To Orwell Today,

In the extensive article you posted, in response to my reply to a poorly written essay, you failed completely to defend it. But as it was not "you" who wrote it, please do not be offended when I declare that the "believed author" needs to update him/herself with happenings in Rwanda and further study its notorious history.

My slightly emotional post was a quick response to so blatantly ill-conceived garbage. And I think you actually need to relax if you want to have dialogue, and there are many things you can teach me from the vast sources you have. But if you just want me to shut up and poke fun at a family, who has paid their dues of "justice", then go right ahead.

Ms. Jura, you call yourself an independent researcher, a journalist, not a novelist of one master narrative of the Genocide. Compare it to other genocides where people didn't die in the hideous conditions and frightening amounts as in 1994, especially after an "apparent" coup lol.

And THE REAL REASON I'm writing this reply is... I used a family friend's name, Josh to send the article off with Rwandan umph, to at least get attention. So his family is not happy with their 17 year-old being called a "genocidaire". They buried his grandfather a while ago and are moving on. He was two at the time, in America (before you call him to a tribunal).

Yeah, that rant of yours really did have nothing to do with my article. I am not a "genocidaire" and I REPEATEDLY acknowledge the immensity of deaths that took place - what is your problem? The fact that more Hutus died instead of Tutsis, yes Ms. Jura it was that chaotic - 1 million people died in 3 months - and in an area half the size of Maryland and Hutus died alongside Tutsis. Nothing systematic about bodies everywhere, from sewers to government buildings, just crazed mobs of people butchering their own brothers. What are you disputing? ....

I am Joshua of USA. But I have a link to the country; my facts were not delusional. I am now reading Gourevitch's book, so I am trying to have dialogue with you....

Ms. Jura, where is investigative and objective reporting when you need it? I have read the links you gave me and it is clear that you were against me from the start, that you are in the tank for Kagame. I understand why your response absolutely dismissed my points and attacked the moral standing I or anyone in the family had, as just demonic, genocidal maniacs. I am too old for name calling but I will call the facts for what they are in the following: Just seven small paragraphs, please read.

I never thought American-born people like myself and you, I believe a certified journalist nonetheless, cannot even dare see an objective view of Rwanda. Your site looks as if you were on Kagame's payroll. You absolutely love Kagame. At least CNN, a bland news organization, can question Kagame on GPS with Zakaria. According to what I see on your site (I applaud your extensive work on Rwanda) I bet that interview (Zakaria-Kagame youtube) had you steaming with Zakaria acting as a "journalist" towards the Great Kagame.

But you want him to have the Nobel Peace Prize. I have no problem with loving a "noble person" but, how can you as a journalist have an objective view towards your beloved Kagame. It is like Chris Matthews talking about Obama, everything he says is dismissed because of unadulterated love that is Obama. I love Obama too but would call myself objective or a journalist around him. But I do like your piece on JFK CRIED FOR AFRICA. You acknowledge how a leader like Lumumba's death (or dictator Habyarimana's death) can be "a prelude to chaos in a mineral-rich and important African country".

Then you actually lambast me for being a "genocidaire". In fact that is the center of your whole article. I am a citizen, 22, and I have never been to Rwanda lol. Now Paul Rusesabagina is the quintessential Rwanda Genocide hero, who put his life on the line day after day to save his countrymen. Rusesabagina faced death with every action he took to save his countrymen in the middle of chaos. His entire life, his family, his life mission is defined by the Genocide and the noblest of goals. And yet Kagame may be implicated (I won't jump to conclusions) in murdering the country's dictator but you dismiss that as not a problem, right. Rusesabagina is not another power-crazed generalissmo like Kagame. He is no different than when Gen. Habyarimana deposed Kayibanda, when he locks up his predeccesor Pasteur Bizimungu. But that is not questioned by you. You know so much about Rwanda and nothing about Kagame's dubious past and Fred Rwigema and even Nkunda's dealings in the Great Lakes. Rusesabagina doesn't stick to a narrative of Hutu dominance. He acknowledges the failings of Hutus and Habyarimana, and wants to appreciate the human consequences of such loss which we all can learn to STAND in the face of death for humanity.

Then I read, "Hotel Rwanda A HOAX". Man, there is no common ground with you. "Hotel Rwanda" acknowledges the genocidal rage that was gripping the country. Hmm, maybe it was a "perceived" Tutsi-led force to conquer the country after their dictator was murdered that led to a murderous frenzy of not just Tutsis like Uwiligilimana but even Hutus like Twagiramungu. It acknowledges that the genocide was not just systematic measure or directive but an entire envelopment of the whole country with vast bands of mobs massacring people every place.

Kagame says he no longer supports NKUNDA, which he still does indirectly, because they are massacring refugees to stomp out Hutu militias. Kagame wants to make sure that Hutu militias can't fight as rebels de-stabilizing the country as he famously did 20 years ago. Don't act so biased! You know what "great men" like Ariel Sharon did to the Lebanese searching for terrorists in "Shabra and Shatila" camps. Don't ignore it NOW. They are still crimes! Crimes you make sure not to report. The best generals, like Habyarimana, Sharon, Kagame, Nkunda do, is know how to scare and kill people. Lumumba, Nkurmah and even Gregoire Kayibanda are the true leaders of Africa.

Please, the worst offense on your site is most upsetting. Please, I get teary-eyed seeing Nkunda be mentioned in the same breath with Patrice Lumumba. How can you be respected and NOT see how incredibly different Nkunda is to LUMUMBA, especially with his leftist leanings (another email, he would finally bring socialism to the place that needs it the most, Africa, but he was killed like Nkurmah). And Lumumba was killed by our very government to promote Mobutu (close friend of Habyarimana, lol irony). Imagine if Che and Lumumba ever met!

Ms. Jura, I do not want to jump to conclusions about someone as educated as you or sound condescending. But the more I read on your site - the more clear it becomes why you had no interest in actually engaging what I had written and just addressed the Ntakirutimanas as "genocidaires". People have been giving me a lot of flack for writing that post because you really do come down hard on their family. I am sorry for implicating them with my post. Yet it is worse how, instead of any response, you just relentlessly attack their family. I used his name. I now know why it was a big deal for people like you that just eat up narratives of good versus bad guy and gobble everything a novelist like Gourevitch says because it fits you and Kagame's concise narrative of Rwanda. I hope Kagame doesn't show his true colors like Pierre Buyoya did and have you reeling for cover. I hope you aren't making sure to cover Kagame's tracks and dubious past. Remember he usurped control of RPF from Rwigema as he did with Habyarimana.


PS - Hey, at least we agree on our love for John F. Kennedy. I thought I obsessed over his pictures and stories but your love of him is so deep and even inspiring. I hope you don't feel for Kagame the same way. Lumumba is okay but Kagame is an incredibly violent warlord like Nkunda and soon time will show his actions. But, of course, killing dictators like Habyarimana is insignificant to you. A dictator is despicable but you don't just kill them off and expect things to be peachy. Ask "Dubya" lol.

Greetings Josh,

You say you used the name to "get attention" and give your article some "Rwandan umph". Well, I guess you succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.

I'll share your email with readers to set the record straight regarding your true identity.

Other than that, I don't have anything further to add to what I said in our previous email exchange, ie GENOCIDAIRES DENY RWANDA GENOCIDE

Obviously - other than our mutual love for JFK - we have no common ground.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Congo: 15 years of near-constant war, Guardian, Feb 5, 2010
The Hutu exodus into Congo after the 1994 Rwandan genocide sparked a series of conflicts between the two countries. Congo has endured a near-constant state of war and chaos over the past 15 years. Its fate has been inextricably bound with its tiny neighbour, Rwanda, where in 1994 a Hutu extremist regime killed 800,000 Tutsis in the last genocide of the 20th century. Tutsi rebels drove the extremists from power and sent more than a million Hutu refugees fleeing into Congo (then Zaire). The refugee camps in Congo became armed bases from which Hutu extremists could continue the war against the new Rwandan government. In 1996, Rwanda moved against the camps and invaded Congo, eventually taking the capital, Kinshasa, and installing Laurent Kabila as president. But Kabila proved less compliant than Rwanda had hoped in the war against Hutu extremists. Rwanda invaded again in 1998, leading to a prolonged war that drew in the Angolans and Zimbabweans on Congo's side, while Uganda and Burundi lined up with Rwanda. A shaky peace­agreement in 2002 saw the withdrawal of foreign armies from Congo, although local rebel groups tied to the Rwandan government continued to control much of the east of the country. Hutu extremists there launched a new armed group, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), many of whose leaders had overseen the genocide in Rwanda. A bulwark against them was warlord Laurent Nkunda, leader of a rebel faction, the National Congress for the Defence of the People (CNDP), its declared aim the protection of local Tutsis. But the Congolese government viewed Nkunda, who has been accused of war crimes, as a tool used by Rwanda to continue to destabilise eastern Congo. Then came a change that caught many by surprise. A year ago an internal insurgency threatened not only Joseph Kabila, who had succeeded his father as president, but also Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda. The pair overcame past enmity to announce a joint mission aimed at destroying the FDLR. As part of the deal Nkunda was put under house arrest in Rwanda while his troops were "integrated" into Kabila's government army. Controversially, this army is receiving the support of Monuc, the UN peacekeeping mission, in ongoing operations against the FDLR.



To Orwell Today,

Would you kindly create an article to have people examine my links to these objective sources: LEMARCHAND, STAM, PRUNIER on Rwanda.

Once you finally analyze what I have to say you will admit the significance of Habyarimana's death, the flaws of your beloved Kagame, the deaths of both Hutu and Tutsi together, not just a genocide but chaos - Hutu killing Hutu, Tutsi killing Tutsi, Tutsi killing Hutu - THIS IS OUR DISAGREEMENT.


Greetings Josh,

No, I won't post your links to those sources on my website. I consider them to be Rwandan-genocidaires-of-Tutsi sympathizers.

~Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~