"The United Nations has over 3,800 troops in north Kivu alone.
And if they can't keep the peace there,
then what are they there for?"


"Rwanda's interest in that area is the presence of
the ex-interahamwe who occupy territory, who control land,
who control airspace, who attack local Congolese civilians,
who maim, rape and kill Congolese women."

Hi Sharangabo,

Have you noticed that Romeo Dallaire has made no comment or hasn't been interviewed in ANY of the worldwide press regarding what is going on in the Congo and its similarities to Rwanda? He hasn't spoken out against the Hutu army and interahamwe FDLR who are given a free pass while the whole world blames Nkunda.

Nor have any of the other so-called "friends" of Rwanda like Clinton, or Bono or Gates etc, etc. None of them have criticised the genocidaires in the Congo, and its repercussions for Rwanda.

Jackie Jura

Dear Jackie,

History has taught that at no time were the rebels good people to be associated with during their struggles. The first rebel known in humankind memory was JESUS CHRIST himself. I am not writing to you to speak about him. Not at all. Let's get to what it is that is close to us.

I am responding to your letter as to why DALLAIRE, CLINTON and all those people you named can't do or say at least publicly anything about what is happening in the Congo.

President & Jackie

First of all I will like to remind you that your good friend PAUL KAGAME used to be called a BANDIT by the entire international community not only once but twice. First when he joined the NRA with MUSEVENI to free UGANDA from a Tyrant called OBOTE and then going with the RPF to free RWANDA and stop the genocide. Kagame was all over there doing the thing, fighting for a cause, a right cause but nevertheless all those people you named considered him a PARIAH until he stopped the genocide and showed to the world that he was right. During the entire struggle to free Rwanda KAGAME faced more FIREPOWER than LAURENT is facing today. In that time KAGAME was facing the whole FRENCH MILITARY force, Belgians, and at some point DALLAIRE was doing exactly what the UN force is doing against LAURENT today in the CONGO.

Now today in the world KAGAME is being recognized for what he did. There are highways which are being named after him in some country in Africa (while even in Rwanda there is nothing like that).

When the cause is right the mightiness comes along with it.


LAURENT is right in his fight for justice for the Congolese people, not only the Tutsis of Congo.

Time will tell. This is just the beginning of a great journey toward a new Congo.

And when the dust has settled down in the Congo you will be her guest. This is an invitation.

All the best to you Jackie JURA,
Sharangabo Rufagari

Greetings Sharangabo,

Thank you so much for answering my question as to why Dallaire and all the others have been silent.

It reminds me of JFK's comment that "victory has a hundred fathers and defeat is an orphan".

As you say, Kagame was alone until he was victorious, and then everyone was his friend. The same will be true for Nkunda.

And I LOVE your comment that "when the cause is right the mightiness comes along with it".

I believe that is true, and I believe there can be a new Congo - one that is fair to all its people. And when the dust settles I'll take you up on your invitation and go to the Congo again. And this time I won't just visit GOMA'S LUMUMBA VOLCAN0 like I did last time. I'll venture into the hills where Nkunda and his people live, in the place you say is like paradise on earth.

Jackie Jura

UN PEACEKEEPING NOT KEEPINGPEACE ("won't discuss FDLR but when it's about Nkunda they move tanks")

Kagame says Nkunda is protecting Congolese from being exterminated. NewTimes, Sep 10, 2007
Kigali - President Paul Kagame has said that Congolese rebel leader General Laurent Nkunda has legitimate political grievances against the DRC government. Addressing a monthly press conference today at Village Urugwiro, Kagame said Nkunda was protecting a section of Congolese from being exterminated by among others Rwandan militias holed up in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He said he was strongly opposed to those likening Nkunda to the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), saying that the latter was composed of extremists that are responsible for the 1994 Rwanda Genocide. "Some people in Congo are trying to elevate FDLR by putting them in the same category as Nkunda. I don't think Nkunda, whatever mistakes he could be held accountable for, should be put in the same category as FDLR. He has some political grievances which are legitimate," Kagame said. However, the President said his government was not in any way supporting Nkunda as some media reports have recently claimed....

Rwanda has no troops in Congo. Monitor, Sep 11, 2007
President Paul Kagame yesterday said at a press conference in Kigali that Rwanda does not have a single soldier on DRC soil. "We have no troops in Congo at this time. We left Congo many years ago as the UN entered to deal with the problem of negative forces fighting us," he said....Mr Kagame said the Kigali government has no interest in invading her neighbour and supporting any rebel group. "We are linked to the problem of the existence of negative forces fighting us from the same area occupied by Nkunda. We shall not relent asking all stakeholders to address this problem," Gen. Kagame said in reference to the UN and the Congolese govt. He said since many of Gen. Nkunda's rebels speak Kinyarwanda, some stakeholders confuse Rwandan invasion and the struggle of Kinyarwanda speaking Congolese for their rights....Uganda and Rwanda invaded DRC, then Zaire in 1998 in pursuit of rebels fighting their governments but ended up clashing twice in the vast largely lawless central African country.

Kagame says Nkunda's grievances legit ("should be viewed differently to FDLR who are guilty of genocide"). AllAfrica, Sep 10, 2007

Dallaire at new Shake Hands movie (UN soldiers played bluff with howling mobs of knife-wielding Hutu hooligans bent on butchering every last Tutsi in Rwanda). Canada.com, Sep 10, 2007. See RWANDA SHAKE HANDS SOON

Listen to interview with Laurent Nkunda (asks UN for peace...was told UN "just observing & didn't have any position to take"). VOA, Sep 10, 2007

Rwanda fears spillover of DRC Conflict ("If the UN can't keep peace there, then what are they there for?"). VOA, Sep 7, 2007
Rwanda's special envoy to the Great Lakes region says a recent upsurge of violence in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo poses a threat to Rwandan security. He also dismisses charges by the United Nations that Rwanda is arming Congolese rebels responsible for the violence. Noel King has this report from Kigali. Hutu militias were primarily responsible for the deaths of an estimated 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus during Rwanda's 1994 genocide. Following the genocide, the militias fled to Congo, outraging many Rwandans who wanted them tried for war crimes. Ambassador Sezibera told VOA that chaos in the Congo may allow the militias, formerly known as interahamwe but now calling themselves members of the Democratic Force for the Liberation of Rwanda, or FDLR, to regroup and re-enter Rwanda. "It poses a threat to Rwandan security in as much as it gives a chance for the ex-interhamwe to either rearm and retrain, or get more equipment for launching their attacks against Rwanda," said Sezibera.

At the center of the recent storm of violence in eastern Congo is a former general in the Congolese Army, Laurent Nkunda. Nkunda, a Congolese Tutsi, says he is simply trying to protect Tutsis from Hutu militias in Congo's vast eastern province. According to news reports, the United Nations has accused Rwanda of providing arms to Nkunda's forces. Ambassador Sezibera dismissed the claims and questioned the U.N.'s ability to keep peace in the region. "The United Nations has over 3,800 troops in north Kivu alone," he said. "And if they can't keep the peace there, then what are they there for? Rwanda's interest in that area is the presence of the ex-interahamwe who occupy territory, who control land, who control airspace, who attack local Congolese civilians, who maim, rape and kill Congolese women."

On Thursday, the United Nations Mission in the Congo reported that Nkunda's forces and the Congolese army had agreed to a UN-brokered ceasefire in the town of Sake, at the center of the fighting in North Kivu province. Reuters reported early Friday that Nkunda says the Congolese army has broken the ceasefire, attacking his positions in the town of Rutsharu.

The world body and international aid organizations have warned of massive civilian displacement in eastern Congo as a result of the fighting. Some 200,000 people have fled fighting in the region this year. Rwanda has twice invaded Congo to track down Hutu insurgents, but officials here say, at present, the conflict in Congo is a Congolese problem.


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