To Orwell Today,


I recently stumbled upon your site, and was quite pleased with my findings. I am very glad there are those individuals out there that see the truth about our society and have noticed the popular trend with government to enact war to maintain the status quo and undying loyalty with that government, among other things. Perhaps I am getting ahead with myself, so let me get to the point of this letter.

The novel "We," written in 1920-1921 by Yevgeny Zamyatin, a then Bolshevik who became quite disillusioned with the way the 1917 Russian Revolution's main ideals were being perverted by those put into power (namely Lenin, then Stalin) is another novel that tells of times when government has abused the rights of its citizens. The novel takes place in the very distant future in which all persons living in the One State (Earth) have no longer names but letters followed by numbers. The One State is governed by the Great Benefactor (like Orwell's Big Brother) and his rule is enforced by the Guardians (Thought Police). All houses, streets, and buildings are constructed of glass, as not to allow any of the 'numbers' privacy. Eating, sleeping, and even sex is regulated by the Table of Hours, the schedule of the One State. The whole novel is written in the style of a diary of the main character, D-503. He is a mathematician for the One State and is writing the diary for the inhabi! tants of space, where a large glass spaceship named the Integral will find alien species and force them to submit to the Benefactor's rule.

"We" is the first in the "negative utopia trilogy," the others being "Brave New World," and, of course, "1984." The novel is quite easy to buy and can be found in the Science Fiction section of any Barnes & Noble, although it really ought to be in the Fiction and Literature section, where the other classic novels are kept. Anyway, I highly recommend reading this novel and adding it as reference to your wonderful site.

Thank you.

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Jackie Jura
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