To Orwell Today,

I am a Knight of Columbus member in Illinois. I work as a co-chair to raise funds for the mentally handicapped people in the month of September. You may have seen the knights with our tootsie roll drive each year.

I am floored that the college did what they did to you. I hold you in the up-most regard standing up for what you believe in. What bothers me is...........all those numbskulls working with the handicapped disagreed with you. May God help us all.

Kudos to you and yours,

Greetings Mike,

Thank you so much for your very kind words regarding my bad experience at the local college (now a university with 800 foreign students enrolled, including from China and Russia).

It is quite the ordeal people go through when they step out of line at the politically-correct establishments these days. The pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality feminist mentality was all-pervasive when I was in college in the 90s and they made adherence to their dogma a criteria for success. I didn't like the Orwellian attitude toward the mentally handicapped whereby they were only valued as human beings AFTER birth, but not before. But that goes the same for all of us, in their eyes.

I must say that in the years that I was active in the Pro-Life movement the Knights of Columbus were the knights in shining armour who always donated financially and spiritually to help in the work of educating society regarding the facts about abortion.

Tootsie-Rolls remind me of happy, innocent days of childhood because they were my favourite candy when I was a kid.

All the best in your fund-raising campaign,
Jackie Jura


Jackie Jura
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