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Check out THOUSAND HILLS COFFEE website.

It's a small coffee company based in Boston that has been importing Rwandan coffee from Rwanda long before Starbucks.

When you buy their coffee, you are also contributing to a Rwandan School Project...a tuition-free middle school for girls. Read more about it on their site.

Also, their coffee is less expensive than Starbucks, comes in an attractive package and is purchased from Rwandan coffee farms with a much better rating than the farms that Starbucks purchases their coffee.

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Greetings Kathleen,

Thank you for sending the link to where people can purchase Rwandan coffee and help students in Rwanda at the same time.

Sorry for taking so long to answer your email but I just got back from Rwanda a week ago and am only now catching up on website work. Soon I'll begin writing the story of my Rwandan visit and will share it with Orwell Today readers.

I brought back half a dozen pounds each of Pure Arabica Coffee and Quality Blend Teas grown on some of the Thousands Hills in Rwanda.

In Rwanda we got used to drinking Rwandan coffee every morning at breakfast and Rwandan tea in the afternoon. We didn't want to be without it when we got home because it is the best coffee I have ever tasted. The blend I am using at the moment is pictured above. It is rich and smooth and makes drinking coffee pure pleasure.

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Jackie Jura

PS - The price on the pound of coffee above, which we bought in a grocery store in Kigali, is 1,600 Rwandan Francs which works out to approximately US$3.00. But Rwanda's a long way to go for coffee. A good alternative would be Boston.

PPS - Two Rwandan denominations are shown below:

Money Rwanda

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