In order to confuse and dissipate world protests,
Mugabe's ministers have already offered to enter into talks
with the opposition party they crushed from the barrels of their guns.
This is typical of all Marxist organisations.


Kill the opposition; destroy its powerbase,
then fool the rest of the world by offering
"talks" and "compromise".

Chinese-built MIG Jet Fighters Scream Victory Over Zimbabwe
by Peter Davies*, Blogger News, Jun 30th, 2008

While the murderous dictator Mugabe was sworn in as President yesterday, his sinister message to the terrorised people of Zimbabwe was reinforced by Chinese-built jet fighters screaming overhead.

On the ground, Mugabe’s death squads removed election posters and replaced them with new posters giving Mugabe’s latest message; “This is the final battle for total control!” Mugabe is said to be angry at his humiliation.

Already choked hospital wards were being crammed with yet more victims of appalling brutality administered by Zimbabwe’s secret police. Men, women and children with shattered limbs had been beaten with iron bars. More were scarred by burning plastic and others suffered iron hooks shoved through their faces and arms. Because people are afraid to show their injuries, they delay going to hospital and finally turn up with gangrene set in.

In order to confuse and dissipate world protests, Mugabe’s ministers have already offered to enter into talks with the opposition party they crushed from the barrels of their guns. This is typical of all Marxist organisations. Kill the opposition; destroy its powerbase, then fool the rest of the world by offering "talks" and "compromise" - 'Look, Mugabe and Zanu-PF can't be all that bad, they're offering to "work with the opposition". How magnanimous, how civilised, how democratic! I don't think...' But this approach has worked well for Mugabe and his henchmen for over 30 years – so why not now?

Watch as all meaningful opposition is steadily destroyed through terrorism: starvation, beating, rape and plain murder. Many have already been killed, some say 500, but that’s likely to be a massive underestimate. No records are being kept.

Look at what happened during the Zanu-PF (Shona) tribal war against the Ndebele. The first phase of this 1980s genocide was hardly over when the British Army invited the then Brigadier Perence Shiri to attend a senior officers’ course at Britain’s famous Military Academy, Sandhurst. (Shiri was the young brigade commander of Zimbabwe’s North Korean trained 5 Brigade, which spearheaded the mass rapes, murders and starvation in Matabeleland that eventually led to slow-burn genocide). Whilst in Britain, Shiri was feted by British Society even though senior British Army advisors in Zimbabwe knew all about the atrocities being committed by Shiri’s 5 Brigade at the time.

In 1994, after the destruction of the Ndebele race was complete, the British Government honoured Mugabe by making him a Knight Grand Commander of the Bath. This is one of the highest honours that can be given to a foreigner, and if Mugabe had been a British subject it would entitle him to be called “Sir” Robert Mugabe. Ministers in Britain knew at the time that Mugabe was responsible for terrorism and genocide in Matabeleland – but they chose to honour him...

Most African nations support Zanu-PF as do the Chinese. Only the USA might not forgive Mugabe and Zanu-PF, but the USA has other troubles to worry about...

*Author, Peter Davies was a soldier in Rhodesia from 1963 to 1975, where he took part in the capture and interrogation of terrorists. His novel, "Scatterlings of Africa", is based on his own experience during Rhodesia’s war on terror, and personal observations of how terrorist activities impacted Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and its people.

Chinese jets scream victory over Zimbabwe. Blogger News, Jun 30, 2008

Ian Smith declared Rhodesia independent (severed links with Britain in 1965)

Mugabe rival Tsvangirai rejects unity talks (ruling party militias on rampage). BBC, Jul 2, 2008

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MDC must play tough with foxy Mugabe. News Zimbabwe, Jun 30, 2008
...Others have suggested talks to form a government of unity between Mugabe and Tsvangirai. Mugabe says so himself. This is Mugabe's culture. He first brutalises his opponents, defeats them and then plays the magnanimous winner and calls them to talks. He did this with Joshua Nkomo, who he persecuted and decimated his supporters for six years and later "pardoned" them when they had no option but to join him. In case Tsvangirai and his party decide to unite with Mugabe, I feel bound to remind them of the dangers that await them in trying to achieve true and fair unity with Mugabe.... by Methuseli Moyo, Zimbabwean journalist and former head of ZBC's Sport FM (formerly Radio 1). He was also news editor of the Sunday News

Zimbabwe's Ian Smith was right (post-colonial corrupt venal villains turned beautiful continent & lovely people into a wasteland inhabited by wretched of earth). Telegraph, Jun 30, 2008

Mugabe sworn in after one-man election (a joke for Guinness Book of Records) & Zimbabwe reporter Freedom Moyo silenced (not heard since defied Mugabe on radio) & Vote Mugabe or your house destroyed (finger dipped in red to prove; thugs check ID number with ballot) & Zimbabwe election crisis unravels (world seeing Mugabe for what he is - undemocratic, senile and evil). Age/Tele/Times/Truth, Jun 26-29, 2008

Queen strips 'Sir' Mugabe of his knighthood (bestowed greatest honour in 1994). Daily Mail, Jun 26, 2008

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Tribute to Ian Smith (one of Africa's all time greatest) & "It was better under Smith" (black Zimbabweans admired him for unbending blunt criticism of Mugabe; opinions they dared not utter) & PM of Rhodesia for 15 turbulant years (economy strengthened in isolation) & Rhodesia's hero Ian Smith dies (his Western constitutional principles opposed Marxist-Leninist Mugabe) & Ian Smith obituary: 1919-2007 (best health, education & housing for black people in all Africa) & Ian Smith: first leader of Rhodesia (Prime Minister 1964 - 1979; independence from Britain 1965) & Rhodesia's good old Smithy dies ("civil war was caused by people who were brainwashed in Russia & China"). November 20, 2007

Was Mugabe rotten from start?. Blogger News, Sep 24, 2007
"Well, this takes the cake; a former (white) Rhodesian liberal has now said that "Mugabe was rotten from the start" (Sunday Times, September 23). Of course, Judith Todd is able to say that safely from the comfort of her home in peaceful, prosperous New Zealand. She and her father (Sir Garfield Todd – a former Rhodesian Prime Minister) were instrumental in bringing about Mugabe’s rule in Zimbabwe way back in 1980. From 1965 to 1980, they did their best to undermine Rhodesia’s long war against Mugabe and his communist Chinese trained and armed terrorists. Now Miss Todd says that the British Government should never have allowed Mugabe to come to power in the first place! This is why I get so angry with Liberals – they have a vision but never have to face the consequences of their Utopian Ideals. God protect us from these people – look what they did to Zimbabwe....Rhodesia (now called Zimbabwe) was ruled by Rhodesian settlers, not colonial administrators. So Rhodesia had first world infrastructure, a thriving economy, and high levels of education for the whole population. Black-owned businesses competed with white-owned business before 1980 when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. Black Rhodesians owned land privately (in addition to traditional, communal tribal land ownership) and a black middle class had emerged. It took Mugabe’s ruling Marxist party over 20 years to destroy this solidly-built economy, infrastructure and people....So far, Zimbabwe has escaped that other scourge of post colonial Africa – wholesale slaughter in tribal and/or religious warfare. Instead Mugabe has practised silent, creeping genocide – Zimbabwean people of the wrong tribe and/or political persuasion, have been hounded to their deaths or killed outright, but little is known about it. That's much less upsetting for World Media and the liberals who called for "self-determination" in Africa. I pity all those decent Africans (black and white) who have suffered and are still suffering the consequences of liberal interference in African affairs. Western Liberals are to blame, but I doubt if they are suffering like the Zimbabweans are." by Peter Davies, a soldier in Rhodesia from 1963 to 1975, where he took part in the capture and interrogation of terrorists; author of novel "Scatterlings of Africa" based on his own experience in the war, and personal observations of how terrorist activities impacted Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and its people.

Mugabe was rotten from the start (Judith Todd, daughter of a former prime minister writes in book "Through Darkness: Life in Zimbabwe" that torture & corruption were Mugabe's tools from the day he took power). Times, Sep 24 2007


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