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By the way Jackie, about your wondering if colour photographs existed back in Orwell's days, the answer is yes.

Have a look at this link: RARE PHOTOGRAPHS

The autochrome process of photography allowed colour images to be captured and it was invented in 1907.

According to the BBC programme I heard today, the colour plates cost 3 to 6 times that of a black and white plate and had to be shown on a projector as it was a transparent image. Chances are Orwell wasn't captured in colour unless by a well-to-do amateur photographer.

About his voice, I live in the hope that some old recordings will surface in the BBC archives. After all film footage was recently discovered supposing to show young Blair at Eton.

Stephen Maule

Dear Stephen,

Of course! How forgetful can I be. I have actually just recently made two ancestral memory albums comprised of old "autochrome" photos (although at the time I didn't know that was what they were called). They are kind of yellow and brown and very beautiful, much softer than black and white. Thanks for sending that link showing the process.

I actually have a photo of Orwell at Eton in autochrome. It's part of my Pilgrimage to Orwell that I'll be putting on the website soon. Wait until you see the Eton photos!

Yes, it really would be great to hear a tape of Orwell's voice. Apparently it wasn't very powerful and could easily be drowned out, especially after he got shot through the neck in Spain. It injured some of his vocal chords.

HOMAGE TO CATALONIA (excerpt describing Orwell getting shot through the neck)

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