Made for TV 1977
based on the best-selling book
by Kenneth O'Donnell & David Powers

To Orwell Today,

I am searching for a copy of the movie, "Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye".

Is there any chance of getting a copy on VHS or DVD? I am more than happy to pay for this film.

Thank you,
Bob Rogers

Greetings Bob,

So glad you are interested in the JOHNNY, WE HARDLY KNEW YE movie.

Since receiving your email I watched it again and it's a great flashback in time to that time period in JFK's life -- when he had just come back from the war and had made the decision to become a politician.

JFKwithDavePowers DavePowersLibraryJFK

Although it's true that the movie was from the book JOHNNY WE HARDLY KNEW YE which was co-written by Kenny O'Donnell and Dave Powers about JFK's entire political career from start to finish, the movie focuses only on JFK's relationship with Dave Powers and on his role in helping JFK win his first seat in Congress in 1946.

I love the movie -- it is so warm and loving and true to JFK.

I cherish the copy I own because it was sent to me from Ireland by the very person, Peter O'Leary, who made the JOHNNY I HARDLY KNEW YE sign that caught the attention of Kenny and Dave during JFK's speech to the crowd at his ancestral home-town and after which they titled their book.

JFKJohnnySign JFKJohnnySignCrowd JFKJohnnySignBridge



Peter O'Leary also sent old photos of himself holding the sign -- and of JFK seeing the sign. And on the 50th anniversary of JFK's 1963 trip to Ireland, Peter stood with the sign in front of the statue of JFK that was erected near the place in New Ross where JFK made the speech.

If you send me your snail-mail address I will be more than happy to send you a DVD copy of the movie.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

watch/listen Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye, The Irish Rovers, YouTube

watch/listen When Johnny Comes Marching Home, YouTube

JFK WE HARDLY KNEW YE FUNERAL (Peter went to Washington for JFK's funeral & sends a video slideshow of the photos)

JFK IRELAND KNEW YE DVDS (Peter sends 3 DVDs of JFK's visit to Ireland including the movie JOHNNY WE HARDLY KNEW YE)

JFK, JACKIE & BABY PATRICK (During Jackie's sixth-month of pregnancy, in June 1963, JFK made his famous historic visit to Ireland accompanied by his sisters and closest Irish aides -- Dave Powers and Kenny O'Donnell. The love JFK felt there -- from his relatives and all the Irish people -- had given him emotional and spiritual strength -- and he promised to return one day, and bring Jackie and the children with him....)

CarolinePodiumIreland Caroline Kennedy lights memorial flame in Ireland, Reuters, June 24, 2013
Caroline Kennedy and other relatives of President John F Kennedy lit a flame in Ireland on Saturday to mark the anniversary of his 1963 visit to the country, a landmark in its post-independence history. Irish premier Enda Kenny joined thousands in the county Wexford town to mark the anniversary with the president's sister Jean Kennedy Smith and daughter Caroline Kennedy. President Kennedy's visit, just five months before his assassination, was the first by a serving U.S. president and cemented the strong links between the nations forged by waves of emigration....

JFK WE HARDLY KNEW YE MEMENTO SIGN (Peter delivered the JFK WE HARDLY KNEW YE sign to New Ross & took a pic of the handover)

Peter says he took the "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye" sign down from the attic to lend to New Ross for 5Oth anniversary JFK Homecoming celebrations

WHERE'S JFK HARDLY KNEW YE SIGN? (Ray wishes to borrow the "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye" sign for the 50th anniversary of JFK visiting New Ross, Ireland)

JFK WE HARDLY KNEW YE SIGN (Peter was the person holding the "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye" placard for JFK during his visit to New Ross, Ireland in 1963)

POEMS FOR JFK & JOHN-JOHN (...The welcome and love JFK received from the Irish people lifted his spirits and warmed his heart and Dave Powers and Kenny O'Donnell chose the name of their book "Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye" from a sign somebody in the crowd held up, which was also the title of an old Irish ballad....)

To Orwell Today,

Jackie. THANK YOU so very much!!!

I have been searching for that movie for a long time -- ever since I saw it on TV many years ago.

My snail mail address is...Illinois, USA.

Bob Rogers

To Orwell Today,

Jackie. Just received it yesterday. Can you believe that??? Immediately watched the movie last night and remembered various scenes as if I had just watched it yesterday. You are very sweet to send me this copy of the DVD.

THANK YOU so very much!!!


Jackie Jura
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