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Hi Jackie,

Iím a graduate student at Cal State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) enrolled in the Universityís Conflict Resolution and Peace Building Program. As part of the Programís Conflict and Communication course I am looking to interview a journalist who was present in Rwanda during 1994, preferably during the uprising.

I noticed on your website that you have an article written by Jeff Shallot who I understand was in Rwanda during 1994. It would help a lot if I could get to talk to him personally or correspond by e-mail. Is it possible for you to refer me to Mr. Shallot or someone with whom I can interview re: the Hutu uprising? I need only ten minutes of this personís time.

Jerry Fleury

Greetings Jerry,

I have many articles on my website about Rwanda and so you need to be more specific in identifying which one you are referring to, other than the name of the journalist who wrote it.

Also I'm a bit confused the way you refer to the 1994 Rwanda genocide as a "Hutu Uprising" which implies that Hutus rose up against the government when in fact the Hutu Power government rose up against peaceful Hutus and Tutsis who were wanting choice in political parties, one of which was the Rwandese Patriotic Front (RPF) which ended up stopping the genocide (under General Paul Kagame) and forming the post-genocide government. See RWANDA'S GOOD MAN KAGAME and HOW KAGAME BECAME LEADER.

It's great you've chosen Rwanda as the topic of your assignment because that little country in the heart of Africa is a model for the world of conflict resolution and peace building.

Personally, I have no contacts with journalists who were "on the ground" during the genocide. Perhaps you could find one to interview by going to The New Times website which is based in Kigali, Rwanda, and emailing one of their columnists.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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