To Orwell Today,


It was nice meeting you and then to see your current article - RWANDA'S LIVING LEGEND IN LONDON. You have done a great job!

I was surprised to see the different comments you get from Kagame's enemies - LOVE'S BLIND SAYS KAGAME HATER. As you told me, I think they do not affect you anymore. There will be those kind of persons always, and as long as you expect them, there must be no discuragements from their comments.

Today's business world has no truth, but thirst of money.

I do recognize and respect two powers in life: "Truth and Generosity". Once you have those, there will be no barrier in front of you, you will be happy without any harm. You will love and be loved. Even those who tend not to love you, they will recognize their wrong on their own, especially being alone. Their inner side will judge them.

I encourage you to keep seeking for the truth, and wish you all the best in your way.

With love,

Greetings Beatrice,

Yes, it was very enjoyable talking to you in London while we were waiting for President Kagame to arrive, and afterwards taking your photo outside.

A long time ago I heard a saying, " Discouragement is the Devil's favourite tool ", and so when I get negative comments or disheartening reactions, I don't let them get me down because I know that would only satisfy my enemies, or, as you say, "those who tend not to love me" or the people and things I truthseek about.

Thank you for your kind and 'encouraging' comments.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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