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Hello Jackie,

My name is Khalid and I am from Ethiopia. I came across your page at the following address while looking up some information on Paul Kagame: ABANDONING RWANDA & MAKING MOVIES

I too, like you, have strong interest in researching various issues, which was why I was a bit suprised at your depiction of Kagame. I am only asking in sincere honesty and not to cause you any troubles, so I hope you don't get offended by anything I'll write. During the course of my research, I came across some information implicating Paul Kagame actually arranged the assassination of Habiyarimana, and that Kagame didn't do as much as he could to end the genocide, despite being able to.

- during a 1997 UN investigation, three Tutsi informants said they were part of an elite strike team that assassinated the Hutu president in 1994 "with the assistance of a foreign government" under the overall command of Paul Kagame. i believe that foreign government is the United States of America

- Roméo Dallaire, the UN general who was in charge of the meager UN forces in Rwanda during the genocide that somehow managed to save the lives of over 20,000 Tutsis, wrote the following excerpt in his book 'Shaking Hands with the Devil':

"Let there be no doubt: the Rwandan genocide was the ultimate responsibility of those Rwandans who planned, ordered, supervised and eventually conducted it. ... But the deaths of Rwandans can also be laid at the door of the military genius Paul Kagame, who did not speed up his campaign when the scale of the genocide became clear and even talked candidly with me at several points about the price his fellow Tutsis might have to pay for the cause.... The failings of the UN and Belgium were not in the same league." (p.515)

What do you make of this?


Greetings Khalid,

I haven't read the book Shake Hands With The Devil because I have arrived at the conclusion that Romeo Dallaire is a spokesperson for the UN and therefore he will be writing from a biased point of view. Also, the fact that Dallaire didn't even write the book (it was ghostwritten by a female journalist who committed suicide before it was published) takes away much of its credibility and accountability, in my opinion.

Articles on my website refute the information you quote, ie that Kagame was behind the assassination of Rwanda's president and that Kagame could have done more to stop the killing. They also explain how the UN's actions and inactions were the cause of the genocide in 1994. I suggest you read them and then your question about "what I make of this" will be answered.


All the best,
Jackie Jura

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