To Orwell Today,

Rules for JFK RELOADED computer simulation available for download:

1.) Users have to recreate Oswald's alleged shots exactly as the Warren Commission stated things. Since the Warren Commission is crap, recreating those shots is still a one-in-a-million shot (no pun intended) even in the simulation.

2.) To this date no one has ever gotten anywhere near a perfect score. If any of 'em could have been graded, the closest shooter got a "C". The prize money was finally awarded to the highest scorers after the game had been out for a few years at jfkreloaded.com and the latest version -- and last version, 1.10 -- had been marked down in price from $9.95 to $4.95.

3.) The game is "orphanware" or "abandonware", meaning the game's makers are no longer in existence. Check for yourself; their site jfkreloaded.com is down for good. You can, however, still find the game at the occasional website or two for free download.

4.) No, contrary to what you stated in your article, blowing out Jackie O's brains is NOT a viable option. While it can be done, if you (the player) injures either Jackie O or Governor Connelly's wife in any way you are awarded no points. To get the total score of 400 for Targets Hit, JFK has to be dead, Connelly has to be injured (not dead or uninjured) and the two wives have to be uninjured. Anything else and you don't get the high score.

5.) I re-iterate: no one has been able to pull off the Magic Bullet shot in the game -- nobody. According to one conspiracy theorist's video (I'll get that info to you later), even an Israeli expert said it couldn't be done.

There you have it,
Jerod Caine

Greetings Jerod,

You say, in point (1) that the Warren Commision bullet trajectory is a one-in-a-million shot when in reality it's an impossible shot.

In point (4) you say that blowing out Jackie O's brains is not an option but then in the next breath you say that it is, but that if you do, you lose points.

And, to set the record straight, her name wasn't Jackie "O" when she was sitting beside JFK that day in Dallas. Her name was Jackie "Kennedy". She didn't marry Onassis, and become "O" until five years after JFK's assassination. JFK's brother, "Bobby" had requested she wait to get married until after the election in which he was running for president and she agreed to, although she warned Bobby more than once that "they would kill him, just like they killed Jack" if he ran. And, sure enough, they did. Jackie married Onassis in October 1968, four months after Robert Kennedy's June 6th assassination.

Why do you say "There you have it" as though you're the first person in the world to point out the lie of the Warren Commission's Magic Bullet Theory? Maybe you're just discovering the facts now but the so-called "conspiracy theorists" have known for over forty years that JFK's brains weren't blown out from behind, but from the front, as attested to by all the witnesses there on the Grassy Knoll that day and, of course, the Zapruder film and the doctors on the scene at Parkland.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

Yar, thank you! Especially for the prompt response. A few points:

1.) You got me there; that is an impossible shot. Anyone on documentaries who's ever claimed to have done it was either using modified Malicher-Carchano [sic] rifles or heavily editing the evidence. Most of those documentaries leave out the heavy foliage (the game "JFK: Reloaded" doesn't), which -- as any rifleman can tell you -- makes an impossible shot even more so because the tree in front of the sixth floor Texas School Book Depository window (a.k.a. "the sniper's nest") takes visibility down to zero.

As for point 4, I said it wasn't a *viable* option, meaning "You're not going to win the game by doing this". You can do that -- or even take out the Vice-President and other members of the motorcade -- as a "what if" scenario if you're really a morbid person, but you get no points. For your shots to be considered viable (in other words, worth anything according to the scoring system) you have to match up with the Warren Commission, which -- as you and I both know -- could never be done.

As for Jackie O, I know she wasn't called "O" until she married Onassis. That's just what I refer to her because I was used to hearing her called that from the news programs I watched in childhood.

And the "There you have it" was in reference to my assessment on the game "JFK: Reloaded", not on the Warren Commission. Far better men than I -- Jim Marrs, Jim Garrison, et all -- have already covered that issue to death.

-Jerod Caine

Greetings again Jerod,

It is a fact, then, that shooting Jackie Kennedy's brains out IS an option in the game JFK RELOADED, it's just not a "viable" option in that a person won't receive any points. That, and the fact that the goal of the game is to shoot-to-kill JFK, is the reason I titled my commentary on it KILLING JFK FOR FUN and I should have added "profit". But, by the sounds of it, not many people played the game, its price having been reduced to $4.95 and its website no longer in existence.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Reader Jeff just played the demo game and sends in report

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