To Orwell Today,

I worked for the UN and discovered that the UN Experts Report on the Congo contained false reports of Rwanda violating the arms embargo. The UN responded by terminating my contract. If you could help get the truth out regarding the false accusations against Rwanda I would appreciate it.

William Church

Greetings William,

If it is any consolation I'm sure millions of people in the world can relate to your story about "losing your contract for telling the truth". A person always has to decide (as someone wise once told me) what is more important, the "principal" or the "prize". If you go for the prize, you lose the principal and if you go for the principal, you lose the prize. It's your choice.

As you have probably noticed I have written and posted truthful articles about Rwanda on my website, including a story about the UN's false report of Rwanda violating the arms embargo:

Rwanda/Uganda slam UN report ("panel has very tenuous relationship with the truth"). ReliefWeb, Feb 2, 2005

There's lots of talk about Rwanda in the mainstream media but all focused on hotels and making a hero out of a UN man who failed to stop the genocide, ie General Dallaire, who last week was given a major pig-at-the-trough job as a Canadian Senator (but first he had to buy some land in Quebec):

Dallaire's frenzied quest for land. Globe & Mail, Mar 25, 2005 (It was a hurried purchase but a significant one because without that land Mr. Dallaire, one of the country's military heroes, could not have accepted Prime Minister Paul Martin's offer to sit in the Senate...)

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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