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Nice web site, I've got lots more reading to do. What surprises me is that you don't have more examples of what is going on in Canadian government, from federal to municipal. Actions our governments are slowly taking to remove power from the people one step at a time.

It began in Canada with the introduction of the Constitution to replace the British North American Act. What was sold to the public as necessary to preserve and increase our rights as individuals actually had the opposite effect. Governing was removed from the people and handed to the courts. No elected judges equals no accountability, no complaint process, a legal system that requires extreme wealth or extreme poverty to gain access, justice through the media. (?) (Unless your cause goes against the media agenda) The media gives center stage to the freaks, deviants and wacko's. The courts play along and the masses actually believe our society is becoming more permissive. Nice trick.

Today, the average working Canadian has about as much freedom as a prisoner. It's only going to get worse; governments are constantly getting more power, cleverly disguising their actions as best for the taxpayer. In B.C., municipal governments are one step closer to being able to collect more taxes and pass more laws. I'm sure fines will be in order for those of us who may have the wrong colour garbage cans.

Anyway, lots to discuss in this area.


Greetings Rick,

That was such a good overview I'm posting it for all to read, and including a link to articles about one of our most influential politicans - Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Maybe it will give people an understanding of what's behind what's going on in Canada and elsewhere.



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