To Orwell Today,

i've just played the demo game and made the same shots over and over, in front of guys watching me do it. the only thing is to this day there's no way your game has him set right. you're not going to get the S turn of the bullet. the real car jump seat as it's called (gov con) is set lower, and just in a few inches and gov con is turning to his right, just a bit, with his arm inside the car.

but u do get 3 shots: 1 in upper back out of front of throat, in to gov con. right side; and 1 head shot upper right side of head; the 3rd I always put any place i like...390 points average.

on a side note: i can take kennedy just as they make the first turn. then take every one in the car.....even the driver.

and get this: i'm retired from the U.S.M.C.

-Jeff Brown

Greetings Jeff,

Like you, Lee Harvey Oswald was retired from the United States Marine Corp and also, like you, he didn't really shoot JFK.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

GRAND THEFT & JFK RELOADED (reader says designed by same people)

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