To Orwell Today,

I don't know if you can read french. I am joining a letter which I recently wrote to canadian authorities, before Kagame came here.

I just read your web site on Kagame, and I think your unconditional love of that murderer is surprising, in the face of easily verifyable facts demonstrating his implication in numerous atrocities, and widescale violations of Human rights.

You don't have to take my word for it. Just verify on the UN, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International Web site the plethora of human rights violations happening in the country he is ruling with an Iron fist since 1994.

I think your web site offers a one sided, blinded view of Kagame and Rwanda which is unacceptable.

All the best,
Philippe Larochelle

Greetings Philippe,

No, I do not speak or read French and so your letter is unintelligible to me although I recognize many of the usual phrases and unfounded allegations disguised as official because they carry the stamp of "UN" on them, which in reality doesn't automatically make them honest. You say you wrote your letter just before President Kagame came to Canada last week, an event which I attended in Ontario and will be writing about now that I am back home in British Columbia.

The fact that you are French may have something to do with your obvious hate for President Kagame for stopping the slaughter of his people in Rwanda. Afterall it was France, under President Mitterand, that supplied money, weapons and soldiers to the perpetrators of the 1994 genocide and it is in French Canada where one of the genocide masterminds has lived these past twelve years. His name is Leon Mugesera and he, a former official of the Rwandan government during the genocide, has been ordered deported from Canada for publicly urging "extermination" of Tutsis. He refuses to leave and the Canadian government refuses to physically remove him from our midst. Just as the French were powerful in Rwanda, so too are they powerful in Canada, demanding "special status" and constantly accusing English Canadians of prejudice. See my essay FRENCHSPEAK IS NEWSPEAK.

Contrary to your accusations I am not blinded on the issue of Rwanda or Paul Kagame. As I have previously replied to other genocidaire sympathisers, my eyes are open and I have educated myself on past and present events in Rwanda. That is how I am able to recognize the heroism of Kagame regarding his contributions toward stopping the killing and rebuilding his country for ALL Rwandans - the way it used to be before the Belgian and French used "divide and conquer" to establish their tinpot dictatorships.

You are spreading lying propaganda when you make the unfounded statement that there are "verifiable facts" of human rights violations carried out by Kagame in Rwanda or anywhere else. There are no facts because there were no violations. Killing people who are killing people happens in civil wars and there was a civil war going on in Rwanda prior to and during the genocide. If there had been no Paul Kagame or Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) there would be no Rwanda as we know it today. Instead it would be a nation of Hutu Power where the money of International Aid goes into the greedy hands of corrupt government "officials" lording it over 8 million subjects writhing in misery waiting for the next massacre of Tutsis who are used as targets for blame, just as you are using Kagame as a target for blame.

You quote Human Rights Watch as a source for your information but you don't mention their most recent report which is linked from my website:

HOW THE GENOCIDE WAS PREPARED. A Human Rights Watch Briefing Paper, April 2006

Before falsely accusing me of being blind and one-sided in my reporting of Kagame and Rwanda I suggest you read your own sources and you will find that you are misquoting and misunderstanding Human Rights Watch present frame of mind. They no longer, if ever, blame Kagame for the genocide or the other so-called crimes against humanity but instead, in this report, explain his role in saving Rwanda and lay blame on Habyarimana, his handlers and their documented plan.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


PPS - You aren't the only anti-Kagame person to write letters to Canadian authorities. On the anniversary of the genocide a few weeks ago an ICTR lawyer defending an implicated genocidaire  wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister complaining about Kagame's visit to Canada saying more or less the same things you say in your unprintable french-written attachment to your email. It's the same old "double genocide, Kagame's a dictator" chant. Everything this lawyer said are proven lies and the ICTR has publicly dissasociated themselves from his comments.


ICTR 'shoots down' Genocide Defence Lawyer. All Africa, Apr 28, 2006
Barely days after the Rwandan government had sent a harsh missive to a defence lawyer at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), the tribunal has gone against tradition and strongly rebuked the same lawyer. In a press release made public on Wednesday, the spokesperson of the ICTR Tim Gallimore said that an open letter by Professor Peter Erlinder, lead counsel for Major Aloys Ntabakuze who is on trial for genocide, did not express the views of the tribunal. "The letter is not a communication from, or on behalf of, the tribunal. The ICTR formally and officially disassociates itself from the views expressed in the letter", said Gallimore. "The professor is hired to defend his client, not to file motions unrelated to his case"...

Kagame castigates ICRT over West's role (France and Belgium were involved). NewTimes, Apr 29, 2006

Kagame: Sinner of Saviour? ("doesn't fit African leader mold, he isn't anyone's puppet"). Toronto Star, Apr 30, 2006

Rwanda wounds reopened in Canada (genocide inciter still here). EpochTimes, Apr 22, 2006

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~