To Orwell Today,

Am really grateful to you having given me all information as regards Rwandan Monarchy.

Thank you so abundantly,
Moses Gateja

Greetings Moses,

Thanks for letting me know you found the info helpful. I wonder why the present-day Rwandan king, who is in self-imposed exile in America, never speaks about what's going on in Rwanda before, during or after the genocide. He seems to be an example of a person who takes no side - either with the Tutsi or the Hutu or the Twa - but is indifferent to all in his kingdom.

This is discussed in a previous email exchange:

Rw King Tall Rw King Sit RWANDA KING NOT AT HOME (reader Sahabu wonders if Mwami Kigeli V is not on his throne, what is he doing)

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - All articles written about Rwanda can be found, in the order they were written (most recent at top) in the section RWANDA'S GOOD MAN KAGAME

Jackie Jura
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