To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

Ever since I wrote IN THE YEAR TWENTY-FOURTEEN, Iíve been on the lookout for possible articles for you to post on your site (not that you really need any help, because your research is fantastic!)

This one just took the cake for me:

Should you take torture seriously (Nope, says the young man who developed this controversial Web game). MSNBC, Jun 24, 2008

It describes a "torture game", or more specifically "Torture Game 2", in which you can do all sorts of unspeakable and gory things to a ragdoll-like human. You can cut off his head with a chainsaw, drive spikes through his body, rip off all his limbs and then nail them back onto his torso before they even hit the ground, or do something so innocuous as paint him every color of the rainbow. According to the article, the only sound the "victim" makes is a vague "unhhhh" when you inflict enough damage to kill him.

I believe Big Brother is at work here, trying to desensitize us to the reality of torture in America. The more we can think of it as a "game" or "harmless entertainment", the more primed we might become to think of it as "the right thing to do" when it comes to "terrorists".

In the name of true freedom,
Amy Walker

Greetings Amy,

Yes, that computer/video torture game is definitely the work of BIG BROTHER by members of its BROTHERHOOD (and not by a 19-year-old in South Africa who they give the credit to).

Their aim is, among other things, to corrupt the minds of children and demoralize society. To that end the MINISTRY OF TRUTH creates PROLEFEED, churning out violence and pornography to increasingly revolting, anti-human extremes, as attested to in today's TV, movies, cartoons, video games, books and magazines (a few examples excerpted at bottom of page).

Torture is a huge component of the nightmare world envisioned by Orwell in "1984".

Torture is something that historically has been carried out by totalitarian, sadistic regimes; most well known are those of Stalin's Russia and Mao's China, nations where BIG BROTHER practices and perfects its system. Orwell warned us that BIG BROTHER would be bringing that system to OCEANIA (the Western World) and the DISPUTED TERRITORIES (Africa etc).

I notice that the article you sent describing THE TORTURE GAME was written from a blatant anti-American perspective, regurgitating as it does the war-atrocity, torture-stories against American soldiers in Iraq that the mainstream media puts out (with video footage similar in quality to speeches by Osama bin Laden). Also, the choice of a white male as victim of the torture is revealingly anti-Western World. It's symbolically BIG BROTHER relishing pulling wings off a fly, with OCEANIA - its intended next victim - the fly.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Torture Porn movies Torture Horror (directors getting off 'mentally' from what they create & film). BlogCritics, Jun 24, 2008

Movie tortures "The Girl Next Door". Michigan Live, Jun 20, 2008
...Fictionalized from a real 1965 incident of fatal depravity in Indiana, "The Girl Next Door" is about a 14-year-old girl who is tortured to death. As a movie, "The Girl Next Door" is an example of "torture pornography," a horror sub-genre that has spawned such series as "Saw" and "Hostel," repellent flicks that revel in misery and delight in pain....The victim, played in an excruciating performance by a brave actress named Blythe Auffarth, suffers unspeakable injuries. During the course of months she is humiliated, starved, bound, gagged, had her flesh carved and lit cigarettes put to her bare skin, raped and sexually mutilated. Not only does no one come to help the girl; the alcoholic woman orchestrating the bestial behavior enlists the aid of her own sons, and a 12-year-old neighbor boy (Daniel Manche) who likes the girl but does nothing to save her, not even tell his parents...."This is not entertainment," says Ketchum, "and it wasn't meant to be. What I wanted to do was tread a very thin line in the book. I wanted to make you a voyeur. I'm pretty proud of it."

TV show '24' denigrates America (Jewish creator is racist to Arabs who hero sadistically tortures every week). NewYorkerMagazine, Feb 11, 2007

Now Playing at Your Local Multiplex: Torture Porn (Why has America gone nuts for blood, guts, and sadism?). NewYorkerMagazine, Jan 28, 2006

HOSTEL shows torture as sport (in pay-for-killing Soviet club using American boys as victims; sadistic sex, drugs, gore) & Horror movie HOSTEL tops USA charts (rated ok for 18-year-olds). Gateway & Scotsman, Jan 10, 2006

VIDEO MIND GAMES (simulated violence burns images into long-term memory & shuts down empathy). Globe & Mail, Mar 14, 2004

MANHUNT (belly up to the slaughter buffet; most violent video game of all time & user friendly for 12-yr olds). Globe Mail, Mar 6, 2004

GIBSON'S BLOODY MESS. Slate Feb 24, 2004
(2-hour-6-minute snuff movie is protracted exercise in sadomasochism. Word has it that "The Passion" is a brutal, horrific, harrowing film, almost pornographic in Gibson's obsession with depicting every gruesome detail of the torture of Jesus. And, while Gibson can be an excellent director, his film has many detractors already, like The New Yorker's David Denby, who calls the film a "sickening death trip" and "one of the cruellest movies in the history of the cinema."...)

SEE THE MOVIE, BUY THE NAIL (swap witnessing cards with your masochistic Jesus fanatic friends). SanFranChron, Feb 24, 2004

STRANGE FICTION THEN TRUTH (reviews of movies, tv, video games etc)

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Jackie Jura
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