To Orwell Today,

Hello Jackie,

I think it is a good thing that Rwanda and France are trying to bury their hatchets. The French foreign minister said he wants to revive ties. He said Rwanda is one of a few countries in Africa that work, meaning he is impressed by progress in Kigali. So, it is a good thing France is recognising they can't take Rwanda for granted. They know it is a serious country, not a client country like Habyarimana's Rwanda prior to genocide.

And I was impressed by what Mr Cameron, the leader of the Conservative party of UK said when defending his visit to Rwanda at the time when his constituency was sub-merged with floods. The party said:

"The next Conservative Prime Minister will inherit this relationship together with a whole range of choices about how to use this relationship for the benefit of Rwandans and for the wider region. It is entirely appropriate for David Cameron to visit this country, to meet President Kagame, one of Africa's most competent leaders...."

So, I can understand why you support good man Paul Kagame.

-Richard Kabakama

Greetings Richard,

I agree that it's a good thing France is taking steps to revive ties with Rwanda and it will be interesting when its foreign minister arrives for a visit, especially since France hasn't yet apologised for their involvement in the genocide, their harbouring of genocidaires or their recent accusations that Kagame and his government assassinated Habyarimana. But it does seem that France is beginning to respect Rwanda as more of an equal than it has in the past. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

I also agree it was good that the leader of England's opposition - David Cameron - visited Rwanda this past summer even though he was being pressured to cancel due to the floods in his home district (about which he could do nothing). It demonstrated faith in Rwanda as a worthy recipient of Britain's aid which is supplying a hand UP, not a hand OUT and ultimately a hands-ON experience for Cameron's party-members who worked on projects with ordinary Rwandans while there for a couple of weeks.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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