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This is Sunday morning follow-up to the saga of the crucifixion of a vaccine-refuser Down Under. See TENNIS DJOKOVIC & CHESS FISCHER CHAMPS

What nauseating hypocrites the slimy politicians ('poly' means 'many' in Greek and 'tic' means 'bloodsucker') in Australia are, the way they justify their torture and deportation of World Tennis Champ Djokovic as "keeping our borders strong to keep Australians safe". But they blatantly admitted, later on, that the REAL reason the government kicked Novax Novak out of the country was because they were worried he'd give inspiration and strength to Oz's vaccine-refuser movement.

NovakLeaveOz NovakLeaveOzSafe
Djokovic flies out of Australia after losing court appeal
World News, Jan 26, 2022

Tennis superstar Novak Djokovic flew out of Australia on Sunday after a court upheld the government's decision to cancel his visa, capping days of drama over the country's COVID-19 entry rules and his unvaccinated status.

The unanimous ruling by a three-judge Federal Court bench dealt a final blow to Djokovic's hopes of chasing a record 21st Grand Slam win at the Australian Open that starts on Monday.

The player's visa saga has dominated headlines around the world and fuelled a debate over the rights of people who opt to remain unvaccinated as governments take measures to protect their people from the two-year coronavirus pandemic.

The controversy became a political touchstone for Prime Minister Scott Morrison as he prepares for an election due by May. His government has faced criticism for its handling of Djokovic's visa application. Morrison welcomed the court's ruling, saying the decision will help "keep our borders strong and keep Australians safe". He said in a statement, "It's now time to get on with the Australian Open and get back to enjoying tennis over the summer"...

Djokovic had been granted a visa to enter Australia, with a COVID-19 infection on December 16 providing the basis for a medical exemption from Australia's requirements that all visitors be vaccinated. The exemption was organized through Tennis Australia. That exemption prompted widespread anger in Australia, which has undergone some the world's toughest COVID-19 lockdowns and where more than 90 per cent of adults are vaccinated [meaning hundreds of thousands are not]. The government said recent infection alone did not meet its standards for an exemption...

~ end quoting World News ~

The Oz bloodsuckers are figuratively burning Djokovic at the stake and riling up the masses to screech for his blood and demand he be banished from the kingdom. It's medieval, like back in days of the INQUISITION.

InquisitionCover InquisitionTorture InquisitionBurnStake

This from a country -- just like everywhere else in Oceania -- where the Communist Chinese are welcome at the border and where anyone who speaks out against it is given the Djokovic treatment (a phrase I've just coined).

I lived Down Under for a year in the 70s after my overland journey from Europe to Australia. Below is a pic of me in front of a fountain at some park in either Perth, Broken Hill or Sydney (can't remember).*

AfghanVisa AfghanAustralia

After I left Oz, fair dinkum, I kicked myself and wished I'd stayed. But I never went back because from Canada, where I live, it's a long and expensive trip. However, I always follow news from Down Under and have witnessed its descendance into tyranny by its take-over by the Communist Chinese -- which is exactly what's happening here too and everywhere else in Oceania. I've written extensively about it on ORWELL TODAY this past twenty years. Below's an example from four years ago:

ChinaShadowWest ChinaShadowWest
(how China turning Australia into puppet state)
GlobeMail, Nov 30, 2017
In his last press conference before assassination:
& 4.Old World Destruction & 35.Brotherhood

Tragically, Down Under is literally going down under -- under the pressure of Asian invasion -- and everything that entails.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, January 2022

PS - In Canada the Chief Public Health Officer -- in control of COVID policy, including forced vaccination -- is a Chinese immigrant with proven connections to Communist China. When a member of Parliament acccused her of being a spy and wanted her fired, he was villified in the media as a 'racist' and fellow-politicians and members of the Chinese 'community' demanded he be kicked out of government. See CANADA COVID DOC WORKS FOR CHINA

PPS -- Here's how Red China's puppet-state, spy-infested Aussie government treats peaceful protesters for democracy, freedom of speech and information about what China's done with the Chinese tennis player who 'disappeared' after publicly accusing a top Chinese official of sexually assaulting her. The Oz police ordered protesters to take down their WHERE IS PENG SHUAI banners and take off their T-shirts because, in Ozland, so-called 'political' protests aren't allowed in front of tennis courts.

ChinaShuaiMissing ZhangChinaVicePremier WhereIsSshuaiShirt

BootOrwellFace BootFaceChina

The Oz protesters complied (wearing their masks and removing their shirts) maybe hoping to avoid the Orwellian boot stamping on their face -- as happens to pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong since hand-over to China in 1997, ie "Beijing will no longer tolerate dissent". ~jj

PPS - When looking at the photo (above) of the man who raped tennis star Peng Shuai (he's the second-highest political leader in China) I was reminded of the word "waxwork".

ChalesZeminsPic CharlesGroupHongKong

Prince Charles, in his personal journal on the flight home after the handover of Hong Kong to China -- "The Great Chinese Takeaway" -- described the ceremony as "an awful Soviet-style ridiculous rigmarole" and President Jiang Zemin and his party-faithful as "appalling old waxworks". ~jj

*Reader Arnold solves the mystery of where in Australia the photo of Jackie Jura in front of the fountain was taken

PengShuaiOlympics Journalist at Beijing Olympics admits interview with Peng Shuai 'propaganda', YahooSports, Feb 8, 2022
At the Australian Open tennis in Melbourne last month, fans wore T-shirts asking the question: "Where is Peng Shuai?" ...The Chinese tennis star who all but disappeared from view after a social media post accusing a senior Chinese politician of rape... At the Beijing Olympics Peng Shuai has been popping up all over town, playing her part in what seems to be a concerted effort by the Chinese to move the story on. A cover-up, but in plain sight. There was dinner on Saturday night with Thomas Bach, IOC president and former German fencer, where the two were said to have compared their sporting experiences and Peng, 36, described her sadness at failing to qualify for last year's Tokyo Summer Games. She also popped up at a mixed doubles curling match and then, the following evening, at the figure skating, as well as giving an interview to the French sports newspaper L'Equipe in which she denied ever having accused anyone of assaulting her and said that her words in the since-deleted Weibo post had been misunderstood. "I never disappeared. It's just that a lot of people, like my friends, including from the IOC, messaged me, and it was quite impossible to reply to so many messages", she said... But Marc Ventouillac, one of the two L'Equipe reporters who interviewed Peng, said he still did not know if was speaking freely or not... The Peng interview had been arranged through the Chinese Olympic Committee, with pre-submitted questions and an agreement that her responses would be published verbatim. In the event, the interview carried on for an hour, twice as long as planned, and Peng answered all the questions put to her. He had no doubt, though, that the interview was part of a deliberate campaign to stop the row overshadowing the Beijing Games any more than it already has. "It's a part of communication, propaganda, from the Chinese Olympic Committee", Ventouillac said, adding that with "an interview to a big European newspaper, they can show: 'OK, there is no problem with Peng Shuai. See? Journalists can ask all the questions they wanted'"... In fact, as the exiled artist Ai Weiwei put it, there never was any Peng Shuai mystery. "She is in the very safe hands of the Communist party. They will make sure she behaves exactly according to the party", he said. "She may already be thinking she made a mistake in exposing this very deep, dark relationship... She has become another person, and whatever she tells you is not true"...

PengShuaiWhoIs What We Know About the Disappearance of Peng Shuai, BBC, Dec 20, 2021
Ms Peng, 35, is a prominent figure in Chinese tennis with almost $10m in career prize money. Introduced to the sport by her uncle when she was eight, Ms Peng made her Women's Tennis Association (WTA) debut in 2001 and has since gone on to win 25 titles in singles and doubles. She has also competed at three Olympic Games. In 2014, she became the first Chinese player to reach world number one in doubles. She has won two women's doubles Grand Slams - at Wimbledon in 2013 and the 2014 French Open - both alongside Taiwan's Hsieh Su-wei. In 2006, Ms Peng and fellow player Li Na started speaking out about China's tennis programme. Under the system, the state kept a portion of their earnings. Ms Peng decided to become an independent player, away from the Chinese state system and has talked about how she has been able to have more autonomy... Ms Peng has a strong social media presence, with half a million followers on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. In a 1,600 word post on Weibo in November, Ms Peng said she had a romantic relationship with former Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli and that he had "forced" her to have sexual relations with him. It is the first time such an allegation has been made against one of China's senior political leaders. "I know that someone of your eminence, Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli, you'll say that you're not afraid," Ms Peng wrote in her post, "but even if it's just striking a stone with a pebble, or a moth attacking a flame and courting self destruction, I will tell the truth about you"...

A prince, his diary and a Chinese 'takeaway'
...But it was not until the return flight that the prince took the opportunity to write a 3000-word account of the event, entitled The Handover of Hong Kong or The Great Chinese Takeaway and peppered with indiscreet views from start to finish... The Prince had attended an enormous banquet for 4,000 at the Convention Centre. "I sat next to the Chinese Foreign Minister, who must have had difficulty knowing what to make of me. "After a lot of toasting we left the dinner and just waited around until we could go through the ridiculous rigmarole of meeting the Chinese President, Jiang Zemin, without loss of face to either side". Jiang read a prepared statement at the meeting, to which Charles said he had "no escape from reply so I desperately tried to think what I could say without causing incident". "After my speech," Charles said, "the President detached himself from the group of appalling old waxworks who accompanied him and took his place at the lectern. "He [Jiang] then gave a kind of propaganda speech, which was loudly cheered by the bussed-in party faithful at the suitable moment in the text. "At the end of this awful Soviet-style display we had to watch the Chinese soldiers goose-step on to the stage and haul down the Union Jack and raise the Chinese flag". The "ultimate horror" was the artificial way in which the flags were made to flutter enticingly. The ceremony ended with us all being photographed in a group, shaking hands and marching off through different doors. Thus we left Hong Kong to her fate and the hope that Martin Lee, the leader of the Democrats, would not be arrested ... "

Djokovic flies out of Australia after losing court appeal. World News, Jan 26, 2022

The origin of the prefix "poly" is from an ancient Greek word which meant "many". This prefix appears in many English vocabulary words, such as polysyllabic, polyhedron, and Polynesia. An easy way to remember that the prefix "poly" means "many" is through the word polygon, which is a geometric figure, such as a square or pentagon, that has "many" angles. Prefixes are key morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words...

COVID MASK & VAX OF THE BEAST ...And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to wear a mark (mask) on their face below their foreheads: (to inject a vax into their arm below the shoulder). And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark (mask) (vax)...


6.Super States (...OCEANIA comprises the Americas, the Atlantic islands including the British Isles, Australasia, and the southern portion of Africa...)

7.Systems of Thought (The conditions of life in all three superstates are very much the same. In Oceania the prevailing philosophy is called Ingsoc, in Eurasia it is called Neo-Bolshevism, and in Eastasia it is called by a Chinese name usually translated as Death-Worship, but perhaps better rendered as Obliteration of the Self. The citizen of Oceania is not allowed to know anything of the tenets of the other two philosophies, but he is taught to execrate them as barbarous outrages upon morality and common sense. Actually, the three philosophies are barely distinguishable, and the social systems which they support are not distinguishable at all. Everywhere there is the same pyramidal structure, the same worship of a semi-divine leader, the same economy existing by and for continuous warfare...)

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~