To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

I just wanted to say that I apologize for the above statement. I was speaking passionately about something I knew little about. I am a student with a BA in psychology, majoring in Native American studies with a goal of masters in social work. Apparently I slipped and forgot to disseminate the information more deeply. I don't think I am an armchair critic or a person who sits back and lets others try and deal with problems. In this case I jumped before looking more intently at this subject. So I want to go on record and stand corrected. You sound like you are passionate and committed to your pursuit of truth and I admire that greatly.

I would ask for your opinion in the Obama politics subject but it would probably not be a good idea to put anything down on paper at this point.

Again please accept my apology and also thankyou again for displaying my uninformed comment.

A friend,

Greetings Mary,

I really do appreciate your follow up comments to our email exchange of a little over three years ago - in May 2006 - shortly after Romeo Dallaire had been appointed to the Canadian Senate and a United Nations Prevention of Genocide Committee.

Since that time much blood has flowed under the genocide bridge in the Congo - perpetrated by the same Hutus who ran there after committing the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. And not ONCE has Romeo Dallaire spoken out against the inaction of the 17,000 United Nations troops stationed there in the Congo who are once again doing nothing to stop the slaughter of Tutsi, moderate Hutus and other Congolese tribes. Hundreds of thousands of Congolese have been raped and massacred (in this past three years) and millions have been chased from their villages and are now living in UN-run displacement camps - dying of disease, thirst and starvation - being unable to grow their crops and therefore dependent on UN rations - supplied by billions of dollars a year taken from Western World taxpayers - much of it skimmed off the top through UN and NGO corruption. And meanwhile the president of Congo - Joseph Kabila - is swinging deals with the Communist Chinese - in their favour - for rights to his country's vast mineral resources - the most plentiful on the planet.

Until seven months ago - when he was captured and imprisoned by Rwanda's President Paul Kagame (who he had helped stop the genocide in Rwanda) - Congo did have a protector of the people and peace and security had taken root in the North Kivu part of Congo. His name is Laurent Nkunda and I've written extensively about him this past three years - the articles of which are listed under the essay KNOW NKUNDA CONGO. No journalist has seen or talked to Nkunda since January 3, 2009 and without him the territory and people he protected in Congo have once again fallen into the hands of the Hutus from Rwanda - under the watchful eye of the UN.

Yes, I am passionate and committed to the search for truth about Rwanda and Congo - because in part I've been there and have studied the history of that Great Lakes Region in great detail - from way back when Livingstone, Burton, Speke, Baker, Stanley and other explorers were there searching for and discovering the source of the Nile.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I've expressed my thoughts on the subject of Obama in the OBAMA HEADING US INTO ABYSS section of "Orwell Today"

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