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Strange coincidences occured on November 22, 1963. The day when JFK was assassinated, the writer of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley died and commentators state that it was the day when the Beatles conquered the USA.

Raymond Wills

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Yes, the day JFK was assassinated was the same day that Huxley was given a fatal overdose of LSD by his wife, as per his wish. His death was completely overshadowed by JFK's assassination.

It looks like you're right about the Beatle coincidence too. I checked out The Beatles Timeline and this was their schedule for November 1963:

November 4
At the "Royal Variety Show," held in Prince of Wales Theatre, London, the Beatles perform before the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon. John Lennon humorously tells the audience: "Those of you in the cheaper seats - clap your hands; and those of you in the more expensive seats - just rattle your jewelry."

November 22
"With the Beatles" (lp) is released in Britain (Parlophone Records)

Track listing, Side One: 1) It Won't Be Long 2) All I've Got To Do 3) All My Loving 4) Don't Bother Me 5) Little Child 6)Till There Was You 7) Please Mister Postman Side Two: 1) Roll Over Beethoven 2) Hold Me Tight 3) You Really Got A Hold On Me 4) I Wanna Be Your Man 5) Devil In Her Heart 6) Not A Second Time 7) Money

November 25
"Beatlemania With The Beatles" (lp) is released in Canada (Capitol Records)

Historical significance: The first true Beatles album is released in North America that contained same track listing as "With the Beatles" which was released only a three days earlier in Britain.

November 29
700,000 advance orders for "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by British fans

On the day of the assassination the album hit Britain and on the day of his burial three days later it hit America.

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