAKE KIVU CHAMPAGNE EFFECT & HARNESS LAKE KIVU POWER

CHINA RAILROADING CONGO RAILROAD (reader Nicholas asks about the Chinese proposal to re-establish the railroad line from Congo to Angola.... Actually, I believe China is behind the arrest seven months ago of Nkunda and his imprisonment in Rwanda. In his last interview - two weeks before he was abducted and arrested - General Laurent Nkunda was asked what he thought about China's influence in Congo. His exact words were: "We cannot accept Chinese, Chinese culture.... We are going now in economic slavery if we will accept this Chinese contract. It's the end for Congolese"....)

DALLAIRE NO COMMENT ON CONGO (reader Mary apologises for comments she made about my comments on Romeo Dallaire's heroism during the Rwanda genocide)

Reader Freddy says my journalism about Congo & Rwanda is a mockery and not professional

Reader Ishimwe has learned alot about Rwanda from reading information on "Orwell Today"

Reader Tumusiime asks for help locating DVD or CD recordings of the 2006 Rwanda Liberation Day ceremony at Amahoro Stadium

Reader Vicki asks where to buy deflated soccer balls and pumps to take to children in Malawi

Reader Richard explains how it happend that the RPF liberated Rwanda

Reader Delphine is making a documentary about France in the Rwandan genocide & is interested in Father Munyeshyaka from St Famille church

UN soldiers refuse to protect Kivu Congo people (watch Rwandan genocidal Hutu soldiers massacre, rape & loot civilians). Reuters Africa, Jun 12, 2009

Rwandan Hutus threatening Congo gorillas (hide in park after massacring civilians). The Age, June 12, 2009. Go to NKUNDA SAVED CONGO GORILLAS & NKUNDA ARREST PUTS GORILLAS AT RISK & NKUNDA'S CONGO CREDENTIALS & NKUNDA GEURRILLA GORILLA TOURS

160 delegates celebrate UN Year Of The Gorilla (each gorilla generates $4-million). UN News, Jun 12, 2009

IMF negotiating China $9-billion Congo deal ($11-billion bad-debt from previous regime). Asia Times, Jun 12, 2009. Go to & CONGO 500-POUND GORILLA CHINA

Atrocities against Congo civilians increasing (gov't & Hutu soldiers looting/killing/raping). VOA, Jun 12, 2009

Rwanda tourism up despite financial crisis (a top ten Lonely Planet destination). Reuters, Jun 4, 2009


Smuggled elephant tusks from Tanzania (ivory being transported to China). This Day Tanzania, Jun 4, 2009


KAGAME-KABILA-NKUNDA SUMMITEERING (reader Deo says peace cannot be genuinely sought in DR Congo without allowing Nkunda to help)

Congo troops accused of war crimes (joint operations with Rwandan Hutus). Email/IrishTimes, May 25, 2009

Rwanda refuses to free Congo's Nkunda (arrested for fighting genocidal Rwandan Hutus; court orders his wife to pay legal costs) & Growing atrocities against people in Congo (by Kabila's army/police & Rwandan Hutus). AFP/VOA, May 22, 2009


UN complicit in Congo Kabila army atrocities (unpaid FARDC soldiers prey on population) & China gets Congo metals worth US$50-billion (in return for US$9-billion loan) & Rwandan Hutus back to killing in Congo (since Nkunda gone no one to fight them) & 4,500 Hutu soldiers pillaging Congo civilians (committed genocide in Rwanda in 1994) & Banyamulenge a people without a nation (named Cogorwa as not Congolese nor Rwandan). AP/PR/Reut/AFP/Email, May 12-18, 2009

Baby gorilla smuggled out of Virunga Park (hidden in bag at Goma Congo airport) & Nkunda negotiated return of Virunga rangers (ranger documents recent gorilla births) & Nkunda may be transferred to neutral country (Rwanda fears for his death if sent to Congo) & Rwanda & Congo discuss Nkunda's fate (Kabila wants Kagame to extradite Nkunda) & Rwanda Hutus on rampage in Kivu Congo (raping, burning houses, looting, killing). BBC/NatGeo/Reut/AllAfrica, May 6, 2009

Nkunda's last TV interview as a free man ("there's no life for Congolese; no economy/salary/security/administration/justice") & Rwanda looking for solution to Nkunda case (constitution forbids extradite to Congo) & Nkunda to face trial in Rwanda on Friday (first opportunity to see how he is since arrest)




Oxfam: Congolese suffering (Kabila/UN troops not protecting people) & Congolese flee new Hutu attacks (perpetrated Rwanda genocide 15 yrs ago). VOA/Indep/News24/BBC, Apr 7-16, 2009

6,000 genocidal Hutus retaking eastern Congo (UN & Kabila army on side against civilians). AP, Mar 27, 2009

UN Hide Hutu

Congolese flee Rwanda Hutus in North Kivu (since Nkunda-CNDP gone savagery resumes). UN News, Mar 27, 2009

10 reasons Rwanda must free Nkunda (he protected Congolese from genocide). CNDP, Mar 24, 2009

Kagame can no longer play ostrich and hide (legally Rwanda must allow lawyer see Nkunda) & Rwanda court dismisses Nkunda case (wife & lawyer vow to continue battle) & Nkunda lawyer in Rwanda court today (gov't lawyers play cat & mouse game). CNDP/AFP/VOA, Mar 2009

Nkunda's wife seeks his release from Rwanda (held on no legal basis, in secret location, no access to family or lawyer) & Kagame to decide Nkunda fate within 2 weeks (Rwanda still in dialogue with Congo) & Kabila's Congo Security Forces facing probe (killed 500 people & detained 1,000 more; many tortured during past 2 years). AFP/Kenya/IWPR, Mar 6, 2009

Banned African book says "It's our turn to eat" (corrupt politicians devouring national cake) & Mugabe vows to seize more white farms (85th-birthday cake weighed 85-kg (187-lb) & China a refuge for Zimbabwe tyrant Mugabe (money-laundering diamonds there too) & Mugabe home away from home in Hong Kong (wife hit journalist in face with diamond ring) & Chinese workers poaching Africa ivory (elephants die painfully from poison arrows) & UN approves China for African ivory trade (slaughtering elephants in National parks). BBC/NP/Time/Tele/VOA, Feb 28, 2009. Go to MUTWARE & THE BABOONS

NKUNDA HERO IN REBEL BOOK (a Tutsi herdsman turned soldier) & IS NKUNDA REFS UNPERSON? (he did not exist; he had never existed) & Nkunda arrested in Rwanda (gone off the radar to outside world). Jan 22 - Feb 22, 2009

Congo Hutu gunmen 'on rampage' (civilians used to be protected by Nkunda CNDP) & COMPATRIOTS DEMAND NKUNDA RELEASE (unfounded arrest by Rwandan authorities) & Press release from CNDP-Europe (unfailing solidarity & loyalty to Nkunda) & Face to face with General Nkunda (talked politics, war, family life). BBC/CNDP/UgandaIndep, Feb 18, 2009

SING ALONG TO THE TRUTH (reader wonders what tune to sing) & IF I HAD A HAMMER (it's the hammer of justice) & Rwanda blamed for USA plane crash (Alison des Forges criticized Kagame) & Rwanda genocide expert dies in crash (ice build-up on plane's wings). BBC, Feb 16, 2009

BURUNDI-RWANDA PLANE CRASH VICTIMS (reader says it triggered genocide)

Habyarimana plane crash report this month (shot down on April 6, 1994). Email/SFB/BBC/NewTimes, Feb 17, 2009

Actor Ben Affleck interview Nkunda in Congo (not journalism but Hollywood promo) & Affleck sees glimmer of hope in Congo (reports Nkunda & his men been accused). OpEdNews/Time-CNN, Feb 17, 2009. Go to NKUNDA TELLS JOURNALISTS TELL TRUTH & 16.Minitrue(Lies) & 25.Prolefeed

NKUNDA RIGHT ON CHINA WRONGS (mineral profits never see sunlight in Congo) & China loans Congo $9bn for mineral rights (but Congo owes $10bn to Western lenders; President Mobutu stashed in Swiss banks). Financial Times, Feb 14, 2009. Go to 6.Disputed Territories

Rwanda goals in Congo under scrutiny. Institue War & Peace, Feb 13, 2009

Rwanda's move into Congo fuels suspicion. Washington Post, Feb 13, 2009

NKUNDA'S CONGO CREDENTIALS (chief & son of chief in Bunagana)

Rwanda to hand over General Nkunda, by Martin Tindiwensi, New Times, Feb 8, 2009 (...Although the actual date for handing over Nkunda was not set, Rwandan foreign Minister Rosemary Museminari told reporters that a technical team will be set up to discus modalities of the transfer. "You all know that Nkunda is Congolese, he will have by all means to go back to his country, when and how he will be delivered to the Kinshasa authorities will be determined by the committee which will be set up soon by both parties to discuss the issue" she explained. Asked if the DRC government will not persecute General Nkunda for his rebellious action in North Kivu region since 2004, DRC foreign affairs minister Alexis Thambwe Mwamba said Nkunda will not be mistreated unless if he is victimized by law," he promised....)

With Nkunda in hand, Kigali can have its cake and eat it, by Charles Onyango-Obbo, Kenya East African, Feb 7, 2009 (...Nkunda is probably still in Gisenyi in northern Rwanda. He is definitely not in some prison, but is being watched. Rwanda made common cause with Nkunda when his political agenda was limited largely to stopping the killings of the Banyamulenge — the Tutsi of Congo. Rwanda, therefore, is unlikely to hand Nkunda to Congo, because it would be seen as a political victory for the anti-Kigali forces in the DRC. Nkunda’s problems began when, flushed with military success, he became overly ambitious and threatened to march on Kinshasa... This writer has it on fairly good authority that beyond allowing joint military action with Rwanda, the Kabila government has also given Kigali a long-term role in some kind of “security buffer” in eastern DRC. Nkunda will probably be re-inserted in this security zone, where the Rwandese would continue to keep him on a short leash. It would also be a good deal for Nkunda, give Kabila peace of mind, and allow Kigali to have its cake and eat it.)

Mystery deepens as Nkunda chapter is 'closed', by Josh Kron, East African, Feb 7, 2009 (Calling “the chapter on Nkunda closed,” the last Rwandan public official communicating to the outside world about the excommunicated Congolese rebel under their custody said today it was going off the radar. After promising new information, the Rwandan military has instead fallen silent, this time they say for good, in regard to apprehension of General Laurent Nkunda, leader of the dominant rebel group, the CNDP...)

Rebel leader Nkunda will return to Congo, AFP, Feb 7, 2009

12 days after General Nkunda's arrest, doubts and disbelief reign in Rwanda. Kenya Nation, Feb 4, 2009 (...People are beginning to wonder if he’s been arrested at all. Nkunda maintains a Che Guevara-like popularity in Rwanda, where Hutu extremists slaughtered one million Tutsi and other Hutu moderates in the 1994 Genocide. “He’s been protecting his people in the Congo…” said popular Reggae musician Natty Dread. “I’m sad to see him arrested.”...To most, the uninterrupted silence is evidence of a long-suspected intimate relationship between Mr. Nkunda and the Kagame administration. “Can they give him to the Congo? No. If they give him to the Congo they will kill him,” says Charles Kabonero, editor of the best-selling newspaper in Rwanda. According to Major Rutaremara, Nkunda has been given no official legal status in relation to his arrest. He is “not being punished,”... But Rataremara has also said “arrest does not mean imprisonment,” a line he has repeated. He also says Nkunda is “staying some place decent,” and though his movements are limited, he isn’t necessarily being guarded closely. Amenities such as television have also been alluded to....)

Kabila says he decapitate all opposition in Congo (murders/massacres/kidnapping/forced exile/deportation/torture/arbitrary arrests/threats/intimidation/exclusion/deprivation). CNDP, Feb 6, 2009

Doubts/disbelief in Rwanda since Nkunda arrest (no photo/audio/video/literature of proof that he's staying somewhere decent; not punished). Kenya Nation, Feb 6, 2009

WHO WAS JUDAS TO NKUNDA? (reader Sharangabo says Ntaganda is a puppet put on by a foreign country to undermine Nkunda & Congo's journey toward freedom


African leaders do passive genocide on Zimbabwe (allow starvation-disease-death by Mugabe; breadbasket nation now dependent on food aid). GlobeMail, Feb 5, 2009

Has ruthless rebel turned partner for peace? (Ntaganda imaginary coup against Nkunda).GlobeMail/Email, Feb 3, 2009

Reader Sharangabo says people are asking questions regarding how Nkunda was betrayed by people he thought were his friends

NKUNDA SAY CONGO OWNS RESOURCES (we are going now in economic slavery if we will accept this Chinese contract; it's the end for Congolese)

NKUNDA TELLS JOURNALISTS TELL TRUTH (because you are informing the world)

NKUNDA SAY UN CRIMINALS IN CONGO (want me to shut mouth & be a slave)

KABILA KILLS, RAPES & BLAMES NKUNDA (UN forces & Hutu victims know truth)

NKUNDA LAST CONGO INTERVIEW (reader Georgianne sends video of interview with Nkunda in Congo)

Laurent Nkunda: The Other Side of the Story (video of January 3rd, 2009 interview). Georgianne Nienaber, Jan 28, 2009

Nkunda rebels refuse to change uniforms (say Kabila army lacks planning). AP, Jan 28, 2009


Dangerous treasure in Africa's Lake Kivu (methane gas transformed into electricity) & Rwanda explores boosting energy needs (increase from 45MW to 130MW by 2012). Spiegel/EastAfr, Jan 27, 2009


FREE NKUNDA TO FIGHT FOR CONGO (reader Shrangabo sends a letter from Congo refugees in Rwanda demanding General Nkunda be freed)

Rwanda police-army put down Nkunda dissent (Congo refugee camps demand his release), BBC, Jan 27, 2009


Nkunda army dissolving without their leader (best organized/trained bush army in Africa). New York Times, Jan 25, 2009


Nkunda's arrest puts gorillas in turmoil (he protected rangers who protected them) & Gorilla warfare (gorillas safer under Nkunda than Kabila). NationalGeographic/SydneyMorningHerald, Jan 23, 2009

NKUNDA PILGRIMAGE RECONCILIATION (reader Sharangabo sends You Tube)


Nkunda didn't flee Congo; he was lured ("for consultations" by erstwhile ally Rwanda). Independent, Jan 23, 2009

Congo war enters new phase without Nkunda (demanded Kabila cancel China contracts that are unfair to Congo people). Monsters & Critics, Jan 23, 2009

Laurent Nkunda's spectacular fall (loyal & capable military leader protecting Congo from Rwandan Hutus). BBC, Jan 23, 2009

Rwanda arrests Congo rebel leader Nkunda (impediment to Rwanda's plans in region). BBC, Jan 23, 2009

Rwanda joined Congo against Nkunda (after UN report & donors cut aid). NPR, Jan 23, 2009

Laurent Nkunda arrested in Rwanda. London Guardian Video, Jan 23, 2009

Rwanda-Congo troops to Nkunda stronghold (targeting Hutu FDLR & Tutsi CNDP). AFP, Jan 22, 2009

Kabila decides to embrace Rwanda (needs head of Nkunda & headquarters). AFP, Jan 22, 2009

Nkunda demands Kabila cancel China contracts (benefits gov't officials not Congo citizens). VOA, Jan 8, 2009

UN BAD IN MOVIE FOR REAL (enables evil and sows global chaos) & "U.N. ME" documentary film (about incompetence, corruption, complicity)

UN peacekeeping faces crisis in funds (says $7.1-billion budget not enough). Reuters, Dec 2008

UN CEILING BIG AFRICAN TREE (reader Tony compares the roofs over some people's heads)

$23-million Human Rights ceiling collapsing (UN avoiding story getting out) & UN wants $1-billion renovation in Geneva (after $1.9-billion facelift in New York). Email/HRW/Fox, Dec 6, 2008

UN Human Rights ceiling cost 20-million euros (money lifted from foreign aid budget) & Taxpayers see red over UN Sistine Chapel (Spain paid for UN ceiling in Switzerland & photos of UN 15,000 sq/ft Geneva ceiling). Brussels/Irish/Galeria, Dec 1, 2008

UN failed in $1.2-bn Congo peacekeeping role (betrayed pledge to combat Rwandan Hutus; unwilling to prevent civilians being killed). UgandaNewVision, Dec 1, 2008

Rwandans protest Kabuye arrest in Brussels (one who fought to liberate the country). New Times, Nov 27, 2008

Boat Sinking FRANCE CASE RE RWANDA SINKING (reader Joshua says he was once the key witness of French judge Bruguière)

UN Congo mediator did illegal deal with China (when Nigeria president like Kabila doing now). Guardian, Nov 27, 2008

Congo's Kabila brutally represses political foes (whips detainees, keeps in chains for weeks; forces them to sign trumped-up confessions; dumps bodies in Congo River & mass graves) & Kabila had 500 opposition members killed (summarily executed civilians & militias). VOA/AP, Nov 25, 2008

Kabila troops looting spree in Congo camps (UN refugee officials say it isn't happening). AP, Nov 24, 2008

Rangers return to protect Volcano gorillas (species transcends political differences)

Nkunda attacks Congo deal with China (state scandously sold-out resources). AFP, Nov 21, 2008



Mugabe backing Kabila in Eastern Congo (allegations of rampant looting, killing and rape). New Times, Nov 20, 2008


Rwanda presidential aide extradited to France (charged with terrorism against Hutu president who masterminded 1994 Tutsi genocide). AFP, Nov 20, 2008

UN is part of an international plot says Nkunda (UN in Congo for something else, not peace). Monitor, Nov 16, 2008

Chinese UN soldiers arrive in Kivu Congo (been supporting UN in Congo since 2002). Xihnuanet, Nov 16, 2008

Nkunda: Rebel with a cause (China supplying weapons to Kabila army; Nkunda cannot accept contract with China; clearly see what China doing in Sudan). Monitor, Nov 13, 2006. Go to CHINA OILS SUDAN GENOCIDE & KABILA-CHINA-GORILLAS-NKUNDA


Nkunda has strong case for his rebellion (not just a rebel but a freedom fighter). New Vision, Nov 13, 2008


No refuge for Congo's gorillas ("The animals we followed every day are now roaming without protection") & Nkunda rebels seized Congo gorilla park (not harming rangers or gorillas). Guardian/NatGeo, Nov 14, 2008

Fossey Love Gorillas (No one loved gorillas more)

Kabila's Congo army rampaging & raping (helping Rwandan Hutus slaughter Congolese; 17,000 UN troops doing nothing to stop it). Scotsman, Nov 13, 2008. Go to CONGO WOLVES ON NKUNDA

Kenyans kill bulls-chickens-goats for Obama (gripped by Obamamania for "lost son"). LondonTimes, Nov 4, 2008

White House Black (Will newly elected US President, Barack Obama, paint the White House black?). New Times, Nov 8, 2008

Rwanda's methane gas dream realized! (1.8 megawatts channelled to electricity grid). New Times, Nov 8, 2008. Go to HARNESS LAKE KIVU POWER

Congo rebel General Nkunda talks to BBC (government using Hutu genocidaires against all Congolese people) & Nkunda ceasefire allows humanitarian aid (Kabila/Hutu soldiers raping/looting/killing) & Thousands refugees fleeing Congo chaos (UN aid agencies cutting off aid) & UN Security Council president from China (heads 17,000 UN troops in Congo overseeing humanitarian disaster in Kivu). BBC/IPS, Oct 31, 2008. Go to 22.Doublethink & 2.Big Brother (a dedicated sect doing evil) & UN PEACEKEEPING NOT KEEPINGPEACE & GOMA CAMP MAFIA HOTEL


Nkunda opposes Congo deal with China (to extract 9.6 million tonnes copper; more than 500,000 tonnes of cobalt). CBC, Oct 31, 2008. Go to CONGO RICHES CHINA NOW & CONGO CHINA REGIME CRONIES & 6.Disputed Territories (inhabitants expended like coal or oil) & KNOW NKUNDA CONGO & NKUNDA SHOULD BE HERO

RUSESABAGINA RAVES RE RWANDA (Reader Michael says Rusesabagina invited to give presentation in University in the US)

Rusesabagina says Rwanda smearing him (accused of profiting from genocide) & Hotel Rwanda hero at Lake Superior U (talking discrimination & complacency). Soo/SaultStar, Oct 31, 2008. Go to 17.Falsification of Past

Obama's terrorist friends Ayers & Dohrn (fugitives from justice involved in bombings) & Obama's an intimate friend of domestic terrorist (& many other America-hating activists) & Obama's strange bedfellows (not God bless America but God damn). YouTube/NextRight, Oct 8, 2008. Go to 22.Doublethink (claiming blackwhite in contradiction of facts)

Barack Obama: The Child - Messiah - Obamessiah (smote conniving wife of deposed King Bill & barbarian hordes of Working Class Whites) & Anointed One Obama ventures forth to bring light (Pilgrimage to Holy Land a blessing to his followers). YouTube/London Times, Sep 19, 2008. Go to 27.Goodthink (It was not the man's brain that was speaking, it was his larynx)

Congo groups re-arming against Nkunda (6 planeloads weapons in Goma for Kabila helping Rwandan Hutus kill Tutsis). BBC, Aug 1, 2008

Genocidal Hutus help China help Mugabe (need foreign help to kill Zimbabweans) & Rwandan Hutus terrorizing Zimbabweans (fled there after committing Tutsi genocide). ThisZim/Independent, Jul 14, 2008. Go to QUEEN KNIGHTED TERRORIST MUGABE

Nkunda National Geographic, July 2008
Rebel general Nkunda, who prefers to be called the "Chairman," wages war against the Congolese army and Hutu militias from a farmhouse near Kirolirwe, just west of Virunga Park. Accused of using child soldiers and other war crimes, Nkunda claims he is protectng the Congolese Tutsi from genocide at the hands of the Hutu. He also claims he is a conservationist.

ZIMBABWE SPADE RED CHINA (reader Yves says "I asked myself is there justice in this world? The super power is continuing strengthening Mugabe’s regime. Just like the way the Chinese are strengthening him and Kabila with lucrative deals. Will we never see the back of him?...")

FRANCE NO RSVP RWANDA (reader Badang asks about french response to accusations of Bisesero genocide survivors)

93% of refugees in Rwanda Congolese (52,000 fled genocidaires in Congo). New Times, Jun 24, 2008

A methane pipe dream in Rwanda (100-megawatt plant on Lake Kivu) & Rwanda looks to lake for energy fix (gas equal to 40-million tonnes of oil) & Rwanda puts hopes in methane plant (first of its kind in the world). NatPost/BBC/LATimes, Jun 10, 2008. Go to QUIET BLUE LAKE KIVU & HARNESS LAKE KIVU POWER

"Kill Tutsis wherever they are"(Hutu mission of extermination) & Roots of war in Eastern Congo (genocidal Hutus from Rwanda). Guardian, May 8, 2008

NOT JUST RWANDANS FOR RWANDA (reader Mark says the 'anti-Rusesabagina' book is government propaganda)

Genocide fugitive sighted in USA (spearheaded Sainte Famille killings). NatPost/NewTimes, May 3-4, 2008

HOLLYWOOD RWANDA TUTSI GENOCIDE, review of book by Alfred Ndahiro & Privat Rutazibwa

HOTEL RWANDA HERO'S BOOK, review of book by Paul Rusesabagina

Hotel Rwanda movie sparks public feud (heroism of Rusesabagina vs Kagame). National Post, Apr 29, 2008

Canada students honour Nelson Mandela (gov't, teachers, school boards endorse) & Lionizing Mandela, a lifelong subversive (President Mbeko his political clone) & Why "Cry The Beloved" wife fled S/Africa ("President Mandela said we're cowards; but crime is rampaging through the land") & South Africa's Mandela silent on Mugabe (neighbour Zimbabwe in hands of madman). CNW/News247/Mirror Apr 22, 2008

Churches fear Zimbabwe 'genocide' (people tortured for voting 'wrong way') & China defends weapons to Zimbabwe (1,500 rocket grenades, 3,000 mortars, 3-million rounds of AK-47 ammo) & Durban dockworkers refuse Chinese cargo (77 tonnes of genocidal weaponry) & Tragedy if Mbeki 'do nothing' re Mugabe (ok's weapons from China to Zimbabwe; like China sent machetes to Rwanda). BBC/VOA/Guard/SA, Apr 18-22, 2008. Go to ZIMBABWE'S SMART GENOCIDE & RWANDA ARMED FOR GENOCIDE

Nkunda army dying for peace in Congo (Hutu killers from Rwanda genocide killing Tutsis in Congo now). Guardian, Apr 21, 2008

UN in rescue effort after Congo crash (plane developed mechanical problem) & Plane crashes in Goma, Eastern Congo (into busy market area, many dead). AFP, Apr 15, 2008

Major lessons in Zimbabwe & Rwanda (genocide "Never Again" for all Africa). KenyaToday, Apr 9, 2008

Zimbabwe opposition slams 'deafening silence' of Africa. AFP, Apr 8, 2008

NOT FORGETTING RWANDA (as reader Kaguyure accuses)

Rwanda: 14 years after the genocide (victims thrown into River Nyabarongo, tributary of Kagera to Nile; then drifted into Lake Victoria). AllAfrica, Apr 7, 2008

Genocide commemoration in Bugesera (800,0000 Tutsis & moderate Hutus). HNA, Apr 7, 2008. Go to NYAMATA SCHOOL PHOTO & NYAMATA GENOCIDE CHURCH & RPF INKOTANYI SAVED SURVIVORS

Mugabe preparing war on Zimbabweans (violence will be the new weapon to reverse the people's will) & China vows support to Zimbabwe army (for vast tracts of fertile lands). Guardian/Harare, Apr 6, 2008. Go to ZIMBABWE'S MURDERING MUGABE & MUGABE HAS YELLOW FEVER & ZIMBABWE'S SMART GENOCIDE & 10.Rulers & 9.Masses Down

NKUNDA SHOULD BE HERO (reader Antoinette sends Nile Countries article)

Why should Nkunda be a war criminal? (others like him are African heroes). Uganda Monitor, Mar 12, 2008

Reader Vanessa needs citations for the poem "Lament of Victims of Genocide" for a university paper


Privatisation of seeds moving apace (Rockefeller-Gates-Monsanto monopolize) & Scientists launch stress-tolerant rice (Gates targets Africa resource-poor). AllAfr/Nigeria News, Mar 10, 2008. Go to TRAFFICKERS IN FOOD

Africa NGOs call moratorium on biofuels (car tank ethanol uses same amount grain that can feed a child for a year). NewNationBangladesh, Feb 25, 2008. Go to AFRICA AGRO-FUELED FAMINE


UN CONFLICTING CONGO (reader Antoinette sends news of the hypocritcal moves of the UN warmongers in Congo

Nkunda boycotts UN non-neutral meetings (800,000 displaced by Hutu genocidaires) & UN says Tutsi rebels massacred Hutu villagers (dozens of clashes since peace deal) & Nkunda denies breaking peace ceasefire (accuses Kabila troops of killings) & Genocide Hutu rebels well financed in Congo (to keep their war machine intact). IRIN/AFP/RNA, Feb 24-26, 2008

Protest at Mugabe $300,000 birthday party (while everybody starving & dying; no electricity-roads-jobs-medical-nothing). BBC, Feb 23, 2008

Kabila delaying peace in Congo (invading Rwanda an alternative). New Times, Feb 13, 2008. Go to PEACE TALK NO ACTION

China 'toxic for Africa freedom' (jailing journalists is routine now). BBC, Feb 13, 2008

1961: Congo's Lumumba declared dead (overthrown by Colonel Mobutu backed by Belgian/USA CIA). NewTimes/BBC, Feb 13, 2008. Go to LUMUMBA-LIKE LAURENT NKUNDA


France comments offend Rwanda survivors ('never used the word genocide') & French Foreign Minister visits Rwanda ('political' responsibility in genocide) & France blocks extradition of genocidaire (coordinated massacres in Kibuye). AFP/BBC/AllAfrica, Feb 5, 2008

Rift Valley Great Rift Valley (fault lines-valleys-lakes-volcanoes)

Engineers rise to Rwandan methane extraction challenge. Engineer Live, Feb 6, 2008

Churches quizzed over Rwanda earthquake (deadliest disaster since 1994) & Rwanda quake crashes on congregations (Cyangugu helped sooner than Bukavu) & Congo & Rwanda hit by 2 deadly quakes (6.0 and 5.0 respectively). AFP/BBC/AllAfrica, Feb 5, 2008

USA to extract Rwanda methane gas (to produce 100 megawatts electricity). NewTimes, Jan 18, 2008. Go to HARNESS LAKE KIVU POWER

UN approves itself $4.1-billion budget (USA contributes 22% of budget) & Probe proves pervasive UN corruption (peacekeeping fraud of $US-610 million) & UN peacekeepers in criminal charges (soliciting bribes & rigging bids). AusNews/WashPost, Dec 21, 2007. Go to 2.Big Brother & 10.Rulers

Reader Antoinette explains aspects of the upcoming peace conference in the Congo

PEACE TALK NO ACTION (reader Antoinette doubts Kabila's xenophobic advisors will let him seek true peace in Congo)

PRINCE OF PEACETIME PHOTOS (reader Sharangabo sends a link to photos including Nkunda's young intores in Mushaki)

Solving Congo Hutu militia complex (13 years trying to rid them). NewYorkTimes, Dec 19, 2007 & Kabila invites Nkunda to talks ('to bring an end to war & create a durable peace'). BBC, Dec 18, 2007

BISESERO HILL HAUNTS CONGO (Hutus crossed Lake Kivu)

RWANDA FRENCH TURQUOISE FILM (depicts UN-French-Hutu connection)

NEWS COVERING CONGO (reader Antoinette sends reaction to a New York Times article)

Nkunda rebels ready for peace (Kabila must disarm Hutu rebels) & Nkunda rebels fighting for family (celebrate victory in retaken towns) & SAfrica/India troops on way to Congo (to help UN fight Nkunda). BBC/AllAf, Dec 14, 2007

WAR UN PEACE IN CONGO (reader Sharangabo sends a North-Kivu security situation report)

KNOW NKUNDA CONGO (reader Mitali explains Congo history)

Nkunda demands talks with Kabila ('solution political, not military') & Nkunda regains ground from Kabila (2 villages, arms & munitions). AFP/NT, Dec 12, 2007

Reader Antoinette says God willing the Republic of Congo will be saved

NKUNDA & MUSHAKI TOWN (reader Antoinette is from that village)

UN HATE WEEK ON NKUNDA (reader Kikudji says nobody in Congo knew what a Tutsi was until refugees swarmed into Congo after genocide)

UN joining attack against Tutsis (siding with genocidal Hutu forces) & Nkunda still desires peace talks ('trouble is gov't & UN impose war') & Congo/UN/Hutu armies attacking Nkunda (heavy artillery & backup helicopters) & Nkunda must leave Congo says USA (surrender & go into exile or face bloody violence from UN) & Force against Nkunda catastrophic (dwarf every crisis on continent). VOA/BBC/AFP/NewTimes, Dec 3-5, 2007

China Helicopter
Canada sells helicopter engines to China. CBC, Oct 19, 2007

Tribute to Ian Smith (one of Africa's all time greatest) & Ian Smith obituary: 1919-2007 (best health, education & housing for black people in all Africa). Frontline Fellowship/NewZimbabwe, Nov 20, 2007



Rwandan portrait wins photo prize (beat 6,900 other entrants). BBC, Nov 7, 2007

RUSESABAGINA IMPOSTA RWANDA (reader Sharangabo says Rusesabagina of Hotel Mille Collines may be an impostor or a genius)

ENIGMATIC LAURENT NKUNDA (reader Sharangabo says Nkunda will go down in history for fighting for a good human cause)

Congo citizens flee to Uganda (fighting in Kivu by government troops against Tutsi General Nkunda) & Nkunda fighting army & Mai Mai militia (Hutu extremists of Rwanda genocide who melted into Congo jungles) & Hutus in Congo reared for new genocide (7,000 armed men led by 300 hard-core killers of million Rwanda Tutsis) & Rwanda says Congo backing Hutus (attacking Congo Tutsis). IRIN/AFP/Times/VOA, Oct 28/30, 2007

Rebels tell China 'leave Sudan' (China a partner in Darfur genocide). BBC, Oct 25, 2007

Reader Ward wonders where to see the Rwanda movie "Operation Turquoise"

Reader Shannon asks for help planning a trip to Rwanda

HOTEL RWANDA HERO HOAX (reader Richard wonders if Rusesabagina of "Hotel Rwanda" fame is being used as a genocidaire front man)

Huge turnout for Hotel Rwanda hero (accused of destabilizing government) & Rusesabagina's Rwanda charity a hoax (money used to enrich himself). EmoryUniv/NewTimes, Oct 23, 2007

RWANDA-DALLAIRE AFFAIR (reader Doug says General Dallaire was a bureaucrat and not a real soldier)

Reader Richard says France & England recognize that Rwanda's president Kagame is one of Africa's most competent leaders


Surviving journey to interview Nkunda (arrested-interrogated by Kabila army) & New fighting threatens Congo ceasefire (President Kabila with King of Belgium) & Hutu genocide leader admits Kabila ally (now Congo Tutsis being killed) & China lending Congo $5-billion (in return for mining concessions) & China & Congo take giant leap (West abandoned this part of world). NewT/Can/Bus/IHT, Sep 27, 2007

Reader Louis sends announcement that a Rwandan Children's musical troupe will be touring North America

Reader Donna wonders how to get the DVD on General Nkunda

Rwandans accused of genocide released (priest of Kigali church). France24, Sep 19, 2007

MEN WHO'D BE KING (reader Zane asks if Rwandan king was threatened with death)

Doctor describes Rwanda genocide (institutions including his hospital turned into bloody slaughterhouses) & Counted 1 body every 12 seconds (burnt villages & barricades, rivers with amputated bodies). CandaPress, Sep 19, 2007

Reader Safari sends thank you for writing about Rwanda

Rwanda may send troops to Congo (Nkunda only force against FDLR, the Hutus who did 1994 genocide). Guardian, Sep 17, 2007

Motto Fight

KAGAME STRATEGY OF PEACE (reader Richard says Rwanda has capability to guard its borders & doesn't need to cross into Congo)

"Rwanda not aiding us" says Nkunda (want peace process in Kinshasa). New Times, Sep 16, 2007

RWANDA KING NOT KINGLY (reader Zane says negative assertions about Kigeli V cast monarchical government in negative light)


Monarchism has outlived taste of time (not democratically elected) & Rwanda ex-king has no special status (Kagame doesn't believe in monarchies). NewTimes/KampalaMonitor, Sep 16, 2007

Rain & flood chaos in 14 African countries (Sudan-Ethiopia-Uganda-Rwanda...bringing death, disease, destruction). BBC, Sep 15, 2007

Reader Jackie from Ottawa loves that I love Rwanda


Nkunda waiting for Kabila response (wants to negotiate & join army for cooperation against negative forces). VOA/AmerProgress, Sep 14, 2007


Averting nightmare scenario in Congo (on brink of a major war & 17,000 UN peacekeeping troops are doing nothing to stop it). American Progress, Sep 12, 2007


Kagame says Nkunda's grievances legit ("should be viewed differently to FDLR who are guilty of genocide...won't discuss FDLR but when it's about Nkunda they move tanks"). NewTimes, Sep 11, 2007

Listen to interview with Laurent Nkunda (asks UN for peace...was told UN "just observing & didn't have any position to take"). VOA, Sep 10, 2007

Dallaire at new Shake Hands movie (UN soldiers played bluff with howling mobs of knife-wielding Hutu hooligans bent on butchering every last Tutsi in Rwanda). CanadaCom Sep 10, 2007

RWANDA'S SILENT FRIENDS (Dallaire has made no comment on Hutu genocidaires attacking Congo Tutsis)

Rwanda fears Congo conflict spillover ("If the UN can't keep peace there, then what are they there for?"). VOA, Sep 9, 2007


Congo fighting lights tinderbox flame (UN flying soldiers & supplies to help Kabila pound Nkunda using Russian-built helicopters) & Nkunda calls for Congo peace (Kabila DRC & UN attacking him) & Air raid 'kills 50 Congo rebels' (Mi-24 gunships against Nkunda) & Congo fighting in gorilla habitat (rangers have fled their posts) Reut/BBC/Guardian, Sep 5, 2007



China is trying to colonize Africa (economic tentacles extend deep) & China focuses on Sudan's oil (human rights & environment abuse). NatPost/SudanTrib, Sep 2, 2007

Kabila troops move toward Nkunda (may ally with Rwandan Hutus) & 'State of war' in eastern Congo (Kabila & UN forces support Hutus who kill Nkunda-supported Tutsis). VOA/BBC, Sep 1, 2007

Rwandan Hutus kill gorilla ranger (& gorillas killed recently in Congo). AllAfrica, Sep 1, 2007

CONGO WRONG ON NKUNDA (reader Kamanzi says Hutus hate)

Rwanda's political opposition to merge (vowing to return & 'liberate' Rwanda). RNS, Aug 28, 2007

KILLED AT KIBEHO (reader Kamanzi sends photos of Internally Displaced Persons at Kibeho)

Congo FDLR aim to destabilise Rwanda (unleashing terror & murder) & Rwanda dismisses lies against officer (made by forces of genocide). NewTimes/Afriquenligne, Aug 27, 2007

Congo struggling to stay in one piece (Kabila blames problems on Nkunda a Congolise Tutsi protector). New Vision, Aug 24, 2007

Reader Vincent says that for many Congolese "banyarwanda", Nkunda is their Hope

HUTUS HATE RWANDA IN DARFUR (reader Gerard opposes a Rwandan general being appointed Deputy Commander of the AU/UN mission to help Darfur

LUMUMBA-LIKE LAURENT NKUNDA (reader Sharangabo explains how General Laurent Nkunda came to be the protector of Tutsis in the Congo)

RWANDA BIKE-TAXI TUNES (reader Eric sends a Hillywood film about bicycles in Rwanda)

Abraham Ruhumuriza Seals 3rd Tour de Rwanda. New Times, Aug 16, 2007 (won the 9th edition of the Tour de Rwanda championship which has been going on throughout the country for the last ten days with total time of 34:53:48 in the 1,177 km event)

RWANDA MWAMI GO HOME (reader Sharangabo says President Kagame personally invited Mwami Kigeri to return to his homeland)


Rwanda's former king eyes return (King Kigeli V Ndahindurwa says he was forced from his throne illegally). BBC, Aug 17, 2007. Go to ROYAL REIGN IN RWANDA & RWANDA ROYAL PALACES

Malicious attack on Rwandan UN-General baseless. New Times, Aug 17, 2007 (The United Democratic Force-Inkingi (UDF-Inkingi), an amalgamation of extremist genocidaires, made wild and unfounded allegations against Major General Karenzi Karake and indeed against the Government of Rwanda. In the International Commission of Inquiry of 3rd May 1995, on the incident at Kibeho, the name of Major General Karenzi does not feature anywhere in the report. The findings of the report on the other hand clearly absolve the RDF, then RPA....


Rwandan UN Darfur-head war criminal? (opposition accuses for Kibeho assault). AllAfrica, Aug 15, 2007

Hutu genocidaires pillage Congo village (no intervention from thousands of UN forces based there). AllAfrica, Aug 15, 2007


Lake Kivu - time bomb or energy source? (contains 65-billion cube metres methane equal to 50-million tonnes petrol). UN Networks, Aug 15, 2007


Author on Jura didn't visit Barnhill (Gourevitch couldn't be bothered walking to Orwell's house). Scotsman, Aug 13, 2007

Murders in the Mist (100 rangers have been killed trying to protect the animals) & Silverback gorillas killed in Congo (7 murders in 7 months). Times/Telegraph, Aug 11, 2007

STUDENT SEARCHING ST FAMILLE (reader is writing a film about a poem)

Rwanda upset at priest's release (wanted for genocide at church). BBC, Aug 9, 2007

BELGIANS & HABYARIMANA DEATHS (reader asks where the Belgian soldiers died & President Habyarimana's plane went down)

Rwandan gets 20-yrs in genocide trial (murder of 10 Belgian soldiers). NewEur, Aug 9, 2007


Rwanda president gets private screening (new movie about the genocide). Globe & Mail, Aug 5, 2007

WEIGHING IN ON SILVERBACK (reader wonders about how much that Hirwa silverback weighs)

A WANDER IN RWANDA (Jackie Jura visits in May 2007)

Louis says Rwanda's singer Samputu won the International Songwriting competition

Reader says the Ugandan journalist Onyano-Obbo writes about Rwanda

RWANDA CIVILIAN HEROES (reader explains which military campaigns should be included in book about RPF)

KAGAME RFP MANEUVERS ANYONE? (reader is researching President Kagame's military campaign that stopped the genocide)


PAUL KAGAME BLUES BAND (reader found songs by an American all about Rwanda)

Close encounters of Rwanda gorilla kind (the hour passes quickly, magically; "I would pay $2,000 for this"). GeorgiaStraight, May 10, 2007. Go to RWANDA'S RARE GORILLAS

Reader viewed "Rwanda Rising" by Andrew Young and says it's a great documentary

RWANDA RAVE REVIEWS (reader sends photos of President Kagame & info about Rwanda Film Festival in New York)


PRAY DON'T BE NEUTRAL (reader says Kagame's RPF stopped the genocide and will neutralize ex-FAR/Interahamwe who are still trying)

Kagame seeks co-operation on rebels. Reuters, May 7, 2007
Authorities in Kigali are keen to work with their counterparts in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to solve the insurgency crisis that has persisted since 1994 rather than attempt to disarm the rebels themselves, even as the DRC army pursues a military operation to oust the Rwandan rebels. The rebel Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, known by its French acronym, FDLR, comprises the remnants of the former Rwandan army and ethnic Hutu militias blamed for the 1994 genocide. It has been active mostly in the North Kivu region of the DRC, where fighting with the DRC army in the first week of May left more than 40 rebels dead, according to the army....Kagame, who had in the past threatened to send troops into the DRC to deal with the threat to national security posed by the rebels, said an incursion into the DRC was currently not necessary. "This is not the only way we have to handle this problem of genocidal militias," said Kagame. "At the moment we seek other peaceful ways to solve the problem definitively. I know that the current Congolese authorities seek the possibility of making it possible to collaborate with us to find solutions to neutralise negative forces operating in this part of eastern DR Congo...For the Rwandan government, it is a priority, because we must reassure ourselves that there is safety in the whole country and neighbouring countries," the Rwandan leader said.


Reader says Kagame and the APR didn't stop the genocide

RWANDA SHALLOW GRAVES REVIEW ('how country came back to life')



Rwanda genocidaire on trial in Brussels (for murder of then Prime Minister and 10 Belgian soldiers). NewTimes, Apr 16, 2007. Go to THE INFORMER & TEN BELGIANS & RWANDA'S UN SOLDIERS DIE


Rwanda: Land of beauty, discipline & tragedy (Kigali with its clean streets, orderly traffic and general tranquillity). Uganda Monitor, Apr 14, 2007. Go to QUIET BLUE LAKE KIVU & GOMA'S LUMUMBA VOLCANO

READING ON RWANDA (recommended books so far)

Kagame blasts France over genocide ("playing volleyball on top of mass graves"). Reuters, Apr 7, 2007
...Kagame used a genocide remembrance ceremony to lash out at Paris. "If we had time and resources they should have tasted our wrath. I regret that they left without picking up a lesson from Rwanda," he told a crowd of thousands gathered in the southern village of Murambi for the 13th anniversary of the killings. Some 270 victims of Murambi were buried in a genocide memorial site where 50,000 people were killed. Murambi was in a zone controlled by the French in the early days of the genocide in a United Nations-sanctioned mission called Operation Turquoise. Survivors of Murambi said French soldiers who camped there in 1994 played volleyball on a court over a mass grave...


On this day 13 years ago: Rwanda president's plane shot down (genocide of the Tutsi begins next day). BBC, Apr 6 1994 - 2007


U2 BONO ARCH-ARCH CAPITALIST U2 Bono gets honourary knighthood (joins Geldof, Gates, Spielberg) & Bono preaches charity (profits from buyouts, tax breaks). BBC/Bloomberg, Mar 29, 2007. Go to 10.Rulers & 8.Classes of People



Reader says students will benefit from reading Alfred Ndahiro's presentation about the history of Rwanda & sends another

10 YEARS ON - THE STORY OF RWANDA, by Dr Alfred Ndhiro

Reader plans to discuss the article "10 Years On - The Story of Rwanda" with her Grade 12 students


Rwanda Silicon Valley of Africa ("the proof is in the fiber"). EAfricaBusWeek, Feb 6, 2007
...Rwanda has become one of the most wired countries in the region, and others are taking notice. As a testament to this expertise, last year African countries unanimously voted Rwanda the headquarters of the East Africa Submarine Cable Project (EASSy). This US$280 million dollar project will serve Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Lesotho. A Rwandan will serve as the Chair of its Working Committee. In fact, if East Africa were an IT village, Rwanda might now be seen as one of the village elders...

LE CONTENTIEUX FRANCO-RWANDAIS (et son impact sur les relations bilaterales et la region des Grands Lacs)

Reader says "white experts" are a big part of the Rwandan tragedy

RWANDA-FRANCE BONE CONTENTION (and its impact on the bilateral relations between Rwanda and France, and on the Great Lakes Region of Africa)

Reader says it's important that the global community learn the facts behind Rwanda-France problems

Genocidaires' defenders accuse Kagame (ICTR lawyers from Canada & USA). AngolaPress, Jan 31, 2007
Arusha, Tanzania - Two defence lawyers at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) in Arusha, Tanzania, have petitioned the court to press charges against leaders of the Rwanda's ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF), for their responsibility in the 1994 genocide. America's Peter Erlinder, and Andre Tremblay of Canada, who are also professors of law in their respective countries, also want the activities of the ICTR suspended and all completed cases revised, in consideration of alleged crimes committed by the ex-rebels now in power...

Rwanda leader defiant on killer claim. BBC, Jan 30, 2007 (Rwandan President Paul Kagame, in a rare interview, is asked to respond to allegations by a French investigating judge that he was complicit in the assassination of former President Juvenal Habyarimana in 1994. BBC world affairs correspondent Fergal Keane reports...I travelled to Rwanda to put Judge Bruguiere's central allegations to President Kagame. In a defiant response he said: "I care that there was a genocide here. A million people died - people have been persecuted for decades here in Rwanda. "I was a refugee for nearly 30 years out of my country as a result of that. Would I care that bloody Habyarimana died, somebody who was responsible for a genocide here, who was a president of a government that discriminated, that persecuted its own people? "That Judge Bruguiere says this or France says that - I don't give a damn." In the aftermath of the genocide, the UN backed away from an investigation of the plane crash. One investigator alleged the matter was dropped because the UN did not want to confront Paul Kagame...However, in his interview with the BBC, Mr Kagame said he would co-operate with an impartial inquiry carried out by a judge who had nothing to do with Rwanda or France...)

Severe hunger looms for Zimbabwe (world's lowest life expectancy & highest inflation rate). BBC, Jan 26, 2007

Parliament sacks Somalia speaker (opposed Ethiopia's intervention & called for peace with Islamists) & Mengistu is handed life sentence (for genocide in Ethiopia). BBC, Jan 17, 2007. Go to ETHIOPIA'S SELASSIE & MENGISTU & JFK & ETHIOPIA'S EMPEROR

Rwanda: Rusesabagina, Genocide & Identity Politics ("saying Tutsis run Rwanda's like saying Jews run Germany again"). American Chronicle, Jan 16, 2007

Fear stalks Somalia once again (streets are no-man's land) & Horn of anarchy (Somalia leader set up by the UN bears uncanny resemblance to Lenin). BBC/SMH, Jan 13, 2007. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace (War) & CIA IN SOMALIA TOO & SOMALIA HORN OF ANARCHY & SOMALIA HELL IN HORN

BEETHOVEN'S RWANDA DALLAIRE (musical tribute to Romeo Dallaire, Canada's national hero). Globe & Mail, Jan 13, 2007

HOTEL HERO NOT ORDINARY (reader watched the movie and wants to learn more)

"Hotel Rwanda" hero fears new killings (says Tutsis will genocide Hutus). Reuters, Jan 11, 2007

Reader wants to learn more history about Rwanda, his motherland

BIG BROTHER BOMBS REFUGEES USA bombs Somalia (looking for al Qaeda) & How to create Africa's Afghanistan (White House taken over by some secret malign power). Reuters/Spiked, Jan 10, 2007

Dark cloud over Gates good works (profits off disease his companies cause, vaccinating/pills impoverished victims). LATimes, Jan 7, 2007. Go to 22.Doubelthink & 9.Masses Down

Reader is going to eastern Congo for "Canadian Ape Alliance" conservation work and requests information on who to contact

Rwanda joins OLPC XOs fray (getting palms on green machines) & One laptop per child for Rwanda (bright-coloured, hand-cranked, wireless-enabled portable) & $100 laptop revolutionizes computing (kids learn system by exploring and teaching each other) & Rwanda's Vision 2020 now real (laptops delivered in 2007 give time to realize dream). EconTimes/Fox/NewTimes, Jan 4, 2007. Go to RWANDA HAS BEEN REBORN

Reader says my research about Kagame and Rwanda isn't independent

RWANDA VIEW FROM TANZANIA (reader says Kagame waged war to give Rwanda dignity)

Web access for all Rwandans (becoming an "Internet Island", a knowledge-based society) & Quixotic goal to wire Rwanda (130-ft tower brought to life atop 14,787-ft volcanic peak where gorillas roam). Spiegel/Post, Dec 30, 2006

Reader says Kagame rescued Rwanda from hell

NEUTRAL NOT ON RWANDA (reader says stop praising Kagame)

FRANCE A CANADA-RWANDA LOSER (reader says France was barbaric in Rwanda before, during & after the genocide)

French Book The Arrogance of the French (Why They Can't Stand Us - and Why the Feeling is Mutual)

60 MINUTES READING RWANDA ("every child, woman, man Tutsi in my village is dead"). CBS, 60 Minutes, Dec 11, 2006










DALLAIRE SAVED SELF & SOME (reader says Dallaire would have been relieved of command for not following UN orders)

Reader asks Amani to explain why he wrote "The real father of Moses is not known"

Reader says that some Hutu refugees crossing the border from Rwanda into Zaire (Congo) were disarmed

Reader sends a good morning prayer








KAGAME AUNT QUEEN ROSALIE (reader sends a photo)

RWANDA LURED KAGAME HOME (reader says Kagame visited Rwanda before the invasion of 1990)

Kagame, Museveni call for stronger ties ("this country protected us, when we were still refugees here") & Kagame at Uganda school reunion (Museveni also Old Boy from Ntare). New Times, Oct 1, 2006

MERE DALLAIRE MYTH MAKING (reader wants retired Colonel's editorial removed)

Reader is taken up by the creative work on the website

DALLAIRE MYTH BASHING (reader says Dallaire had his hands tied and made mistakes but denigrating him is disgraceful)




JUSTICE HEALS GENOCIDE WOUND (reader says the wound of genocide needs to be cleaned before it can heal)

Reader remembers the spirit of Rwanda's hero Fred Rwigema

Reader says enthusiasm about Rwanda can help protect the rights of African children in Canada

PASCAL'S POEMS ABOUT RWANDA (reader sends two poems he wrote)

Genocide suspects won't face execution (Rwanda wants ringleaders extradited) & Kagame clarifies Rwanda's Gacaca ("only way found to quicken trials"). CNN/NewTimes, Aug 18, 2006

DESTINY DESTINATION RWANDA (Jackie Jura visit in July 2006)

RED RWANDA DUST SETTLING (reader compares the Rwanda of today with the Rwanda of just 10-15 years ago...)

Reader sends a link to where people can buy Rwandan coffee in Boston


President Kagame names baby gorillas (in annual conservation ceremony). New Times, Jun 24, 2006

"Big Brother is watching you!" (Jackie Jura is an avowed sister of Rwandans). NewTimes, May 28, 2006

ICTR "is not properly handling" job (says President Kagame, "It was created to try cases of genocide"). Voice of America, May 31, 2006

ADAD IS GENOCIDE MOUTHPIECE (reader says ICTR lawyer Erlinder is now president of ADAD, a genocide mouthpiece organization)

ANTI-KAGAME PETITION (reader sends petition presented by a Canadian MP accusing Kagame of genocide)


President Bush welcomes President Kagame (for discussions in Oval Office) & President Kagame holds Press Conference (at Voice of America studio). WhiteHouse/VOA, May 31, 2006

Rwanda president scoffs at Hotel Rwanda ("someone is trying to rewrite history") & Shake Hands With Devil begins shooting (about UN's hero Romeo Dallaire) & Dupuis plays Dallaire in Shake (for people who like to cry instead of think) & Hotel hero's friends are genocidaires (Rusesabagina is trading with genocide). CBC/Cinema/NewTimes, May 31, 2006

How Kagame became Rwanda's leader (read stories about liberation). NewTimesUrugwiro, May 30, 2006

Rwanda's living legend in London (torch bearer deservedly supported). NewTimesUrugwiro, May 27, 2006

ELEPHANT RIDERS REBEL (reader asks what can be done) & Roque elephant escapes in Rwanda (Mutware usually has good character; normally found wallowing in Lake Ihema)

Rwanda Disowns Hotel Rwanda Movie Hero (portrayal of Paul Rusesabagina is a "falsehood". May 26, 2006 Rusesabagina did not do anything special to save the lives of people at the Hotel to deserve heroism. Hotel Mille Colline was a UN protected site at the time and the focus of the UN forces in Rwanda. He instead was fulfilling his business interests...Kagame's quotes: "My humble opinion is that the issue of Rusesabagina distorts our history. They (refugees) did not survive because of Rusesabagina. Actually negotiations were going on between the XFAR and RPF. Demands were sent through the UN. We were communicating for a long time because there were people we had in our hands and the XFAR were saying give them to us and we save the Mille Colline people..."

Rwanda is uneasy with Genocide movies. Kampala Monitor, May 21, 2006
Senior government officials in Rwanda have expressed their discomfort over new movies on the 1994 Rwanda Genocide...The movies are Hotel Rwanda and Sometimes in April...The problem with the movies is not the plots or the narratives. It is the heroes. The new movies seem to be obsessed with the portrayal of a benevolent Hutu man married to a Tutsi woman as a central theme....The psyche of Rwandans does not seem to be ready for a Hutu hero...

Genocide ghost haunting Hotel Rwanda ("hero's" scam hijacking heroism). New Times, May 21, 2006

Rwanda Senator castigates Rusesabagina (revisionist hero in Hotel Rwanda film). May 15, 2006

Sad revisionism over Hotel Rwanda (producer/director of film says Rusesabagina is being denounced by some in his country as a traitor and a criminal). WashingtonPost, May 10, 2006

Rusesabagina fears Rwanda's backlash (Hotel Rwanda hero promoting his book "An Ordinary Man"). Deseret News, Apr 23, 2006

Reader appreciates Rwanda being understood

RPA-KAGAME A PT-109 MOVIE (reader describes how Kagame started with zero after saving Rwandans from the genocidaires)


RWANDA RWIGEMA'S HERO RUTAREMARA (reader sends photo of Tito)

KAGAME'S HERO FRED RWIGEMA (reader sends photo of Fred)

Reader was in London seeing President Kagame and sends words of praise and encouragement

Reader wants to interview a journalist who was in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide

Oklahoma gives Kagame standing ovation (spoke to joint State legislature). NormanTranscript, Apr 27, 2006

"We have so much in common" (need vital tourism & inflow of people). CHNI/NewTimes, May 3, 2006

RWANDA'S LIVING LEGEND IN LONDON (Jackie Jura covers President Kagame's first visit to Canada in April 2006)

Kagame seeks peace ("Rwandan genocide victims have paid a huge price for peace") & Kagame: Sinner or Saviour? ("doesn't fit African leader mold, he isn't anyone's puppet"). Toronto Star, May 2, 2006

Kagame castigages ICRT on West's role (France and Belgium were involved). NewTimes, May 2, 2006

ICTR 'shoots down' genocidaire's lawyer ("his views don't express tribunal"). NewTimes/AllAfrica, May 2, 2006

LOVE'S BLIND SAYS KAGAME HATER (reader says Orwell Today coverage of Rwanda is one-sided)

KAGAME IS WELCOME IN CANADA ("the Napoleon of Africa is the personifcation of hope after horror"). MontrealGazette, Apr 22, 2006

RWANDA REP DEFENDS KAGAME (reader sends Rwanda response to ICTR defense lawyer in Arusha)


Rwanda wounds reopened in Canada (genocide inciter still here). EpochTimes, Apr 22, 2006

Rwanda's President visiting Canada (star attraction at conference for Education & Economic Development) & Canadian univeristy assissting Rwanda (in public health & hospitals). EmbassyNews/UWO News, Apr 19, 2006

RWANDA'S ROSE (reader sends photo of lady war hero)

RWANDA'S WARRIORS (reader sends photo of Kagame and liberation army)

SA Envoy defends Kagame's comment (lauds Rwanda's Gacaca system of resolving Genocide judicial cases). NewTimes, Apr 13, 2006. Go to A GACACA TRIAL

Rwanda: desertion & conspiracy (gov't bought pangas-machetes-AK47s; churches knew about the Genocide). AllAfrica, Apr 10, 2006

Rwanda's history should be a lesson ("so that what happened here cannot be repeated anywhere in the world"). NewTimes, Apr 10, 2006

RWANDA DEVELOPMENT GATEWAY (all you need to know about Rwanda)

Rwanda leader Kagame slams critics ("your unfounded criticism is not welcome"). ReutersAlert, Apr 7, 2006

Documents shed new light on Genocide ("military-administrative-political authorities used the machinery of the state"). ReutersAlert, Apr 7, 2006. Go to HOW RWANDAN GENOCIDE WAS PREPARED

RWANDA HAS BEEN REBORN. SummitCommunications, Apr 6, 2006
(The national plan designed by President Paul Kagame, Vision 2020, seeks to turn Rwanda from a low-income into a middle-income country, focusing on poverty reduction, infrastructure development and expansion of the export base. To achieve the growth it needs, Rwanda has to move away from being a largely subsistence economy which is heavily dependent on agriculture. The nation must concentrate on becoming a services-oriented economy that maximizes the contribution of its most important asset, its people....)

KAGAME'S ARMY RWANDA'S HEROES (Rwandan soldier defends Kagame)

2,700 refugees to return to Rwanda (a country enjoying unprecedented peace and tranquility). New Times, Apr 3, 2006

Rwanda is the source of the Nile ("This is the most incredible country of all. We'll help put Rwanda on the map.") & Team reaches Nile's true source (many rivers feed Lake Victoria). Telegraph/BBC, Apr 1, 2006. Go to LIVINGSTONE FINDS VICTORIA FALLS & STANLEY FINDS LIVINGSTONE ("Doctor Livingstone, I presume?")

Reader asks what drives my interest in his native country, Rwanda


University honours General Dallaire ("foe of genocide, complacency"). GeorgetownNews, Mar 23, 2006

BBC Rwanda film criticized (making money from "Shooting Dogs"). DigitalSpy, Mar 23, 2006

Reader tells about Yolande Mukagasana and her contribution to Rwanda after surviving the genocide

Reader apologizes for Rwandan compatriots who repeat the tired refrain of genocide apologists

Readers says she doesn't believe Kagame is a good man

Reader says the truth about Kagame is an honour and a tribute

DRINKING TOAST TO RWANDA (Reader is mystified how Kagame, who stopped the dying of a million people in 100 days, is not appreciated)

Mixed perceptions of "Heroes' Day" (February 1 will be public holiday). NewTimes, Feb 2, 2006
"...The dead people and the living gallant soldiers contributed a lot to Rwanda's liberation from the past political turmoils the country experienced. Heroism should not be a reserve of the dead only; even the living ones need recognition and praise." But to Maria Mukankomeje, 45, a resident of Gikondo,the only person she regards as a hero is H.E Paul Kagame, because he rescued them from the Interahamwe and helped create peace and stability in the country.

HOLLYWOOD HUTU HOTEL HERO (Reader explains what ururo n' icyatsi means)

"Hotel Rwanda" Rusesabagina no hero. All Africa, New Times Kigali, Mar 1, 2006
..."Rusesabagina came in as a businessman who threw out whoever failed to pay for the room. He sacrificed nothing. He was just managing a hotel in a way that did not reflect the presence of a crisis..."

Reader wants me to open my eyes and think about Kagame's heroism

Reader says I may be wrong about Rwanda's Kagame

Belgian priest gets Peace Prize (masterminded killings in Rwanda church). All Africa, Feb 16, 2006

Rwanda president says priest is guilty (published articles that incited genocide). UPI, Jan 30, 2006

Rwanda becoming "world's first purpose-driven nation". Christianity Today, Oct 2005
Right now, HIV/AIDS grant money is flooding into African nations like Rwanda. It's drawing some of the nation's most talented local individuals into HIV/AIDS programs. But other programs focused on killers like malaria are getting very little new money...Back in Rwanda, Christians were sorting out their feelings and discovered their enthusiasm was mixed with worry. Public support for the PEACE plan may not translate well long term to the grassroots, he said. Others are more skeptical still. "It has taken centuries for Rwandans to descend into the hell in which they exist. Not even becoming a purpose-driven nation is likely to bring them to heaven anytime soon."

"Mugabe hates his own people" ("crawling mass of maggots" say police; priests told "don't aid filth"). Times, Jun 19, 2005. Go to ZIMBABWE GOING RED CHINESE

Letter-to-the-editor, Ron Bezant, Captain (ret'd). National Post, Apr 14, 2005
Warrant Officer Roy Shaver suggests that one of the reasons Gen Dallaire was selected to lead the Rwandan mission may have been that he was perfectly bilingual. I would suggest that was the ONLY reason. I was in an Armed Forces conference room in 1975 when a policy was announced that would see francophones promoted over personnel above them on merit lists, in order to fill government-designated quotas. These quotas have since been surpassed. One wonders at the opportuniities denied by the unfair and immoral linguistic largesse that tilted the playing field and, if anything, has since mushroomed to unexplored heights of idiocy.

Rwandan president to be at U of Pacific (speaking to students & public & receiving honourary Law degree). Tri-Valley Herald, Apr 6, 2005

USA UNIVERSITY HONORS KAGAME (reader says her university is awarding Rwanda's president)

Dallaire's frenzied quest for land. Globe & Mail, Mar 25, 2005
It was a hurried purchase but a significant one because without that land Mr. Dallaire, one of the country's military heroes, could not have accepted Prime Minister Paul Martin's offer to sit in the Senate...

Reader says the UN's report about the Congo contained false accusations about Rwanda

Rwandan genocide militias get refuge in Congo (11,000 UN troops lack authority to go after killers). ABC News, Feb 11, 2005
The leaders of a genocide that resulted in the deaths of nearly 1 million people have regrouped, rearmed, and opened camps in the deep forests of Congo. The United Nations knows where the murderous Rwandan militias hide, according to a confidential map obtained by ABC News, but says it lacks the authority to go after and capture the killers. "We would need a different mandate than the one we have now," admitted William Swing, head of the U.N. Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire). "The mandate from the United Nations Security Council." Similar to the Rwanda genocide of 1994, the U.N. peacekeeping troops in the affected areas of Congo, some 11,000 in number, have the sanction to monitor the conflict and protect civilians and foreign aid workers, but not to seek out and stop the killers, known as Interahamwe and by their political groupings, FDLR and FOCA...These militias include some of the same men from the ethnic Hutu extremist groups that the United Nations says led the mass murders of people of Tutsi descent across the border in Rwanda 11 years ago. Tutsi people have a long history in Congo, having settled in the Kivu provinces since their ancestors migrated generations ago from Rwanda and Burundi. Tutsi leaders in eastern Congo say they fear another genocide is in the offing. "They know our Tutsi face, my nose is long," said Dunia Bakarani, a member of the Congolese parliament. "The same program from 1994 is continuing, until every Tutsi is dead." Wamba dia Wamba, a Congolese senator, also sees similiarities to the conditions that led to the Rwandan genocide. "It sounds like a replay," he said. "It is the same sort of feeling one may have that the U.N. knows where they are, where the camps are and then they don't want to do anything about it."

Reader says giving Paul Kagame a Nobel Peace Prize would honour those who offered their lives in order to stop genocide


NEVER AGAIN (reader sends link to Rwanda youth website NEVER AGAIN which aims to provoke ideas and actions for peace)

Rwanda/Uganda slam UN report ("panel has very tenuous relationship with the truth"). ReliefWeb, Feb 2, 2005. Go to 28.Reality Control & RWANDA BEFORE & AFTER

H. E. PAUL KAGAME (Official Website for the President of Rwanda)

ABANDONING RWANDA & MAKING MOVIES (reader shares admiration for Kagame)

Reader Sharangabo sends Christmas greetings and photo of H.E. Kagame

Reader Ndore says I should jump on plane and visit country I hold dear

Reader Pan fails to understand why the international community wants to condemn Rwanda to ethnic slaughter. Dec, 11, 2004

Reader Dvinah from Rwanda says "Western propaganda minimizes President Kagame's role in stopping the genocide", Dec 7, 2004

Rwanda denies UN report of Congo meddling. BBC, Jul 18, 2004
Rwanda has rejected UN accusations that it played a "destabilising role" in eastern areas of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. A draft report written by UN-appointed experts said Rwanda had actively supported renegade Congolese troops who seized the town of Bukavu last month. A Rwandan spokesman told the BBC that the findings were "total rubbish". He said the panel had provided no proof to support their conclusion that Rwanda had maintained a presence in DR Congo. In its draft report issued on Friday, the UN-appointed panel said Rwanda recruited, trained and sheltered the renegade soldiers who staged last month's mutiny. The experts, who visited the region last month, said Rwandan officials rounded up potential fighters in the border town of Cyangugu and offered them money or phones to fight with dissident Congolese troops. "The group of experts concluded that Rwanda's violations involved direct and indirect support, both in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Rwanda, to the mutinous troops," the draft said. But these conclusions were flatly denied by the spokesman for Rwanda's armed forces, Colonel Patrick Karegeya. He told the BBC that the experts had not been impartial, and that their report served as a public relations exercise for Congolese President Joseph Kabila.The BBC's Robert Walker in Kigali said the findings come as a serious blow to Rwanda and will be seen as vindication by Congo, which had claimed Rwandan troops backed the rebels.

Kagame: Resolution to prevent genocide a failure., Apr 12, 2004
Recalling the December 1948 adoption of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Rwandan President Paul Kagame said: "We should always bear in mind that genocide, wherever it happens, represents the international community's failure, which I would in fact characterise as deliberate convenient failure." Close to one million Rwandan people were in 1994 brutally massacred within three months across Rwanda while the world silently watched and chose not to act. Rwanda turned into one massive slaughter place as neighbour killed neighbour on 7 April 1994, a day after a plane carrying Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana, leader of a Hutu-dominated government, was shot down killing him as he returned from a meeting with minority Tutsi-dominated Rwandan Patriotic Front rebels in Tanzania. Soon after the attack, which also claimed the life of Burundi President Cyprien Ntaryamira, the Hutu-dominated government troops and allied militia started killing thousands of Rwandans, mostly Tutsis, accusing them of collaborating with the RPF rebels led then by Paul Kagame. As the days drew on the mass killings, looting and raping spread across the Central African country with officials and media outlets inciting the massacres turning churches and hospitals into human slaughterhouses. The withdrawal of UN peacekeepers from the Great Lakes Region country as RPF rebels advanced into Kigali exacerbated the problem. ...Meanwhile as investigations into the Rwanda killings continue fingers are being pointed everywhere with France, Belgium, the United States, Britain, the United Nations and the Roman Catholic Church coming under fire for allegedly contributing to or failing to prevent the mass ethnic bloodshed. Recently Rwandan President Kagame reportedly told the French state-owned RFI radio that the French "directly" took part in the genocide by supplying arms and giving orders to the perpetrators. "The French were there when the genocide took place. They trained those who carried it out. They had positions of command in the armed forces who committed the genocide," said President Kagame.

Kagame speaks at sombre ceremony (says France trained & armed soldiers & militias for genocide). News Asia, Apr 7, 2004

Rwanda remembers its dead (but western heads of state were conspicuous by their absence). Guardian, Apr 7, 2004

Drunks & machetes began nightmare (Hutu militia named "Interahamwe" went house to house with names). Reuters, Apr 7, 2004

Rwanda, Ten Years Later (ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front that toppled genocidal regime has abolished ethnic divisions). National Geographic, Apr 6, 2004

Country profile: Rwanda, BBC


Kagame is a rare incourrptible leader. Rocky Mountain News, Mar 23, 2004
John Dick of Project Cure made an enormous commitment to Rwanda because Kagame is a rare "incorruptible" African leader - in a continent ravaged by genocide, civil war, AIDS, famine, drought, with numerous dictators who'd rather steal donations than improve the lot of their people. He is unique among African nations, in that he runs a totally straight government. If he finds a little bit of corruption, he'll ruthlessly root it out," Dick said. "His vision for the future is one of a true democracy, even though Kagame essentially has ruled as a dictator for the past 10 years."



When good men do nothing, BBC, Mar 30, 2004

BROKEN SOLDIER. ABC Nightline. ("In peacekeeping you are not fighting. An individual sergeant or corporal who witnesses such actions and cannot use force goes through a mental crash. His moral values, his ethical values, his religious beliefs are brought together and they're all crashing," says D'Allaire.)

peaceofficer, peacekeeper - people who stand by doing nothing while wrongs are committed against others OR who act aggressively ONLY against those attempting to intervene on behalf of victims. ~ Jackie Jura


Rwanda wants former first lady tried for genocide. Reuters, Mar 30, 2004
KIGALI - The widow of former President Juvenal Habyarimana is at the top of a list of 300 people living abroad that Rwandan officials say they want captured and brought to justice for the genocide 10 years ago. But the demand that France hand over Habyarimana's widow could further strain relations between the two countries, which have recently been at odds over the French role in the genocide. Responding to accusations earlier this month by a French judge that Kagame had ordered the downing of Habyarimana's plane, the Rwandan president accused France of "direct" involvement in the genocide. Rwanda is compiling a list of suspects living freely in Europe, North America and other regions who they accuse of helping mastermind the 1994 slaughter of some 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu moderates in just 100 days... The U.N. tribunal has come under fire from Rwanda for being slow and inept, having convicted only 20 people and acquitted three others over the past decade.

France accused of genocide by Rwanda's leader. Telegraph, Mar 17, 2004
President Kagame claimed that the French government supplied weapons, logistical support and even senior military planners to the regime of militant ethnic Hutus responsible for the slaughter of 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus.

MCCARTHY'S UN THOUGHTS, by his secretary

Kofi regrets Rwanda genocide (guilty of sin of ommission in deaths of 800,000 Tutsis). BBC, Mar 27, 2004

IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM, WE'RE ENSLAVED (Big Brother doublethink)


TIME FOR KOFI ANNAN TO GO (Secretary General of United Nations ignored Rwandan genocide). Washington Times

Kagame: Future holds hope and healing for Rwanda. Rocky Mountain News, Apr 15, 2004
Slightly stooped as if evil still weighed heavily on his shoulders, Rwandan President Paul Kagame brought a message of hope and healing to Denver on Wednesday, just 10 years after genocide ravaged his country. "We are leaving the past behind," he told an audience of several thousand at the University of Denver. He cited the return of 3 ½ million refugees to Rwanda, who fled for their lives in 1994 when an estimated 1 million people were killed. But while the progress has been remarkable, Kagame's goal is stunning: nothing less than lifting a nation of people living on less than $1 a day to "a middle-income country" in just 20 years. Kagame is getting a boost in that direction with a promised gift of $10 million of medical supplies from the Denver-based charity, Project Cure. A group of University of Colorado Engineers Without Borders is taking on small reconstruction projects. He also expects to benefit from U.S. expertise in water treatment, renewable energy and business development on his four-day trip to Denver. Ten years ago, Rwanda exploded in violence. Hutu extremists, unwilling to give up political power, incited the mass killing of ethnic Tutsis and any Hutu who refused to join in. Kagame, leader of the rebel army, ended the genocide unaided by world leaders. And this is what his group inherited, he said: 1 million people dead, the entire population displaced, a divided society, a collapsed socio-economic infrastructure, innumerable orphans, widows, widowers, and rape victims infected by AIDS. On top of all that, the perpetrators of the genocide lay in wait in neighboring countries. "These were indeed huge challenges, if not a recipe for renewed catastrophe," he said. "These problems will take decades to resolve." ...He blamed the genocide on Belgian colonists, who set one ethnic group against another to "divide and rule." Before colonization, Rwandans "had 600 years as a nation-state, not as savages inclined to kill each other at the earliest opportunity."

Rwanda struggles to rebuild her broken past. East Africa Standard, Apr 7, 2004
...The executive secretary of Rwanda’s National Unity and Reconciliation Commission tells us the story of Rwanda..."The Hutus and Tutsis were not ethnic tribes. They were social classes. If I owned cattle, I was thought to be a Tutsi. If I started cultivating, I was thought to be a Hutu, and if I was a hunter, I was thought to be a Batwa. We had cases where two brothers could be recorded as belonging to different tribes. It is the only place one could switch from one tribe to another," she says as our minds raze through the maze of Rwanda tribal feuds. It was the Belgian Government that turned the social classes into tribes and used the ethnicity card to divide the community. Although the rewriting of the Rwanda history has yet to begin, already the school curriculum has done away with ethnic tags and teaching of the Hutu supremacy.

"Children here were taught from an early age that the Hutus were the indigenous tribe of Rwanda and that all the others were foreigners who came to conquer and occupy," says Ndangiza. And, at one genocide site at Ntarama, we were later to come across school textbooks teaching same. It is only when you see and read it that you believe.

When Rwanda attained independence in 1962, the Hutus were made by the Belgians to believe it was "freedom from Tutsi domination". In schools, Tutsi children were discriminated against and they could not get university education courtesy of a quota system. Habyarimana had perfected the art. "Even vehicles had different number plates and you could recognise vehicles owned by people from different areas," says Ndangiza. "Today, all vehicles in Rwanda are fitted with national number plates". Also her commission replaced the national identity cards, which identified residents by their tribes. "The card was used by Habyarimana to assess one’s identity to facilitate discrimination. Today, the identity card in Rwanda is hardly used. There is no place in Rwanda where an officer will demand to see your card," she says...

KAGAME WANTED UN WEAPONS (Rwanda's leader says he wanted to overpower Canadian-led force). Globe & Mail, Apr 5, 2004

Black box not from Rwanda, BBC, Mar 18, 2004

Rwandan president dismisses black box. Globe & Mail, Mar 14, 2004
President Paul Kagame yesterday dismissed the belated discovery of a plane black box that could shed light on his country's genocide of a decade ago as a "fuss about nothing." The United Nations revealed Thursday the existence of the box, long forgotten in a filing cabinet, apparently from the plane in which then-president Juvenal Habyarimana was killed in April, 1994. Mr. Kagame, on a visit to Brussels, said speculation about the box's contents is pointless. "Maybe it will tell you that the plane crashed and it was shot down, but it will not tell you the identity of the one who shot it down," he told reporters.

Forgotten black box may cast light on Rwanda, Guardian, Mar 13, 2004

Kagame accused over plane attack. BBC, Mar 10, 2004

Interview: President Paul Kagame (Ghosts of Rwanda). Frontline, Jan 30, 2004
...I told him [Dallaire] first of all, that I thought generally, he maybe as a person was a good man. But he was serving a very hopeless organization, an organization maybe that has no principles, that follows no principles, that is just, in my view, useless, though it serves all of us and serves the international community. I was talking about the U.N. I told him how I thought personally that was wrong for him as a general with an army, armed, to see people being killed, and you don't save them because there is something called a mandate? So if a mandate does not address saving people, what is it for? I told him, I said if I was ever to serve the U.N., and that situation developed, I would cease to be a member of the U.N. and just say I'm leaving, or I will disobey the orders of the U.N. and try to save the people until they sacked me. I told him I cannot serve as a general who will sit there and see people being killed and do nothing about it...


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