To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie jura,

I have checked all your website and read about what you talking about Rwanda and Kagame! I am telling you that what you are saying here it's not true, it's just one side of what you heard from one side of people!

Come on and visit the poor people who live under dictatoriship of this man kagame! ask them? ask them who killed their relatives after the genocide?

I just want you to go to another side and do your own investigation, just listen!! and ask yourself this question: what if i am wrong about Kagame? the answer is: if you are right: good will bless you and all of us will be pround of you! but what if you are wrong? and you have drived many people on this world? what will be your punition? I am bring up this question for your own good refrection!!!

God be with you and help you to understand what's the difference of URURO n' ICYATSI. you can ask your rwandans friends to tell you the meaning of this.

God bless you.

Greetings Nihao,

My opinion of Paul Kagame and understanding of Rwanda was formed after research from many different sources including books, newspapers, radio interviews, reports, university students' essays etc, most of which are linked on my website.

I've never been to Africa but I've read enough African history and current events to be able to tell the difference between good and evil and there is no doubt that compared to other leaders in Africa (and the western world for that matter) - Rwanda is lucky to have Kagame.

I don't agree with you (and some of the international press) that Kagame is leading Rwanda like a dictator when the truth is he was honestly elected by 95% of the people, both Tutsi and Hutu, and his government has democratically accomplished great things in the twelve years since the genocide. As bad as things still are in your country at least things are improving and Rwanda is looked upon by other African nations as a sea of safety and tranquility and Kagame is admired for his integrity.

I know there is still incredible suffering in Rwanda due to poverty and the loss of almost 1,000,000 of your people - many of them mothers and fathers of children now orphans - and there are also the problems of living side by side with people who have committed horrific crimes. But many of the most guilty have left the country and yet they throw stones from outside trying to rile up hate between those who have stayed.

Actually I don't personally know any Rwandans other than through the emails that I have shared with my readers. I would appreciate it if you would tell me yourself what URURO n' ICYATSI means.

Thank you for expressing your hopes that I am right for believing that Kagame is a good man for Rwanda, and the world. But if you think I am wrong you should give reasons, not just accusations.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Nihao says to open my eyes and think about Kagame's heroism

Jackie Jura
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